Chapter 394.1: Will Definitely Die

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Chapter 394.1: Will Definitely Die

Tang Doudou never thought that she would encounter Grandma Shen here.

Why would Grandma Shen leave Tree Valley and come to a remote place like this to open a clinic?

Suspicion flashed through her eyes, but then she soon realized a different problem. Grandma Shen seemed to really be blind!

Although Grandma Shen was also like this back in Tree Valley, every time her gaze swept over, Tang Doudou would feel an intense dark sensation, but she no longer felt it.

And from Grandma Shen's tone, she could tell that she hadn't recognized her, so she loosened a breath in relief. If Grandma Shen recognized her, she definitely wouldn't treat Little Gray.

At the same time, she was also relieved because Grandma Shen was the Heavenly Doctor of the Saint Tribes. If she was willing to lend a hand, Little Gray would definitely be saved.

"The ignorant can't be blamed. Go wait outside." After hearing her reply, Grandma Shen's tone soften a little bit and she had her wait outside. Then she walked towards the center of the room with a bowl of black medicinal soup.

From the looks of it, there was a patient inside the clinic, so Tang Doudou could only wait outside.

However, after waiting for a while and not hearing anything, she couldn't help but start panicking again. She kept glancing down at Little Gray. If she kept waiting like this, Little Gray would run out of time!

Just as she was about to call Grandma Shen again, Grandma Shen's voice came from inside the clinic.

"The girl outside, come in."

Tang Doudou's face lit up with joy and she quickly walked in with Little Gray. "Doctor."

"I can't live up to the title of doctor, just call me grandma." After she encountered the room, she saw that Grandma Shen was sitting with her legs crossed on the bed in the center of the room. "Your breathing sounds steady and your inner energy is stable. There is no trace of illness, so why are you here?"

"It's not me, it's him!" Tang Doudou hastily handed Little Gray to Grandma Shen. "This is my friend, he's hurt."

When Grandma Shen heard this, she extended a hand from her wide sleeve and slowly placed it on Little Gray. When she felt the warm soft sensation, her tone became surprised. "It's not a person?"

Then she felt Little Gray's entire body and her tone became shocked. "It's a nine-eared monkey? Yours?"

From these three questions, Tang Doudou saw hope. She hastily nodded. "That's right! It's a nine-eared monkey! I'm raising him, he's my friend. He got injured earlier, so please, save him!"

However, Grandma Shen pulled back her hand.

Tang Doudou's heart dropped. Could it be…

"I can't save it," said Grandma Shen as she turned away.

"Grandma!" Tang Doudou was panicking. She carried Little Gray and moved in front of Grandma Shen again. "Even though he's not a person, he's also a life! Saving one life surpasses building a seven floor pagoda! Grandma, please…"

Grandma Shen interrupted her. Her tone contained helplessness as she said, "It's not that I'm not willing, but I truly can't! Leave!"

If the Heavenly Doctor couldn't save Little Gray, who in the world could?

However, she didn't dare to say this and could only go with another excuse. "If Grandma can't treat him, who else in Barbarian Mound Garrison could?"

The meaning was that she had already visited the other clinics and she didn't have time to go to any place farther.

Upon hearing the heartache and grief in her voice, Grandma Shen sighed. "Actually, there is one more way, but…"

"Grandma! As long as Little Gray can be saved, I will do anything!" Little Gray had gotten injured because of her and was now on the brink of death. As long as he could live, so what if it took her life in exchange?

She had never thought of Little Gray as a pet. He was her friend. He felt sorrow, felt joy, was intelligent, could tell good from evil, so what difference was there between him and a human?

During the afternoon, if it weren't for his warnings, she would've already been killed. Little Gray was the one that saved her life, so there was nothing wrong with her giving it back to him.

The more Tang Doudou thought about this, the more determined she became about saving Little Gray!

When Grandma Shen heard the conviction in her tone, she hesitated for a brief moment before nodding. "Then come with me."

After saying that, she shakily got off the bed and walked towards the stairs.

Tang Doudou carried Little Gray and followed after her. As she walked, she looked around warily. Grandma Shen's surname was Shen, but she had used the name Mu in her clinic. And why did she open a clinic here?

Wasn't it a waste of her status as the Heavenly Doctor to stay in such a tiny clinic?

As she was thinking these things, they had already reached the second floor.

The atmosphere on the second floor wasn't as strange as that of the first floor. The rays of the setting sun entered the room through the window, casting the room in a dusky glow.

"Sit down for now." Grandma Shen heard her footsteps and pointed with her crutch towards a nearby stool. "Put the nine-eared monkey down. After it suffered such a severe injury, you shouldn't have carried it so far. The shaking almost caused its internal organs to start bleeding."

Tang Doudou's face turned pale when she heard this, then she started blaming herself. Could it be that the reason Little Gray's breathing was becoming increasingly shallow was because of her movements?

She carefully placed Little Gray on the table. She looked worriedly at him, then saw his eyes open slightly. His eyes were very dim as he looked at her. Tang Doudou's heart softened and she said, "Don't worry, I'll definitely save you."

Only then did Little Gray close his eyes again.

Tang Doudou looked towards Grandma Shen and nervously squeezed her clothing. "Grandma, what do I need to do?"

After coming upstairs, Grandma Shen had turned around and started doing things with her back turned towards Tang Doudou. There were a bunch of bottles and pots in front of her, so Tang Doudou couldn't tell what she was doing at all.

However, she couldn't help but feel her hair rise on end at the sight of those pots. She remembered that back in Tree Valley, Grandma Shen had used these pots to keep those black bugs and poisonous snakes.

Who would've thought that she had bought those pots to Barbarian Mound Garrison as well?


Just as she was thinking this, a sharp light suddenly flashed past and a dagger shot from Grandma Shen's hand to the table next to her. Following that, Grandma Shen said hoarsely, "Cut your finger and gather the blood in a bottle."

She had to use her blood?

Tang Doudou's heart tightened again. Why was her blood needed to save Little Gray? Could it be that Grandma Shen already figured out who she was?

She glanced towards Grandma Shen's stooped back and her eyes flickered. She reached out for the dagger and pulled. With a little tug, the dagger left the table.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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