Chapter 394.2: Will Definitely Die

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Chapter 394.2: Will Definitely Die

"The nine-eared monkey is a spirit animal and can't be treated like an ordinary animal." Grandma Shen suddenly started explaining, "If you want it to live, your only choice is to replenish its life. This method goes against nature since essence blood must be offered as sacrifice. This will allow the nine-eared monkey to share your life energy. However, this method will also cause you harm. Are you certain that you want to do this?"

After saying this, Grandma Shen turned around and looked towards her solemnly.

Essence blood? Harm?

These were terms outside of her understanding, but she could tell from Grandma Shen's attitude that it wasn't a simple matter.

Tang Doudou glanced towards Little Gray, then gritted her teeth. Just as she was about to say that she was sure, a figure suddenly jumped in through the window.

"Who!?" cried Grandma Shen sternly in alarm.

Tang Doudou turned around as well, curious to see who would jump in through the window.

When she found that it was Jun Xin, she greeted him excitedly. When she saw that his face had a healthy flush and he also looked unharmed, she sighed in relief. "I just knew that you would be fine!"

When Grandma Shen saw that it was someone Tang Doudou knew, she turned back around. "I'll give you half an incense stick's time to consider it, so think through things well."

The joy on Tang Doudou's face immediately faded again and she couldn't be bothered with Jun Xin anymore. She hastily walked back and looked towards Little Gray worriedly.

She really should've agreed without hesitation, but then in that instant, she suddenly recalled the child in her belly. It was only now that she recalled that she was a pregnant woman and that there was another life inside her belly…

If she ended up sharing her life with Little Gray, would that affect the child?

Tang Doudou hesitated. She didn't dare to bet with the life of the child, but she couldn't just abandon Little Gray… With the addition of the child into the equation, she became completely stuck.

When Jun Xin had returned to the courtyard but didn't see her, he started searching on the rooftops of Barbarian Mound Garrison. He got here just in time to hear what she asked and Grandma Shen’s reply. When he saw that she was about to offer her essence blood to save that monkey, he immediately jumped down from the roof and entered through the window.

"There's no need to consider it anymore!" Jun Xin saw the conflicted struggle in Tang Doudou's eyes and answered for her.

Tang Doudou looked towards him in confusion.

Jun Xin continued, "There's no need to think about it anymore. Take that monkey and let's go!"

He walked up to pull Tang Doudou, but Tang Doudou pulled back. Her tone was panicked. "Don't pull me. If I don't save Little Gray, he'll die."

Only then did Jun Xin glanced towards the table at Little Gray, then he looked at Grandma Shen with a frown before turning back to Tang Doudou. "Are you an idiot? Is essence blood something you can casually give someone? And how could you believe whatever she says? Why don't you consider the details? Also, could it be that you don't want your child to arrive safe and sound into this world?"

Of course she wanted that. If she could choose, she wouldn't do this either!

But she didn't have time to think at this point. She had to save Little Gray!

When Jun Xin saw the stubbornness in her eyes, he released her helplessly. "I can save him. Do you trust me?"

Of course she trusted him!

"You have a way!?" When she heard this, she was happy enough to run up and kiss him! But then she soon calmed down and started wondering if Jun Xin was tricking her. To stop her from giving her essence blood to Little Gray, he was saying this to stop her from trying to save him…

Tang Doudou didn't continue thinking along those lines and turned towards Grandma Shen instead. "I believe you, but I want to know what method you have. I can't risk Little Gray's life. He had gotten injured because of me."

This was clearly saying that she didn't believe him. Jun Xin sighed. He only had an hour left to live, so he wanted to just spend some time quietly with her, but life never went as hoped.

He smiled helplessly. Just as he was about to speak, Grandma Shen interrupted and said, "You don't have much life left either! Why don't you hurry and try to save your own life instead of trying to snatch this old woman's business? You're seriously asking for death!"

When Jun Xin was leading God Firmament Hall, he had encountered Grandma Shen and learned of her identity as the Heavenly Doctor. That was one of the reasons why he didn't want her to treat Little Gray. After all, who knew what she actually planned to do?

He didn't trust any of the Seven Great Saint Tribes' people.

But when he saw how worried and heartbroken Tang Doudou was, he sighed, then took a small black vial out of his chest. "Feed this to him."

Tang Doudou looked at the black vial in confusion, then recalled what Grandma Shen said earlier and her expression became concerned. "What happened to you? Why did Grandma say that you don't have much life left? And what is this?"

"What could happen to me? I'm perfectly fine. She's just a blind old lady. How could you believe everything she says? I'm telling you to feed it to him, so just feed it to him! Why do you like wasting time so much?" Jun Xin impatiently tossed the black vial to her and said, "Hurry it up. I still have something else to tell you!"

Tang Doudou glanced at him and carefully opened the vial to tap out the black pill.

The moment she opened the vial, Grandma Shen's pupil-less eyes glowed with light. "Revival pill!"

Tang Doudou's hand froze. Grandma Shen then said, "If you feed this to the monkey, then that person will die for sure!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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