Chapter 393.1: The Mu Family Clinic

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 393.1: The Mu Family Clinic

Bai Feiyun stayed there without moving and didn't chase after Tang Doudou. His face had five distinct prints from Tang Doudou's slap, so it was clear how hard she had slapped him and how indignant she had been.

Pregnant woman? A child? Baili Yu's?

Bai Feiyun laughed coldly. She was definitely lying to him again. That hateful woman! She has never told him the truth even a single time!

He pressed his cold fingers lightly against his stinging face, then sat back down to pick up the book. His gaze then landed on the black swift, and then on the stone table. The strands of black hair made a stark contrast against the white stone table.

It was her hair. It had been yanked off when she was struggling earlier.

He reached out and wrapped that hair around his finger, then his gaze darkened. He had originally planned to lure her over in order to try and trick her into giving him news about Xueyi. However, she had been unexpectedly sharp and sensed his suspicion.

Then she started suspecting him.

When he saw her smile sweetly towards him with Xueyi's face, for a moment, blood rushed to his head and he almost took her right then and here. The only thought in his mind was that once he took her, she would become his and would behave. That she would behave in front of him just like she did in front of Baili Yu and would tell him everything.

He was thinking that as long as he found out everything and was able to find Xueyi, he wouldn't treat her unfairly and would look after her well…

But she lied to him again!

What pregnant woman?

What pregnancy!?

He had already checked her pulse earlier. There was nothing!

It was all a lie!

He abruptly clenched his fist and slammed down on the stone table with a muffled groan. The stone table shattered into countless pieces and fell to the ground.

Tang Doudou, you can't escape!

He then put those strands of hair in his sleeve. When he flipped open the book again, all those complicated emotions disappeared and all that was left was a mild and gentle aura that was like the warm sunlight of spring.

However, this feeling didn't last for long. Confusion appeared in his gentle eyes. Were the Seven Great Saint Tribes that powerful?

They were capable of making a person become exactly like another person except for their personality?

When this thought occurred to him, he pressed on his chest and slowly closed his eyes. Countless doubts once again flooded his heart. Could it be that he was wrong?

Tang Doudou was Li Xueyi and Li Xueyi was Tang Doudou?

No, even if he had guessed wrong, then what about the City Lord?

He had raised Xueyi himself. Could it be that he could make a mistake? That wasn't possible!

There was no way that City Lord could get such an important thing wrong. This was the reality. Li Xueyi was Li Xueyi and Tang Doudou was Tang Doudou. They were two completely different people!

He continuously repeated this to himself. When he finally opened his eyes again, he had already returned to normal and his eyes were completely clear.

Meanwhile, after Tang Doudou rushed out of the courtyard in fear and rage, she came to the main street of Barbarian Mound Garrison. She watched, dazed, as the people passed through the busy street, and she suddenly had the misperception that she had traveled back through space and returned to her original world. That everything had just been a dream.

A dream that had been very hard to wake up from.

"Zi…" A weak and barely audible sound came and immediately shattered Tang Doudou's daydream. She hastily looked down at Little Gray. When she saw how weak he looked, tears flooded her eyes and fell onto Little Gray's fur before sliding to the ground.

Little Gray also felt said seeing his female master cry and reached out to wipe her tears, but that movement caused his entire body to hurt. "Zi…"

When Tang Doudou heard Little Gray's cry of pain, she hastily wiped her tears away, then gently stroked Little Gray while saying, "Don't be scared. I'll find a doctor to treat you right now!"

After saying that, she started walking on the street.

Originally, she wanted to find Jun Xin, but Barbarian Mound Garrison was huge and she didn't know where Jun Xin was, so she didn't even know where to start looking.

In addition, Little Gray's injury had to be treated right away. She could only pray that Jun Xin had good fortune and that nothing had happened to him… If something ended up happening to him, she would keep her earlier vow and kill Bai Feiyun!

However, she also trusted that Jun Xin wouldn't be hurt that easily. He wasn't a blockhead and knew to run when the situation wasn't good. She had personally witnessed how fast he was at running away. If he intended to run away, even Baili Yu would find it hard to stop him.

If Bai Feiyun had a subordinate whose martial arts was better than Baili Yu's, then he wasn't Bai Feiyun!


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