Chapter 40: People Have Come Again From The Alliance Head Residence

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 40: People Have Come Again From The Alliance Head Residence

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Qing Yin was shocked to the point she stumbled and backed away in a fluster.

As she retreated she tripped over the doorstep. She fell with a ‘thump’ and her mind was jolted clear by the fall. She couldn’t leave like this, Master had even given a message.

She must go back and pass on the message.

But that scene just now was still in front of her eyes and refused to vanish. She couldn’t get over it at all. Just that morning Tang Doudou had helped her block a knife, yet how did she end up with Jun Xin this afternoon?

He was actually the first person she had ever liked.

She never had any delusions and only wanted to stay by him and attend to him during his daily life, even though she would eventually see him take a wife and have a child. Those were all things she could accept. Yet, right now, he was actually with a man.

Collapsed on the ground, the more Qing Yin thought about it the more hurt she felt. Originally she just shed tears out of grievance but gradually she started sobbing.

The two people that were caught committing adultery inside the room immediately felt the air turn awkward the moment Qing Yin left.

After Jun Xin roared, he became even more flustered.

Tang Doudou felt like her eardrums almost popped because of his roar and was just perplexed as to whether she should get up or not when she suddenly heard the ‘wuuwuu’ sound of crying come in from outside.

She recalled that when Qing Yin went back out just then, it seemed like she tripped and fallen.

So she hurriedly got up from Jun Xin’s body, “I’ll go take a look at her. She’s crying so hard, she probably took a really bad fall.”

Jun Xin didn’t speak but also didn’t stop her. In his clear pupils many expressions that couldn’t be made sense of appeared.

Tang Doudou was also extremely worried, so where would she have the time to pay attention to him? As she passed the bedside, she was originally going to grab the blanket to wrap around her body but unexpectedly saw some neat and tidy clothes next to the bed.

She paused, then directly grabbed them and carelessly pulled them on before running out to look for Qing Yin.

Jun Xin only got up from the ground after she went out the door. Looking at the pitch-dark night sky, he rubbed his lips.

“Qing Yin, Qing Yin, are you ok!?” When Tang Doudou ran out she was right in time to see Qing Yin still collapsed on the ground crying sorrowfully.

Tang Doudou thought that she was in pain from the fall and hurried over to help her up, “Hurry and get up, does it hurt? Why were you so careless?”

When Qing Yin heard her voice, the first thing she felt was shock. Why did he come out?

“What are you dazing out for? It’s the middle of winter, this ground is too cold. Hurry and get up.” Seeing she was still dazed, Tang Doudou decided to just bend down and lift her up. It was lucky that this guy Li Xueyi had good growing capacity. She was about a meter seven, that was the height she used to envy the most ah.

This height was much taller than normal girls. Qing Yin was probably around a meter six at most so when Tang Doudou bent down to lift her up, Qing Yin really did get lifted up.

But in reality it was also because Qing Yin’s body was really light, almost like a feather.

“Li gongzi.” Qing Yin only returned to her senses after Tang Doudou picked her up and she immediately tried to struggle free from Tang Doudou’s embrace.

Seeing that her legs were still moving agilely, it was either that she didn’t get seriously injured from the fall or that she was stubbornly enduring it.

Tang Doudou guessed that the latter scenario was more likely so she spoke worriedly: “Let’s go, let’s go inside! I’ll help you take a look and see if you got injured anywhere.”

Qing Yin lowered her eyes as she shook her head, “Thank Li gongzi for his concern. This servant is fine.”

He clearly liked men, so why must he treat so gently like this, disturbing her young lady’s heart?

“You were crying so hard, how could you possible be fine!?” Tang Doudou put on a strict expression and said firmly, “If you keep acting like this, I’ll get angry.”

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“This servant really is fine.” Qing Yin clutched the hem of her clothes and from the corner of her eye she saw the rather neatly tied gauze on Tang Doudou’s hand. Her heart ached as she said: “This servant came because there’s something this servant must tell gongzi.

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“Whatever it is isn’t as important as you! Whether you’re fine or not I’ll know when I see!” How could Tang Doudou know all the things Qing Yin was thinking inside her heart? She bent down and was just about to lift up Qing Yin’s skirt to take a look.

Causing Qing Yin to hurriedly retreat in alarm, “This servant truly is fine. Master had this servant come to pass on the message that gongzi should rest properly. Master will invite gongzi over another day.”

“It was Baili Yu who told you to come?” Just then wasn’t Jun Xin saying that Baili Yu was looking for her for something? How come after a short while he wasn’t look for her anymore?

“It was Master that told this servant to come. And Master said pass on his thanks to gongzi for the spicy strips gongzi gifted. He said the intentions were received. At the next meeting there shall be a great thanks.” Qing Yin continued.

Hearing this, Tang Doudou was extremely surprised, “You said spicy strips?”

She already completely forgot about this crop. Those spicy strips were still next to that pond, how did it end up running to Baili Yu?

Well, no matter how it ran over there, from what Qing Yin said it seemed that Baili Yu was still pretty satisfied. Since it’s like this, doesn’t it mean she’s even closer to getting her poison cured?

Hey hey, she should get this matter resolved as soon as possible and then go back. Staying one more day in this place means being scared and on edge for one more day. And she also doesn’t know what’s with that Jun Xin, whether he still wants to kill her or not.

Absent-mindedly lost in thought, when she finally came back to her senses, she discovered that Qing Yin had already walked off at some unknown time.

Returning to the room, Jun Xin had run off as well.

How wonderful. This Qing Yin really came back with such timing ah! Otherwise, if it was a little later she would have become dead Beanbeans.

Closing the door, she lay on the bed exhausted. Hugging the blanket, she rolled back and forth, “Ah! Seriously about to go crazy! And this is only the second day since coming here ah!”

Ouch! What the toy?!

Tang Doudou sat up with a ‘whoosh’. What was it that stabbed her waist?

She crawled all over the bed to look for it. In the end she saw some familiar sparkles in her blanket and her water-like eyes immediately lit up.

Her gemstones!

They were actually here! They hadn’t been thrown away by JunXin ah!

That’s great! Tang Doudou curved her eyes and an expression of bliss appeared on her face.

Outside the window, Jun Xin retrieved his gaze. Who exactly was she? Why was she pretending to be Li Xueyi?

Does Baili Yu know her true identity?

Should he kill her or not?

Let’s wait and see for now. After all, she doesn’t look like a bad person and seems even more unlikely to be scheming something.

Furthermore, doesn’t Baili Yu enjoy trouble? Since it’s like this, he’ll just leave this troublesome matter to him.

But choosing not to kill caused his heart to feel uneasy, as if there’s something that was out of his control.

Inside the room, Tang Doudou was ecstatic over rediscovering the gems she had thought were gone. How could she imagine that her little life had already brushed past death countless times? Only after her excitement receded a little did she realize that her stomach was already starved to the point it was rumbling loudly.

Jun Xin saw her rub her stomach and silently cursed that she was troublesome. But he still immediately turned and entered the dark night.

Not long after he left, someone brought food over.

Perhaps it was because she had ridiculed the so-called famous dishes of Huai City but the food that was brought tonight was of some home-cooking style. When she tasted it the flavor was actually not bad. After she closely questioned she found out that they were personally made by Meng Yu, no wonder. The deer meat from before was also very tasty. This Meng Yu’s cooking skill really lives up to her reputation.

Tang Doudou ate this meal with exceptional relish. After drinking the medicine the maid brought, she plopped down onto the bed and fell sound asleep.

The next time she woke up the sun was already three bamboo sticks high. Stretching her body, she thought, the feeling of sleeping until you wake up naturally is sinfully great!

After going outside and taking a stroll, she did some broadcasted exercises and someone sent food over again.

Naturally it was still Meng Yu’s cooking. After eating ‘til full and drinking ‘til filled, in a blink it was already noon again.

Not long after, it was night again. Tang Doudou was a bit puzzled as she laid on the bed. How come she didn’t see Qing Yin and Jun Xin the entire day? After catching and taking liberties with several maids she still didn’t hear any news about those two.

Jun Xin she didn’t want to see for the time being, but she was pretty worried about Qing Yin. She didn’t even know whether she had been injured from the fall or not.

As she thought and worried, she fell asleep again.

When the even sound of breathing carried over, Jun Xin finally jumped down from the roof, pushed open the door and walked in.

Tang Doudou who was on the bed didn’t have the slightest bit of awareness and slept nice and cozily. From time to time she would even smack her lips. Her little face was rosy pink and particularly adorable.

As Jun Xin looked, he couldn’t help but reach out, wanting to pinch that lovely little face.

How could the world have someone this hateful? Just after one day of not seeing her his entire body would feel uneasy. Even after strolling around everywhere, in the end he still couldn’t help hiding on the roof and waiting until she fell asleep.

If someone found out that Blood Fiend Jun Xin actually liked hiding on the roof and listening to someone sleep, wouldn’t the entire Jianghu laugh at him until their teeth fell from the shaking?

Withdrawing his hand, Jun Xin managed to restrain that impulse and turned around to leave.

Tang Doudou flipped over, “Little butt-aged brat.”E/N

Jun Xin who was just about to stop out the door froze. His face turned slightly red, she was awake?

“Really not a good boy, see if jie won’t beat your butt until it breaks! Huuuhuu…”(Last one, breathing sound)

So it turns out she was just sleep talking. Jun Xin relaxed a breath and turned around to look, discovering that Tang Doudou had at some unknown time kicked her blanket onto the floor. Knitting his brows, an exceptionally disdainful expression appeared on his face. Even when she’s sleeping she can’t act honestly.

But he still walked over and bent down to pick up the blanket before covering Tang Douodu up again. Gently tucking in the edges, he spoke softly: “Don’t mess around anymore, hurry and sleep.”

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It’s unknown if it was because his words were effective or what but Tang Doudou’s breathing once again evened out. Seeing that she didn’t kick the blanket off anymore, Jun Xin finally left quietly.

Seven, eight days rapidly passed just like that. Tang Doudou passed each day leisurely like this and was bored to death.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was poisoned, perhaps she would have just degenerated like this and muddled along eating as she waited for death.

But worried about her small life, Tang Doudou’s days didn’t pass comfily at all. Just as she was about to go look for Baili Yu.

Qing Yin whose shadow couldn’t even be seen for days reappeared.

Tang Doudou, who was doing exercises without her heart in it, saw Qing Yin’s slim as a willow branch body head towards this direction from far away. Today she was wearing a swan yellow garment which added quite a bit more charm. Seeing the light radiating from Tang Doudou’s eyes, Qing Yin lifted a side of her robe and hastily ran over.

“Qing Yin!”

Her voice was melodious and crisp, like a cheerful little bird as she waved towards Qing Yin as if her life depended on it, “Qing Yin, I’m over here.”

Because Baili Yu planned on staying for a long while, the originally quiet garden had a lot more servants. Seeing her excited appearance, those servants all looked over, a bit puzzled.

Qing Yin had originally put her emotions in order, but the moment she saw Tang Doudou all the preparations vanished without a trace. Seeing the gazes that flew over from all around, Qing Yin smiled helplessly, “Li gongzi.”

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Her eyesight was really good and had found that he was here practicing martial arts since long ago.

Tang Doudou saw someone she knew, and it was even Qing Yin, this little lass, so she was extremely happy. The moment she rushed over she gave a bear hug, “I missed you to death ah!”

The smile on Qing Yin’s face immediately froze. She knew perfectly well that he didn’t have that intention, but this hug still caused her heart to fall into turmoil ah!

“I say! You, this yatou, where did you run off too? You didn’t even come to look at me for so long I was about to be bored to death! You don’t know that the people that come and go around here always just bring the things and then run off, causing me to not even have anyone to talk to. I’m so stifled that I’m about to fall ill from it!” Letting go of Qing Yin, Tang Doudou instead seized her arm and started rambling on without end.

丫头 - "yatou" = servant girl term usually used to call servant girls, usually derogatory even though it’s sometimes an endearment. I’ve been including this term in almost all my series, but this is the first time it finally showed up as an endearment.

She didn’t think that her appearance would cause him to be this moved and at long last she felt a bit gratified. But Qing Yin couldn’t interject any words for half the day and she got a bit impatient. Master was still waiting for her to bring the person over.

“Qing Yin, did you miss me ah?” Tang Doudou pinched Qing Yin’s little face and sighed with emotion. What kind of skincare do these ancient people all use ah? It really is soft and tender.

Finally catching a gap, Qing Yin hurriedly said: “Li gongzi, people have come again from the Alliance Head Residence.”


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