Chapter 397.2: Jun Xin had Died

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Chapter 397.2: Jun Xin had Died

After some time, it had become completely dark outside. A while later, cool rays of moonlight spilled in through the window and just happened to land on Tang Doudou and Jun Xin, who Tang Doudou was still hugging. The snow-like rays of light faded the dried bloodstains. Little Gray was napping and Grandma Shen's eerie laughter no longer rang out. It was unknown whether she was still alive or not.

Inside the room, Tang Doudou was staring at Jun Xin's eyes without blinking for such a long time that her eyes had become bloodshot.

The chilly autumn wind swept into the house and felt like blades. Tang Doudou subconsciously blinked, then hugged Jun Xin even more tightly in worry that he'd get cold.

As she blinked, she happened to miss the moment when Jun Xin's finger twitched.

Once she pulled him into her arms and felt the cold temperature of his body, her tears started falling again. "Jun Xin, you have to wake up! You have to…"

"What if he doesn't? What would you do?" A voice suddenly appeared in the quiet room. It was low and unfamiliar. Tang Doudou was taken aback and lifted her head to look around, but she didn't see anyone.

"What would you do if he doesn't wake up?" That voice asked again.

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows and looked down at Jun Xin. Her gaze flickered. What would she do?

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

Tang Doudou smiled bitterly without replying.

Jun Xin had died. She felt so so sad. So sad that she didn't know what to do next or even what she needed to do next.

What did she need to do?

A light suddenly flashed through her head. Revenge!

She had to get revenge! She had to get revenge for Jun Xin and Little Gray!

"I want revenge!" The light in Tang Doudou's eyes gathered. Bai Feiyun, our past relationship has ended. The only thing left between us is hatred!

He had humiliated her, hurt Little Gray, and killed Jun Xin. She was going to make him pay for all of this!

"Sire, may I ask who you are?" After making that decision, Tang Doudou, who had been lost for several hours, finally snapped out of her despair. That person's voice seemed to float all around, so she hadn't been able to tell his voice came from. However, she could sense that he was in this room.

Once she said that she wanted revenge, that person disappeared like he had never existed.

Tang Doudou didn't think into it and just assumed it was a passerby.

She gently lowered Jun Xin, then lit the lamps in the room. Once the flickering flames stabilized, it lit the entire room up. Tang Doudou looked around and found that at the corner of the room, Grandma Shen had died with her eyes open.

The dagger was still in her chest.

Tang Doudou walked over and crouched down to pull the dagger out, but she couldn't help but find the open eyes creepy so she reached out to close her eyes. As she took in Grandma Shen's state, she sighed. "If you hadn't tried to snatch the revival pill, I wouldn't have killed you."

Actually, it was her first time really killing someone. However, there was no ripple in her heart. It was as if she had done this kind of thing countless times and had long already gotten used to it.

She also felt that Grandma Shen had brought this upon herself, so she had done nothing wrong in killing her.

However, no matter what, the person was already dead and the things of the past also faded with death like mist. Once she got back to the courtyard, she should send people here to collect Grandma Shen's corpse so that they could cremenate it along with the other three corpses.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to here, she reached out to move Grandma Shen away from the wall to lay her down. However, as she was setting Grandma Shen down, she saw something on the wall.

After setting Grandma Shen down, she walked over to examine it. Something seemed to be hidden in the wall. When she had been fighting with Grandma Shen earlier, Grandma Shen seemed to have moved purposefully in this direction. She had probably been planning to secretly take away what was in the wall.

Grandma Shen probably never imagined that Tang Doudou would actually manage to injure her with a kick and end her life without hesitation.

She no longer had any chances to come back here and take this away.

Tang Doudou crouched down at the corner and lightly scraped at the wall with the dagger. The lime covering that thing fell off easily and gradually revealed the concealed item.

It looked to be a sheet of parchment.

The reason she noticed it was because of the dark ash color of the parchment. It was very conspicuous even with a new layer of lime covering it.

She flicked away the last bit of lime covering the parchment and carefully pulled it out. After blowing away the leftover dust, she examined it under the light and found that it was a map. It looked faintly familiar, but she couldn't recall where she had seen it before.

The words were of the Wind Spirit Imperial Court so she couldn't understand it.

Since Grandma Shen had chosen to get this parchment out of everything in the room, it definitely wasn't an ordinary item, so she tucked it away in her chest. She then walked back and called Little Gray before pulling Jun Xin to a chair. She sat down by the table as well and stared into the flame for a while. Drowsiness abruptly hit her and she leaned onto the table in exhaustion.

"Little Gray, watch him for a while. I'm really sleepy…"

"Zizi…" replied Little Gray. She should hurry and sleep!

Tang Doudou slowly closed her eyes. Just as she was about to fall asleep, a surprised cry came from downstairs. "Grandma? Grandma Shen, have you come back? Why didn't you say anything if you've come back? Have you eaten yet? Why didn't you close the doors downstairs…"

Following that, there were sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs.

Someone had come!

But there were still two 'corpses' inside the room! Tang Doudou was startled awake and hastily ran to quietly close the door. She leaned against the door and listened as that voice got closer. "Grandma, are you asleep?"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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