Chapter 398.1: Wind Cloud Map

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Chapter 398.1: Wind Cloud Map

From the sound of things, this person knew Grandma Shen very well. If he found out that Grandma Shen was dead, there would probably be a huge disturbance. She already had her hands full and couldn't afford any more ore trouble. Hopefully Grandma Shen usually did her own things without paying attention to others so that the fact that she didn't open the door wouldn't arouse suspicion.

That person soon reached the door. "Grandma? Are you inside?


"Are you asleep?

"Why didn't you turn off the lights if you're going to sleep? Grandma, I have something to ask you. If you're not asleep, hurry and open the door."

He knocked on the door very loudly so it seemed like he had a pressing matter to ask Grandma Shen about. "Wake up ah! Grandma!"

"That's weird, why's there no reaction at all? Most of the time, even when she was asleep she'd wake up from the slightest noise. What's going on now?" That person stopped knocking and seemed to be deliberating over whether or not to ram the door open.

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. She couldn't let him ram the door. The door looked really flimsy and once he came in, it'd be difficult to get herself out of this situation!

"Could it be that something had happened?" That person muttered softly. He sounded about to ram the door.

"Grandma!" That person shouted again, "If you don't respond, I'm going in!"

Tang Doudou started worrying. she looked towards the nearby cabinet. Should she block the door with the cabinet?

That wouldn't do. If that person wasn't able to ram open the door, he'd definitely become even more suspicious and might try to go in through the window. There was no way she could block the window too, right?

However, she really hadn't expected for Grandma Shen to be so familiar with someone. She thought that Grandma Shen was the only one that stayed in this clinic.

There was no more sound from outside.

Tang Doudou knew that the person hadn't left and that he was pressing his ear against the door to listen for sounds. After becoming certain, he started ramming the door without any more hesitation.

Tang Doudou was caught unprepared and staggered back due to the force of the blow. There ended up being the sound of a footstep in the quiet room.

Oh no!

"Grandma, you are inside? Why didn't you say anything?" Although that person hadn't been able to ram down the door, he heard the sound of footsteps and immediately said in an annoyed tone, "I need to talk to you about an important manner. Hurry up and open the door!"

Tang Doudou backed away to Jun Xin's side and carried him to the window. She glanced outside, then estimated Jun Xin's weight. She turned towards Little Gray and whispered, "Little Gray, I'm going to carry Jun Xin. Can you follow on your own?"

Little Gray didn't say anything and just nodded solemnly. Following that, he handed something to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou glanced down and saw that it was the jade skull. She now had some guesses as to what was behind Little Gray's recovery, but this wasn't the time to ask so she just accepted the skull. Since that person was still ramming on the door, she hastily lifted Jun Xin and jumped out the window. However, before she could do anything else, there was an exceptionally loud boom. The door had been rammed open.

Tang Doudou hastily shifted Jun Xin to her back and with a light jump, leaped onto the roof.

"Grandma!" Just as she landed on the roof, a startled cry came from within the room.

She looked down and saw a person poke his head out of the window. "Dammit! That person is definitely still nearby!"

"They had actually killed a weak, helpless old lady, how loathsome!" That person hit the window angrily, then continued with a self-blaming tone. "If I hadn't gone to Flowing Clouds Manor to see Yu er, nothing would've happened to Grandma!"

The words Flowing Clouds Manor made Tang Doudou stop in her tracks and she crouched down to continue listening.

However, this was all that the person said about Flowing Clouds Manor. He then went on to sigh and lament about Grandma Shen's pitiful death. After saying a lot of stuff, he then started rummaging through the room but didn't find anything. However, he did manage to smash a lot of Grandma Shen's bottles.

"Why isn't it here?" That person was looking for something.

"That's not possible. Gongzi told me that Grandma Shen had it."

After he said that, he started searching in the room again. Suddenly, his footsteps stopped. It seemed like he had found something because his breathing became chaotic, then there was the sound of an abrupt boom. The person snarled angrily, "Who!? Who exactly was it that snatched the wind cloud map first!? Dammit!"

Wind cloud map?

That thing on the parchment?

Tang Doudou quietly set Jun Xin down. Her intuition told her that this person would give her an incredible surprise. However, at the same time, she couldn't help but find this weird. He had remarked out loud when he entered the room that she was probably still nearby, but he hadn't bothered to come out and chase after her. All he did was glance out the window before going back inside to start searching.

It was clear that although he verbally lamented Grandma Shen's death, in reality, he had been waiting for her to die so that he could get ahold of the wind cloud map.

And now he was outraged that someone else had taken the wind cloud map, so the map was probably his motive from the start.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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