Chapter 41: Bai Feiyun’s Crisis

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 41: Bai Feiyun’s Crisis

Reacting a beat late, Tang Doudou’s hand froze on Qing Yin’s face for a moment, “Which Alliance Head Residence?”

It had already been seven, eight days, so Tang Doudou had completely thrown the Alliance Head Residence to the back of her mind. The only thing she harped on about everyday was the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

Suddenly having this thrown at her, she really didn’t quite know which cloud it was.

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Qing Yin saw that Tang Doudou was completely at a loss and her heart sank. Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, as someone serving at Master’s side she had long heard of this type of poison and was very clear as to its toxicity and effects. Among them, the most mysterious and unsurpassable effect was the fact that it could wipe away memories.

She couldn’t help but feel sad for Tang Doudou. Right now she was only forgetting some little things, but in the future, she might not even be able to remember things that had happened just a second before. To Qing Yin, it seemed that this would be extremely painful to bear ah!

Even though she thought this, Qing Yin was also helpless. She couldn’t even go to beg Master so as to avoid overreaching herself and angering Master.

“Jianghu only has one Alliance Head Residence, and that’s precisely Li gongzi, your home ah!” Since she has forgotten, what harm is there for Qing Yin to remind her again?

“My home?” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes, finally remember what the Alliance Head Residence was. After several leisurely days, she really ended up forgetting that she was still occupying the position of an Alliance Head.

“En, yes.”

“Who was it that came? They’re here to take me back?” Tang Doudou asked curiously.

Qing Yin shook her head and replied: “This servant doesn’t know either. This servant only knows that Bai gongzi isn’t within the group of people that came.”

Which basically means that it’s very unlikely that they’re here to take her back. It was likely that they were here to pick faults ah!

Thinking to here, Tang Doudou’s eyes narrowed. Perfect timing! She just happened to be bored out of her mind so she’ll go see what these guys are up to!

She really hoped Elder Yu came. Everytime she sees the way his beard flares up due to anger, she would feel exceptionally delighted ah!

“Where are they?”

“They’re waiting for you in the Guest Hall. Master said to have you deal with it as quickly as possible, otherwise he’ll be chasing them away soon.”

Pei! Hearing this, Tang Doudou gave a large eyeroll. Humph, what a great Baili Yu. His face is seriously as big as a plate ah(very bold/unafraid). To take other people’s Alliance Head and keep him under house arrest in his own home. And now that the people from that side came over, if they stayed too long Baili Yu actually even threatens to chase them away? Isn’t that arrogance too unbridled!?

Qing Yin saw that she seemed faintly infuriated and hurriedly pulled her, “Let’s go, Li gongzi.”


With Qing Yin leading, they twisted and turned around the large garden for quite a while before they finally managed to arrive at what Qing Yin called the Guest Hall. Before they even got close, they could already hear an extremely resentful voice, “Alliance Head is just hanging around here. After staying here for seven, eight days he still hasn’t gone back to take charge of the general situation. Isn’t this too unreasonable!?”

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Another voice used that as a pretext, “Exactly! This time, if it weren’t for the fact that Bai gongzi got trapped, Elder Yu still wouldn’t let us come find him!”

Bai Feiyun was trapped? Trapped where? Hearing this, Tang Doudou’s steps sped up and in a few breaths she had reached the Guest Hall.

Qing Yin naturally followed closely behind.

They were still discussing in the Guest Hall when suddenly they saw a white-clothed young man appear at the entrance. His facial features were delicate and pretty, glowing with health and vigor and showing a strong self-confidence.

Immediately someone called: “It’s the Alliance Head, he’s arrived!”

“Alliance Head!”

The group of people rose up from their seats in quick succession and called in chorus. Only one person continued sitting without even moving.

Tang Doudou’s clear as water eyes swept past all the people in front of her. Her heart was very depressed, she didn’t even recognize a single one of them ah.

But this didn’t matter, as long as they recognized her, it was enough.

As she thought, she gave a light ‘en’ as a reply then entered the Guest Hall with a tranquil expression. She asked with a mild tone: “What seek ye, sirs? Just now I heard that Bai gongzi had been trapped, what brought that about?”

“Alliance Head, so you’ve finally come out.” The person that didn’t move at all coldly spoke. That voice was precisely the first voice she had heard when she was outside.

“Syndicate Leader Xu, you should speak a little less. Alliance Head was only forced to stay here a few extra days due to his injuries, what’s more…”

That sentence wasn’t even finished before someone faintly said: “I’m merely afraid that Alliance Head has been passing the days too comfortably and has long since forgotten his commitment to us brothers.”

As he spoke he cast his gaze towards Qing Yin.

The unspoken meaning was clear.

Tang Doudou coldly smiled in her heart but showed puzzlement on the surface, “You guys came to find me today for the sake of complaining? If it’s really like that, then you guys can just head back. I’ll look for someone else to ask about what happened.”

The expressions of those who spoke just now immediately turned rigid. They didn’t expect that Tang Doudou would be this direct.

After a brief period of silence, one of the anxious people immediately spoke, “Replying Alliance Head’s words, Bai gongzi and the Murong family were trapped in Qishan by the Demonic Sect as they were on their way to Cloud Sun City! The situation is dire. Elder Yu could not think of a solution which is why he had us come find you!”

They were going back to Cloud Sun City? Could it be that Bai Feiyun already resolved that matter?

“What exactly happened, first give me a clearer explanation. Why would Bai gongzi be heading to Cloud Sun City with the Murong family? And what happened with the Demonic Sect?”

That person spoke again: “The Murong family came to the Alliance Head Residence to cause a ruckus several times. Bai gongzi was busy to the point he was badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire, metaphoric proverb) as he had to deal with the Murong family and also, handle the large and small matters of the Martial Arts Circles in your, Alliance Head’s, place. For the sake of finding doubtful points in their story to prove Alliance Head’s innocence, Bai gongzi and the Murong family constantly rushed about between Huai City and Cloud Sun City. This time, after hearing that a witness who was at the scene was found in Cloud Sun City, Bai gongzi rushed there without stopping to rest, but unexpectedly half way there he ended up encountering people from the Demonic Sect…”

He actually did that that much for her sake… Tang Doudou was very moved. Bai Feiyun ah, Bai Feiyun. She, Doudou, really owes you a lot.

“Why would the Demonic Sect trap Bai Feiyun?” Could it be that they had some bad history?

That person also didn’t know, “It’s also strange for the Demonic Sect. According to the normal course of events, the Demonic Sect should have no way of knowing Bai gongzi’s whereabouts. After all, even though they had been active in the Martial Arts Circles, they had never dared to enter Huai City’s region…”

As he spoke he looked towards Qing Yin. The meaning was obvious, because in Huai City there’s Baili Yu ah. As unbridled as the Demonic Sect is, they still don’t dare to provoke Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou was curious now. Why exactly were the Imperial Family, the Martial Arts Circles, and the Demonic Sect all afraid of Baili Yu?

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“What’s even more strange is that Bai gongzi’s qing gong can be said to be unrivaled. His martial arts are also not bad. So unless it was Mu Ye that had personally acted, there was no one in the Demonic Sect that had a chance of defeating Bai gongzi. But as for blocking him, it also wouldn’t be an easy matter.” That person sighed, completely not understanding how this could have happened.

轻功 - "Qing gong" is a sort of martial arts, the ‘light’ martial arts. People can walk on water and on air with this.

But Tang Doudou understood it very clearly. How’d the Demonic Sect know Bai Feiyun’s whereabouts? There’s no other possible explanation but that there’s a traitor!

“Originally, when this news came no one was this worried. After all, we all believed that Bai gongzi had the ability to escape. But against all reason, this morning someone brought a message. It said that if we wished for Bai Feiyun to be alive, then we must bring one thing over to exchange for his life!”

“Then this means that Bai Feiyun has already been captured by the Demonic Sect?”

Da fudge, he’s already captured and you’re still saying trapped! Trapped your damned uncle ah!E/N

Tang Doudou’s balls hurtedE/N2 dreadfully but her expression was still calm as before, “What do they want?”

This thing is definitely nothing simple and even has a big connection to her. Otherwise these guys wouldn’t have come here to look for her.

And to have even been sent here by Elder Yu.

Tang Doudou narrowed her eyes, remarking in her heart that this matter was probably far from unrelated with that old guy. Hey, last time Bai Feiyun was still saying that he wouldn’t make any moves for the time being but he’s already made a move. Looks like he had also gotten impatient.

“Based on the news that arrived today, Bai gongzi has already been captured!” As he spoke he suddenly started bawling, “Alliance Head ah!”

Tang Doudou was shocked to the point that her brows leapt up. What drama is he acting from this time?

“You must save Bai gongzi ah! During this period of time while you were gone, all the little and big matters of the Martial Arts Circles were handled and dealt with by Bai gongzi! Bai gongzi is a good person ah!”

Tang Doudou naturally knew that Bai Feiyun was a good person. But, what’s he mean? Why’s it sound like she wouldn’t save Bai Feiyun?

Why’d he believe that so firmly?

Unless it’s related to that item?

Tang Doudou felt like her estimate wasn’t far off the mark and asked: “Alright, stop crying. Regarding this matter this Alliance Head naturally has kept it in mind. You only need to tell me what exactly is it that they want?”

Hearing this, all the people in the Guest Hall closed their mouths as if it was coordinated.

Angering Tang Doudou to the point she nearly flipped out.

Really wish she could just gift each person an Ascending Sky Monkey and send them all to heaven!E/N3

Meow a cat ah! To be blotted with ink at this crucial moment, it’s practically angering Beanbeans to death!

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Because she was worried about Bai Feiyun, Tang Doudou could only calm the anger in her heart and restrain her temper as she asked once more: “You guys can be at ease. The contributions Bai gongzi has made for this Alliance Head, for all the Martial Arts Circles, this Alliance Head knows clearly. Even though I have always been here nursing my injuries, but I’ve also been paying attention to the situation outside. I am very well aware of how Bai gongzi has toiled and done many meritorious deeds. Even if that Demonic Sect wants the life of this Alliance Head, what would it matter? As long as it can save Bai gongzi, if it must be given up, then just let it be given up!”

Quite a few people became emotionally moved hearing this. They just knew that the Alliance Head wasn’t someone that would forget favors and violate justice. Look at the way he put it, even willing to give up his life, so what would a trifling material object matter?

On the contrary, Qing Yin really wanted to laugh. Even though she wasn’t at Tang Doudou’s side everyday, but she had heard quite a bit about him from others. Which day had he not slept until the sun was three bamboo sticks high? He spent his days so leisurely that he was almost about to drive himself mad from boredom, and he still had the mind to pay attention to the situation outside? Just then when she brought the Alliance Head Residence, he didn’t know who or even remember what place is was.

But she was just a maid. It isn’t her place to judge what the Masters want to do... She can only lower her eyes and quietly wait at their side. In reality, like this was enough.

Seeing that this group of people still weren’t talking, Tang Doudou slapped the table with a thump and roared: “What are you all still dazing out for!? Don’t you know that time is tight!? If something really happens to Bai gongzi, can you guys afford to take responsibility? Acting so fainthearted and old-womanish, do you guys really want to cause Bai gongzi to die!?”

Everyone was thinking about their respective matters when she had suddenly slammed the table and roared. Seeing her furious yet imposing manner, they were shocked to the point they froze. When this Alliance Head bursts into rage he’s actually pretty intimidating.

“Replying Alliance Head, the Demonic Sect said that as long as we hand the Alliance Head Command Tablet over, they will release Bai gongzi.” That person clenched his teeth and finally said it.

It’s the Alliance Head Command Tablet again!

Tang Doudou really wanted to flip the table. Da fudge, if she still couldn’t guess the connection between all of this she should just go grab a brick of tofu and knock herself to death.E/N4

This matter is definitely related to Elder Yu!

But soon enough she felt awkward as well. If the Alliance Head Command Tablet was with her, she definitely would have taken it out without a word to trade for Bai Feiyun.

To her, the Alliance Head Command Tablet was just a completely useless tablet, but Bai Feiyun was a completely different case!

However, right now, the Alliance Head Command Tablet is still in Baili Yu’s hands. If she went to get it, would he give it to her? This was really a troublesome matter.

If he was planning to give it to her--she had already be here for so long--he would have already given it to her long ago.

If he didn’t plan to give it to her, what is he keeping it for?

How could she have enough insight to perceive what Baili Yu’s hidden intentions are? She was currently becoming depressed when the guy that had been constantly nitpicking earlier started to sarcastically speak again, “For Alliance Head to hesitate this long, it looks like you can’t bear to part with it? Just then Alliance Head spoke with so much devotion to righteousness that it inspired reverence, could it be it was all just empty words?”

Da fudge, where did this Dou Bi* pop out from?

The term Dou Bi is in the glossary about a person that loves competing but in the end lost a competition because he got scared by the cold. In application to this scenario, Tang Doudou’s remarking that he sure loves to compete but he’s bound to lose.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn

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E/N3 - That's funny!

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