Chapter 393.2: The Mu Family Clinic

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Chapter 393.2: The Mu Family Clinic

Tang Doudou wasn't wrong, Bai Feiyun didn't have a subordinate whose martial arts were better than Baili Yu's, but he did have someone that could kill Jun Xin. It never occurred to Tang Doudou that currently, Jun Xin was hovering on the brink of death.

It was poison!

A vicious and fast poison that could even kill someone immune to a hundred poisons! It was like a plague that couldn't be stopped.

Inside a dark cave, Jun Xin had his eyes closed, but he could still sense that his opponent was currently hiding in the darkness and eying him coldly like he was prey.

He himself hadn't thought that this sort of poison would appear in a small garrison like this. He wasn't very worried about himself though. He was more worried about Tang Doudou. What if someone tried to harm her while he wasn't around?

When this occurred to him, he started feeling vexed and the poison started spreading even faster. Jun Xin's eyes became unfocused, then he coughed a large mouthful of blood.

The person in the darkness walked forward. "Give up on your futile struggle. People poisoned with this will only suffer more if they try to suppress it with their inner strength. If you don't want to die too tragically, then just give up!"

Jun Xin spat out the blood in his mouth, then glanced towards the darkness. "This little master has a strong life. If you want to take my life, you should first check to see if you have that ability!"

After he said that, the person seemed to realize something and cried out in shock, "W-what did you do to me?"

Jun Xin laughed and once again started suppressing the rampaging poison in his body. "What did I do? Wouldn't you know once you go outside?"

When that person heard this, he calmed down again. "You poisoned me."

Jun Xin didn't deny or admit it.

That person then said, "And it's poison that won't allow me to make contact with light!"

"The moment contact with light is made, the person will melt not even a corpse will be left!" That person's tone became filled with fear. He couldn't make contact with light. Then didn't that mean he'd have to spend his entire life in the darkness?

"Where's the antidote!?" He wanted to rush over, but a flame appeared next to Jun Xin. He had lit a rolled torch.

The light illuminated the entire cave, so that person had no choice but to retreat to a part that the light couldn't reach. He glared at Jun Xin with grievances in his eyes.

Jun Xin closed his eyes and finally suppressed the poison. When he sensed that glare, he chuckled. His tone was filled with mockery as he said, "An antidote? There's no antidote. Don't you love staying in the darkness? I was following your wishes, shouldn't you thank me?"

"What? There's no antidote? How's that possible? There's definitely an antidote, you're lying to me!"

When that person heard that there was no antidote, he became even more scared. He wanted to rush over, but he was also afraid of the light and feared melting into water.

Jun Xin scoffed. "Lying to you? You and I have no past, why would I bother to lie to you?

"In addition, isn't the poison you used on me also incurable? So what's so strange about this? I have plenty of poisons which have no antidotes. Do you want to try them all to see if I'm lying?"

That person was silent for a long while before he said, "I was the one that lied."

Jun Xin's voice turned cold and he got up from the ground. His slender legs cast even longer of a shadow in the light of the flames. "Tch, give up on trying to trick me with something like this. I know better than you do whether this poison has an antidote."

When that person saw him get up, he cried in surprise, "Aren't you afraid of dying? If you don't suppress the poison, even if you're immune to a hundred poisons, you won't last an hour."

Jun Xin's lips curved in an unconcerned smile. "An hour? That's enough."

He then left the cave. He didn't kill this person because it was much more interesting to let him live his entire life in the darkness.

Outside the cave, the setting sun was slowly dying the sky a beautiful auburn.

After an hour, the sun would set completely and no matter how beautiful the scenery was, it would turn into nothing.

A trace of reluctance flashed through Jun Xin's eyes but then quickly disappeared. He tidied up his garments, then discovered that there was a bloodstain on his robe. He furrowed his brows, then lifted his hand. A flame emerged and dried the stain until it completely blended in with the black garment.

He nodded in satisfaction and the flame was extinguished as he started rushing towards Barbarian Mound Garrison.

In Barbarian Mound Garrison, the sun was about to set, but Tang Doudou still hadn't found a clinic that would treat Little Gray's injury.

Barbarian Mound Garrison wasn't very rich and there was only five clinics in the entire garrison. She had already asked at four places, but when they found out that she wanted them to treat a monkey, they immediately chased her out.

Tang Doudou was angry, but she didn't dare to joke with Little Gray's life and could only continue onto the next clinic.

She heard that the last clinic was located in the small alley ahead.

By this time, Little Gray was already completely motionless. If it weren't for that slight bit of breathing, she would've thought he was already dead.

She glanced down at Little Gray and her heart trembled with fear. She started walking faster towards the alley.

It was only after she turned into the alley that she noticed this place was strange. It was too quiet!

It was quiet to the point she could hear her steps echo. The dusky light cast by the setting sun made this alley even more eerie.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was worried about Little Gray's injury, she would've turned back right away.

But she had already gotten here, so for Little Gray, she could only continue walking.

Fortunately, she hadn't needed to walk far before she saw a 'Mu' character in the distance. (Mu = wood)

The Mu family clinic, it was the clinic she had been looking for! She hastily walked over and looked up at the clinic. She found it as eerie as the alley, but she didn't have time to ponder over it. When she saw that there was no one inside, she rushed in.

"Doctor! Is there a doctor here?"

The Mu family clinic was very strange. She didn't see anyone upon entering but there were red boxes hanging all over the room. In the center of a clinic was an enormous wooden bed. It wasn't dark yet, but rows upon rows of white candles were already lit. The light of the candles casted shadows that made the entire room seem unnatural.

It didn't seem like a clinic at all. She couldn't help but wonder if she had gotten the place wrong? Perhaps this wasn't the Mu family clinic at all?

When her thoughts reached this point, she slowly back away to leave this place.

However, after taking two steps, she sensed something and abruptly turned around. The figure that had appeared at some unknown time almost caused her to scream from shock. When she calmed down and looked, she discovered that it was someone she knew.

It was an old grandma that was leaning on a wooden clutch. Her eyes were completely white and pupiless and she stared straight in front, unable to see anything. Her wrinkles-filled face contained displeasure. "Haven't you heard of the Mu family's rules? If you want to seek treatment, you must line up and wait outside. You're only allowed to come in once you're called!"

A trace of panic flashed through Tang Doudou's eyes, but then she feigned a flustered tone and said, "I'm sorry, Grannie. I didn't do it on purpose, I was just too anxious. If I've offended, please forgive me!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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But Xiao Bai, aren't you an idiot? Why'd someone ever make an imposter with a different personality? Wouldn't the point be to make their personality the same so that no one could tell them apart? But wow, Su Yi was the one behind it? Since when?


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