Chapter 397.1: Jun Xin had Died

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Chapter 397.1: Jun Xin had Died

Tang Doudou froze and her blade stopped right in front of Grandma Shen. The blade flickered with cold light in the night. A trace of smugness floated up on Grandma Shen's face, but before she could even fully smile, there was a stab and her face twisted with pain.

"Did you think that I would still believe you?" Tang Doudou's voice contained no trace of warmth.

Grandma Shen looked down in disbelief. The sharp dagger had entered her chest completely and blood poured out. "You… Aren't you afraid of him dying?"

"Humph! There's no need for you to worry about that. Jun Xin won't die!" After saying that, she started feeling through Grandma Shen's clothes. However, it was clear that Grandma Shen wasn't dumb enough to leave the pill on her. Tang Doudou wasn't able to find the revival pill, but she did find a bunch of strange pills.

Tang Doudou frowned. Where did she hide it?

Grandma Shen coughed blood. "You won't be able to find it."

Tang Doudou didn't bother to pay attention to her. She wasn't worried about Grandma Shen doing anything in this state so she got up to search through the house. However, Grandma Shen had way too many bottles in her house. It was impossible to find the pill in just a few moments.

Just as she was stuck on what to do, Little Gray jumped up onto her shoulder and pointed towards the roof.

Tang Doudou looked up towards the place he was pointing at and her eyes lit up. The revival pill!

She immediately flew up to grab that pill, then glanced at Grandma Shen who seemed on the brink of death before rushing to Jun Xin.

"Little Gray, are you sure this is the revival pill?" Just in case, Tang Doudou checked with Little Gray again.

Little Gray hastily nodded and gestured to show how Grandma Shen had thrown the pill onto the roof beams earlier.

It was no wonder Grandma Shen had been so certain that she wouldn't be able to find it. The thought that it had been hidden on the roofbeams really hadn't occurred to her.

After getting Little Gray's confirmation, Tang Doudou didn't waste any more time and lifted up Jun Xin's cold body to shove the pill into his mouth. However, the moment she let go, the pill fell back out again.

She opened his mouth to place the pill onto his tongue, but it still fell out.

"What's going on!?" Time seemed to be passing so quickly, Tang Doudou couldn't stop herself from panicking. She had tried multiple methods, but he wouldn't swallow the pill.

"Zizizi!" Little Gray was also starting to worry.

Although he had been unconscious earlier, he was still aware of everything that had happened. He knew that Jun Xin had been prepared to give him the revival pill even though his true motive wasn't to save him, but to make sure that the female master wasn't sad.

Still, Little Gray was very moved. To give up the revival pill was the same as giving up his own life. This man was just like Master, they didn't care about dying as long as the female master could be happy.

Female Master was truly very fortunate to be able to meet so many good people!

There was no way Tang Doudou would know how moved Little Gray currently was, she was still frantically shoving the pill into Jun Xin's mouth. "Jun Xin! Swallow already! Don't you love to eat? I'm even feeding you, why won't you swallow? It couldn't be that you're afraid of bitter stuff? Good medicine is always bitter, but after you eat it, you'll get better and I'll make you a lot more tasty things. Be good, don't mess around anymore, alright? Hurry and eat it! I'm begging you!"

As she spoke, her tears overflowed and fell to the ground, wetting the not yet dried bloodstains and making little swirls of cruel flowers.

The last bit of sand in the hourglass fell. Half an incense stick's time had passed.

"Haha, the time is up. So what if you've killed me? So what if you've found the pill? He still died." Despite the fact that Grandma Shen couldn't see, she seemed to still have a perfect grasp of time.

Jun Xin was dead?

Grandma Shen's words caused Tang Doudou's head to go blank. Her mind was filled with the image of Jun Xin's unbridled figure…

He promised that he wouldn't die!

And she had said that she wouldn't let him die!

But he won't swallow it…

Suddenly, she recalled a scene that was in many TV dramas and silently remarked, so this was the only way.

Who would've thought that this brat's prediction would actually hit the mark? He was really getting a bargain.

Tang Doudou placed the pill in her mouth, then leaned over to cover Jun Xin's mouth and then slowly pushed the pill into his mouth before blowing gently to make the pill move into Jun Xin's throat.

Suddenly, her face lit up and she released Jun Xin.

"It went in!" She turned towards Little Gray excitedly.

Little Gray also responded with excitement and he moved closer to Jun Xin. There was a little bit of doubt in his heart, but he didn't let it show because he didn't want the female master to be hurt.

Little Gray was kind and wasn't willing to voice the cruel reality, but Grandma Shen wasn't. She said darkly, "So what if you managed to get him to swallow it? Half an incense stick's time has already passed. The revival pill is already useless."

"Shut up!" Tang Doudou abruptly snapped back. Why wasn't this old hag dead yet?

Grandma Shen sensed Tang Doudou's vicious glare and finally closed her mouth. However, she continued smiling coldly.

Tang Doudou didn't have the time to pay attention to her right now. She continued watching Jun Xin nervously, worried that she would miss something important.

Jun Xin had already swallowed the revival pill, but she didn't know how exactly the pill would take effect. Would the person immediately wake up, or would the person remain asleep for a long time? The time had already passed, would it still work?

Tang Doudou really didn't know anything.

All she could do was watch Jun Xin. She just stared lifelessly. Little Gray awaited alongside her quietly.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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