Chapter 403.2: Asking for the Person

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 403.2: Asking for the Person

Tang Doudou nodded like a little chick, then lifted her face to look at him tearfully. "What took you so long? I… Jun Xin, Jun Xin he…"

"Ah Xin? What happened to him?" Baili Yu hugged Tang Doudou as he walked through the air, creating flowers with every step. He looked like a celestial, a god, as he walked through the air. Everyone stared in amazement. They had expected him to appear, but they couldn't help but feel shocked because this timing was too perfect.

The heads of the four families shared a look, then moved into position without a word to block off the mysterious person's routes of escape.

The mysterious person seemed surprised by Baili Yu's arrival and soon moved to retreat, only to find that he was blocked in. His aura changed and he throw the corpses he had been carrying to the side, then seem to fade into the surroundings.

Baili Yu's arrival immediately broke off all of Baili Yiling's confused thoughts. She glanced at the mysterious person again and only felt that the mysterious person was very strange. Then she ran towards Baili Yu. "Big Brother, you're finally here!"

After that initial excitement passed, Tang Doudou also quickly calmed down. She was worried that the mysterious person would take advantage of this chance to escape so she looked over to check the situation, only to find that the heads of the families truly were strong. While everyone else had been distracted by Baili Yu's appearance, they had already cut off all the mysterious person's roads of escape. She felt much more assured and was just about to loosen a breath in relief when she saw that the mysterious person's figure stiffened when he heard Baili Yiling call Baili Yu Big Brother.

Suspicion filled her eyes. She rose to her tiptoes and quickly whispered something in Baili Yu's ear, then had him release her.

"I never thought that so many things would happen in just two days. I thought that you'd temporarily be safe with Ah Xin at your side. It was my neglectance. Fortunately you're alright." Baili Yu's eyes narrowed slightly and flashed with dangerous light. He hadn't wanted to leave Tang Doudou, but the incident this time came up too suddenly and he had no choice but to make a trip himself. He had been planning to get back by today morning, but on the way, an unexpected incident occurred. He had found it strange at that time, but from the looks of things now, it had probably been someone else's deliberate plan.

The Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms still hadn't vanished. The people that knew how dangerous these beautiful petals actually were backed away warily. The mysterious person and the heads of the four families almost simultaneously created a hazy aura of light with their inner strength to block the petals.

However, as Baili Yu walked closer, the light became useless.

"I thought that you'd never come back in this lifetime." Baili Yu stopped about ten steps away from the light and said this slowly.

Everyone looked at each other in surprise. Baili Yu knew this person?

Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling were confused too. They shared a look, then walked over. Tang Doudou stopped next to Baili Yu and asked quietly, "You know him?"

"En. It's not just that I know him." Baili Yu smiled towards her. His eyes were dazzling. "This one has a slightly excessive request, but this one hopes that Alliance Head will permit it."


Tang Doudou glanced at him in confusion. It had been a long time since he had last addressed her as Alliance Head. He seemed to dislike her status as the martial arts alliance head and had always been trying to get her out of this role.

So she couldn't help but find it weird when he suddenly addressed her this way.

As she spaced out, everyone had turned to look towards her strangely.

She soon came back to her senses. She glanced towards Baili Yu's bewitching eyes, then coughed before saying, "Baili gongzi, there's no harm in saying it."

Baili Yu stopped smiling but his tone continued to contain hints of a smile. "Wonder if Alliance Head could show consideration for this one's face and hand this person over to me?"

His words caused everyone present to explode. Had Baili Yu gone crazy? Or was he unaware of how important this person was to them?

The moment he came, he requested to take this person away? Did he know what price they had paid to capture him? How much sweat and pain?

Tang Doudou was also pretty confused and couldn't figure out what Baili Yu was thinking. In her opinion, there was no problem with handing this person over to Baili Yu and she also believed that Baili Yu would be able to deal with this person well. However, that couldn't be done in this current situation. Moreover, if she wasn't the alliance head, she wouldn't have the right to decide what is done with this person.

When Baili Yu saw her hesitation, he didn't push her and just looked at her quietly.

Tang Doudou finally looked up again. She glanced towards the crowd and found that everyone was looking at her and waiting for her answer.

Would she give this person to the masters of the four large families, leave it to the martial arts alliance, or agree to Baili Yu's request?

"Apologies, Baili gongzi, this person… I can't hand him over to you." Tang Doudou finally responded. She didn't dare to look at Baili Yu. This was the first time he had ever requested something of her, but this was the way she had responded. Were her actions too businesslike?

However, Baili Yu showed no displeasure at her reply and his eyes actually filled with satisfaction. "It was this one that was rude."

"However, if Baili gongzi truly has need of this person, after the masters of the four large families and the martial arts alliance question him, if everyone agrees to hand this person over to you, I will have no objections with that." Tang Doudou glanced towards the masters of the four families as she made this suggestion.

This was because she felt that Baili Yu wouldn't ask for a person out of the blue, so this person was probably very important to him. In addition, based on what he said earlier, he knew this person, but it wasn't a friendly relationship. Hence, Baili Yu definitely hadn't requested for this person to save him.


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