Chapter 395.1: Was There Any Use?

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Chapter 395.1: Was There Any Use?

Tang Doudou was confused.

What did she mean by revival pill? What did she mean by that Jun Xin would die for sure?

Just as Jun Xin himself had said, he looked perfectly fine. How could he possibly die?

Although this was what Tang Doudou was thinking, she still didn't dare to feed the pill to Little Gray because what if?

What if Grandma Shen's words were true? Then…

"Grandma, can you explain? I don't really understand." She put away the pill and asked Grandma Shen to clear things up despite Jun Xin's urging.

She didn't understand the Grandma Shen of the past. Although she still didn't understand Grandma Shen now, her intuition told her that Grandma Shen was telling the truth.

However, she needed to know the details.

When Jun Xin saw that she planned to get to the bottom of this, he immediately became flustered. "Stinkin' woman, who exactly do you trust?"

"Of course I trust you!" Tang Doudou had no hesitation, but then she continued, "However, I'm also willing to believe Grandma's words because I can't let Little Gray die, but even more so, I can't let anything happen to you!"

Jun Xin was stunned.

She said that she couldn't let anything happen to him!

Her stubborn little face was currently lifted and those pure sparkling eyes that had always captivated him so were currently looking right at him. Even if he knew that she had no romantic feelings towards him and only cared about him as a friend, he was still so touched that he was a mess. The reluctance to leave her became stronger. When he thought of the fact that he would never be able to see her again after he died, it tormented him way more then the thought of dying.


"Tell the truth!" When Tang Doudou saw the flickering light in Jun Xin's eyes, she understood that Grandma Shen had been telling the truth. There was something wrong with Jun Xin!

Jun Xin looked down. "I… What do you want me to say? It's true, I don't have much time left. There's only an hour… after an hour, I'll die. There's only one revival pill. Between Little Gray and I, who are you going to choose?"

His tone was soft, calm, and indifferent. The way he simply stated his end caused Tang Doudou's eyes to dim. How was she supposed to choose?

Just as she had said earlier, she couldn't just stand by and watch as Jun Xin died. It was the same for Little Gray. If she had to choose, then…

"The revival pill can revive someone after death. If he's fed the revival pill immediately a few moments after his death, he'll be revived. Meanwhile, this monkey is near death. Although eating the revival pill can extend its life, it won't heal the injury. There is still a need to treat the injury, so you should leave this pill for that kid!" Just as Tang Doudou was struggling with these thoughts, Grandma Shen spoke and revealed the effect of the revival pill so that Tang Doudou could make the best decision.

After hearing this, Tang Doudou placed the pill back into the vial and put it away carefully in her chest before turning towards Grandma Shen earnestly. "Grandma, will you still help me cure Little Gray?"

"You're the only one that can save him. This grandma is just supplying you with a method. My words are the same as before, after you've thought things through, give me an answer. Essence blood and life source are very important things. It may directly affect your health and life span."

Tang Doudou bit her lips, then asked, "Those things aren't important. What I want to know is, will losing my essence blood and sharing my life source affect the child in my body?"

Grandma Shen was shocked. "You're pregnant?"

"En!" Tang Doudou looked at her nervously. "Will there be an issue?"

"There will be, there's a huge issue!" Grandma Shen sighed. "This poor little thing. It seems that the Heavens just won't allow it to live!"

"Grandma!" Tang Doudou walked up anxiously and grabbed Grandma Shen's sleeve. "Isn't there any other way?"

"Let me think." Grandma Shen pushed away her hand and leaned on the clutch as she paced around the room.

Jun Xin had wandered over to Tang Doudou's side and now he asked, "Stinkin' woman, will you be sad if I died?"

"What the heck are you saying? Isn't there a revival pill here?" Tang Doudou glowered at him. But when she saw those unbridled lackadaisical eyes, her heart suddenly filled with panic and fear to the point she could barely breathe. If he didn't have the revival pill, then an hour later… He would really die?

She abruptly grabbed Jun Xin's hands. "I'm warning you, you can't die, got it!?"

Jun Xin lifted his eyes to meet her worried gaze. All those little events of the past seemed to flash through his eyes. The deer meat that he had been waiting for half the day had gone all into her stomach. Later, she made spicy strips for him as an apology, but he ended up being beaten by Meng Ru when he got distracted.

She got her hand injured while defending Qing Yin and fell into the pond due to his words. Then Baili Yu rescued her and she puked water all over him.

Inside the room, her upper body was unclothed and like that of a male's as she teased him, then they fell over each other and he found out that she was a woman. Afterwards, he got into the habit of guarding her every night until she fell asleep and these emotions gradually filled his heart.

Later, she got involved with Baili Yu and even spent a night with him in Plum Garden, which tore his heart apart.

The later events also emerged in his mind. It was only now that Jun Xin realized that the time from since he met her to until he fully fell in love with her had been only a year. It was a short year, but it actually made him feel like it had been forever. As if many years ago, he had already fallen in love with her, that he had never forgotten her…

The lingering passion that abruptly appeared in Jun Xin's eyes made Tang Doudou flustered and she hastily looked away. "You're my best friend. If anything happened to you because of me, I'll be really hurt."

Friend? Best friend.

Even though he had always known that this would be her answer, he still couldn't help but feel disappointed. He turned to look outside the window at the setting sun. When he looked back, his eyes were unconcerned as always and he laughed lightly. "Scourges cause calamity for a thousand years! Don't worry, this little master wouldn't die that easily!"

After saying that, he jumped onto the balcony and leaned back with his arms pillowing his head. He even pulled out a tanghulu from somewhere and started munching on it.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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