Chapter 39: Scram

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 39: Scram

Jun Xin’s face was completely red. He couldn’t very well reach out and push her away, but he also couldn’t not push her away. His frantic eyes darted around everywhere, just not daring to look at Tang Doudou’s fixated bright translucent pupils.

How could Tang Doudou let him off by letting him glance away? She extended both hands behind Jun Xin’s head and fixed him in place, whispering in a low tone, “Little Xinxin, could it be moi isn’t beautiful?”

The two were too close together, even their breathing was intertwined into one. Jun Xin was compelled to look straight at those clear as water pupils that seemed to carry a demonic force. His heartbeat immediately sped up as a fragrance like orchid and musk(famous perfumes) hit his face. His brain became muddled for a moment, for some unknown reason the image of Tang Doudou’s half naked body appeared in his head, then he instantly shivered from a chill. Immediately afterwards, everything rushed back to tranquility(Jun Xin calmed down).

Looking at Tang Doudou’s face in front of him which was like a smile but not yet smiling, Jun Xin’s blush didn’t vanish but he tightened his fist and spat out through gritted teeth: “Li Xueyi!”

“Ahem, how did you snap back to your senses so quickly ah?” Tang Doudou was amused as she looked at the Jun Xin below her body. Seeing the accumulated anger in his eyes, she couldn’t help but lift her eyebrows. Reaching out to tilt up his chin, “Little brat, based on the way you reacted just now, it couldn’t be that you’re really a GAY(In English in raws, used as noun by author), right?”

“Lid*? What’s that?”

盖 Pinyin = gai, pronounced almost exactly like the English word ‘guy’.

Jun Xin’s tone was calm and his expression was confused as he made eye contact with Tang Doudou. It was as if the stored up anger just now never existed, causing Tang Doudou to actually be a little disorientated.

“GAY… is a really good thing ah…” She definitely wouldn’t be so dumb as to tell the truth. She was just teasing Jun Xin a second ago, so the fact that this guy didn’t immediately explode and leave, it must be that he’s secretly plotting some stupid plan to get revenge. If she really said that he was homosexual, cough cough... The other person knows martial arts ah, she with this little physique best not take risks.

After wandering about naked, it really did get a little cold. Forget it, let’s go find some clothes to wear. In the future she still has to find that guy Baili Yu. Just thinking about it is depressing ah.

She wants to run away, but Jun Xin actually didn’t want to let her go right now. In his heart he was choking back a gush of anger. This bastard actually came up with this kind of method to play tricks on him, just because he won’t explain what lid(gai) means, does he think he(Jun Xin) wouldn’t be able to figure it out?

It means nothing other than cut sleeve, yet he still uses some lid or no lid. How hateful!

A trace of a cold smile flashed through his clear pupils. Jun Xin suddenly reached out to grasp the hand Tang Doudou was using to pinch his chin and two words spilled from his snowy pink lips, “Really?”

Changing the topic, “Are you trying to say I’m homosexual?”

Eh, how did this brat turn smart again?

At the same time, a feeling of danger attacked her and Tang Doudou immediately went on guard. Hell this brat follows at Baili Yu’s side. Recalling the attitude Baili Yu had towards her before, that hero rescuing beauty princess carry and so on… Even though she had other thoughts about it, but right now no matter how she thinks about it, it seems a bit strange. Seductive yao attacks, tsundere receives… Da fudge, these two couldn’t really be in that sort of relationship, right?

So scarwie!!

Tang Doudou cried without tears. Just now, wasn’t she playing with fire?

Her lifeless eyes turned towards Jun Xin, and as expected, saw a faint, nonreassuring dark expression in those eyes…

F***! Tang Doudou reflexively withdrew her hands but Jun Xin grabbed it even more tightly, “You want to run?”

“Of course not! It’s just a bit cold so I wanted to put some clothes on!” I pull, I pull, I use all my might to pull*! Tang Doudou secretly pulled at her hand as if her life depended on it, but it was to no avail. She didn’t even have half a drop of martial arts, how could she break free from Jun Xin’s demonic clutch?

In Chinese, there’s some terms that basically means ‘I swear/curse’ but in saying it is cursing. For example, 我擦(wo3ca1) which I translated to F*** but literally means I wipe. I seem to recall that 我抽(wo3chou1) also has that meaning of I swear, especially with the way the author puts it. It seems to give the connotation ‘I curse, I curse, I use all my might to curse!’, but I’m not sure. Search results on whether 我抽 is a curse word or not are mixed. If someone knows, please do clear it up for us~

“Since you’ve already stripped, what’s the use of putting clothes on again?” Blowing a breath towards Tang Doudou, Jun Xin put into practice immediately what he learned. Utilizing that certain person's method to turn it back on that certain person as punishment, that would be the best penalty towards this guy.

This move that Tang Doudou used on him was effective, but him using this move against Tang Doudou was completely ineffective, especially since she was still thinking about Jun Xin and Baili Yu’s relationship. Her gossipy heart was flying with fluttering excitement ah!

Since she couldn’t get free, Tang Doudou decided to simply lean on Jun Xin’s chest, “If I can’t wear then I just won’t wear. But I have something I really want to know, can you tell me?”

After speaking, she lifted her head and blinked with sparkling eyes, “You and Baili Yu, are you guys in that sort of relationship?”

Hearing what she said, Jun Xin’s anger was showing the trend of exploding to the skies again. At the same time, he was also pretty gloomy. What, wasn’t he afraid of that move?

Seeing the misgiving streak through his eyes, Tang Doudou wanted to laugh. I’ll anoint you with the purest cream(enlighten you with my perfect wisdom). This little butt-aged brat actually wanted to give a tooth for a tooth? He’s underestimating her, Tang Doudou, way too much.

As she was thinking, she stuck onto Jun Xin’s body again for a bit, “Little Xinxin, moi’s really cold.”

But her hand actually snuck towards the embroidered pouch at Jun Xin’s waist. Meow a mii ah, seriously! Her two pigeon egg-sized gemstones ah, how can they be thrown away just like this? She was shattered into bits and shards, ok! If she doesn’t sneak a bit of sumthin’ back, then she won’t be appeased ah!

Even though Jun Xin was simple, he wasn’t dumb. Once he snapped back to his senses, he wouldn’t be scared again by her so easily. At most he still felt a little awkward in his heart but that was all; he was still calm. The moment Tang Doudou’s hand moved, he immediately felt it. This is the rumored proud and arrogant, ‘self-confident as to believe himself infallible’ Li Xueyi? How come he feels like he’s just like a hoodlum from the streets with all sorts of crafty tricks, always sneakily pilfering?

He’d already heard this morning that the two unrivaled in the world sapphires on Baili Yu’s Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin had been dug out by him. He thought the maids were making things up back then, but last night when he went to throw away that pile of soaked clothes those two gems fell out. The feeling he had at that moment, there were no words capable of describing.

Right now ah, this is her trying to fish up some benefits from his body?

Jun Xin was angered, but at the same time amused. This way of haggling over every ounce really wasn’t very different from that girl.

As he thought, his gaze involuntarily moved down. When it brushed past her shoulders, he immediately noticed that red fox. Shock rushed out from his heart--why does he have this mark?!

Murderous intent instantly filled his pupils.

Tang Doudou, who was in the process of secretly feeling for the embroidered pouch, was shocked by this familiar murderous aura to the point her heart chilled. She was discovered?

And so her hand stealthily withdrew backwards, but when she had just pulled it halfway back, Jun Xin grabbed it again. Now both her hands were in Jun Xin’s grasp.

Even though Tang Doudou had an abundance of calm, with both hands captured she was still a little panicked and she hurriedly said: “Little brat, I was just playing a joke. Don’t take it seriously ah!”

“Who exactly are you?”

“I’m Li Xueyi ah! A man, look clearly, ok!? Look at the chest and the abdomen, it’s a completely flat expanse that a horse can gallop straight across. You think I’m a man or not!?” As Tang Doudou spoke, she even lifted her chest wanting to let Jun Xin see it clearly. But then she suddenly recalled that she should not let people look too closely at her thing, so she hurriedly curved her body the opposite way again.

However, she was already leaning on Jun Xin’s body in the first place and her hands were currently seized. With this movement, their distance closed in even more.

With her arching here and there, Jun Xin’s concentrated murderous intent immediately got a bit ruptured. In the end, he was still a pure young man who hadn’t experienced the world. If it was really a man perhaps he wouldn’t feel this way, but Tang Doudou simply had to be a girl in male disguise. The female aura from her body was impossible to completely camouflageT/N.

Jun Xin was simple and frank, so after seeing Tang Doudou’s naked upper body he had become certain that she was a male. Even though he seemed a little like a girl, that was merely feeling. Jun Xin didn’t really suspect that Tang Doudou was a girl.

In addition to the shock that scarlet fox gave him, Jun Xin was even more incapable of pondering about other things. And right now, the abnormal way his entire body was reacting caused Jun Xin to be exceptionally helpless. So much so that a strange thought suddenly appeared in his mind, shocking him so bad that his thought of killing Tang Doudou flew out the window.

“Little brat, if there’s anything then let’s properly discuss it. Fighting and killing all the time will damage mental health ah!” Tang Doudou thought it was because she provoked Jun Xin’s anger, that’s why he started giving off murderous intent. She even silently cursed Jun Xin for having way too severe of a double personality. Da fudge, how can you say change expressions and just change expression, say kill and just kill?

If he was simply the tsundere little innocent boy he looked on the surface that would be so wonderful ah!

Tang Doudou sighed.

Hearing what she said, Jun Xin’s heart started to twitch even more. How could such an infuriating person exist in this world?!

Then, he thought that this person wouldn’t be able to run away anyway. Killing her later would be pretty much the same. Right now he needs some time to calm down!

Thinking to here, he let go of Tang Doudou’s hands and was about to push her away.

But how would Tang Doudou know that Jun Xin was planning to let her off? She thought he was about to let go off her hands so he could move to kill her so she hurriedly grabbed Jun Xin’s hands instead, “Da fudge, I was really just pulling a joke. Don’t take it seriously alright!? If there’s something, couldn’t we just talk it out? If worst comes to worst I’ll just pay you for any psychological damage you suffered! What’s more, if I die Baili Yu also wouldn’t be able to give that City Lord or something an explanation, right? You must take the big picture into consideration ah!”

“Let go!” Jun Xin was almost about to explode and storm off due to everything that pitter-pattered out of her mouth.

“Not letting go!” She really didn’t do it on purpose ah!

Jun Xin pulled back his hand. Tang Doudou didn’t know where she got the strength from but Jun Xin pulled several times and still didn’t manage to free his hand. Seeing this, the rims of Tang Doudou’s eyes became totally red.

This is a crisis ah!

When he wanted to kill Qing Yin during the morning morning his eyes didn’t even blink at all. Even though Jun Xin didn’t personally make a move, from Tang Doudou’s point of view having someone kill herself is the most painful, ok?

The second before he had still been calling Qing Yin jie, Qin Yin jie, nonstop but in the next blink he demanded that she must die.

How frightening ah!

As expected it’s still Beanbeans that’s too simple ah, these ancient people are all really scary.

She refused to let go even if she was beaten to death so Jun Xin could only use his martial arts. Extending one leg, he swept it towards Tang Doudou’s knee.

The moment Tang Doudou felt a pain, her hands loosened and Jun Xin immediately struggled free. Just as he was about to push aside Tang Doudou, who would have imagined that Tang Doudou somehow just so happened to have her legs turn weak again after his kick? After Tang Doudou released Jun Xin’s hands, she no longer had anything to support herself so her body just fell over.

The events happened too suddenly, seemingly almost instantaneously. Jun Xin didn’t even have time to react before being pushed down to the floor by Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou’s chin was right on his forehead and her lips almost landed on it.

She really wanted to sigh ‘close call’ because if she really kissed him, based on Jun Xin’s reaction just now even after she dies he’ll probably still drag her corpse off to torture her.

But immediately, she noticed something even more fishy.

A scorching breath was tickling her neck… and that moist soft feeling…

She gulped. Played too big!

It was scarcely realized that right now Jun Xin’s heart had already been stunned to the point it was about to become numb. Because he discovered a very serious, very serious issue. Serious to the point he couldn’t comprehend all of it at once.

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Even when his lips fell on Tang Doudou’s collarbone he had forgotten to move them away.

He, was actually a...she!

Jun Xin’s eyes stared at Tang Doudou’s smooth neck, his breathing gradually growing heavy.

“Li gongzi! Ah!” Right at this moment a happy sound carried over with the sound of a ‘bang’ as the door was pushed open. The two simultaneously look towards the door at the figure who was currently stupefied at this scene in front of her. Their eyes met head-on with Qing Yin who had expressions of confusion, hurt, and shock emerging one after another on her face.

“You, you guys!” Qing Yun had obtained Baili Yu’s forgiveness with great difficult and was finally released back to serve LI Xueyi. She was unbelievably happy so she didn’t pause at all on the way back and rushed towards this direction.

She never imagined that the moment she pushed open the door she would see such a shockingly romantic scene.

For a moment, her mind went blank. She was completely dazed, not knowing what to do.

But immediately she knew.

After the room was silent for a brief moment, Jun Xin’s repressed and furious voice immediately boomed: “Scram!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

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Author message: Haha. I’ve come, I’m leaving again~~~~~~

T/N - that makes for funny events, but I also love novels in which girls can pull off a totally convincing guy act, like in Hidden Marriage

I guess the explanation I prepared for the previous chapter comes in pretty fittingly here:

For those of you who know Chinese or have read quite a few Chinese novels, you probably already know this, but it occurred finally occurred to me to explain the Chinese words for he and she.

There is no way to tell if someone is saying he or she in spoken Chinese. They are both pronounced ta1. In writing, it’s differentiated between 他(male form) and 她(female form) but if you’re not sure the gender of something/someone, you can just use male form. There’s also an animal form and an object form to refer to one ‘he/she/it’, but sometimes things, animals/nonhuman things are still referred to with the male form rather than the animal or object form. (Correct me if I’m wrong about the last two statements, I think I’ve only learned this formally once, which was when I was about four so it’s been a long time)

Anyways, because of the fact that he and she isn’t really differentiated in spoken Chinese, the author doesn’t seem to strictly pay attention to whether she uses ‘he’ or ‘she’ to refer to Tang Doudou. In English, you would usually use ‘he’ until the people find out Tang Doudou is a girl, then switch to ‘she’ but the author uses ‘she’ sometimes, and ‘he’ other times... I translate mostly based on what the author uses though, except when she obviously makes mistakes by using the male form in the start of the sentence, then suddenly switch to female still in that same sentence.

Chinese people type words using pinyin, and since all forms of he/she/it are pronounced the same, meaning their pinyin is the same, it’s very easy to make mistakes.

Sometimes I might have just typed ‘she’ as ‘he’ though, but my editors usually catch it if it seems weird and ask.

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