Chapter 404.1: The Child Can't Be Saved Anymore

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 404.1: The Child Can't Be Saved Anymore

The people present were actually quite satisfied with Tang Doudou's words. The fact that she had been able to make such a decision despite the situation she was in was already pretty difficult. However, the fact that they were alright was it wasn't enough. The masters of the four families also had to agree.

After all, they were the ones that started this.

As this thought occurred to them, they turned to look towards the masters of the families.

Tang Doudou also looked over. The only person that didn't was Baili Yu. He continued staring at the mysterious person with unreadable intentions.

The masters of the four families looked at each other and in the end, Bai Luoqing took the initiative to speak. She laughed delicately, then said, "Alliance Head's suggestion is perfect. As long as Baili gongzi is willing to wait, we have no objections."

Xiao Qian also spoke sternly, "I have no objections either, but I hope that Baili gongzi will return him to us after you finish. If we don't kill this person, countless people wouldn't be able to rest in peace! This old man also will not be able to die at ease!"

Of everyone present, Xiao Qian had the most hatred for this person since Xiao Ziyu had been his only grandson. As of now, he was already past seventy. It wasn't possible for him to have another son, so it can be said that the mysterious person had cut off his line of descendants.

Upon hearing this, everyone nodded. They felt that this request was reasonable. That person had killed so many people, he naturally deserved to die.

However, Baili Yu stopped smiling and said, "You guys can't kill him."

This sentence caused everyone to stir. Xiao Qian furrowed his brows. "Baili gongzi means to protect this person's life?"

Baili Yu's tone was firm. "Yes."

Countless questions and denouncements instantly drowned out any more discussion. Tang Doudou also glanced towards Baili Yu strangely and whispered, "Big evil spirit, are you alright? Are you really going to protect this person?"

If you wanted to protect him, you could've just secretly snuck in to rescue him, why say it openly? Wasn't this asking for hatred?

Baili Yu glanced down and smiled at her apologetically. "Wife, I've troubled you, but this person can't die for the time being, so…"

Right after he said that, his figure quickly moved and he arrived right in front of that person. A trace of harsh red appeared in his jade-like palm. With a streak of red light, countless bursts of blood created red flowers on that person's body. The person screamed in pain, then collapsed to the ground. Baili Yu had destroyed all his limbs and meridians in the blink of an eye.

"Baili Yu! I'm going to kill you!" That person screamed in hatred.

Baili Yu's expression didn't change at all during the course of all of this. He lifted his hand and blew off the blood on Blood Satan, then elegantly put it away. Afterwards, he kicked the person with a smile and said coldly, "I've already waited seven entire years for you to kill me, but you still weren't able to. You weren't able to kill me before and you still won't be able to do so in the future."

That person was so angered by these words that he coughed blood, but he didn't reply.

Things had happened too quickly. Everything seemed to have occured in the blink of an eye. By the time they looked over, Baili Yu was already stepping on that person. Black ash was all around them, but strangely there was no ash on Baili Yu's crimson garment.

At this time, a trace of deep fear also flashed through the eyes of the family heads. Baili Yu was seriously too strong, strong to the point that they hadn't even been able to see how he attacked. How had he managed to destroy a person's meridians so completely in the blink of an eye?

Even though they had worked together, it had still been very difficult for them to fight against the mysterious person, but the moment Baili Yu showed up, the mysterious person became like this. In addition, this was when Baili Yu was being merciful.

If he hadn't had mercy, then this person would be dead right now.

Baili Yu's action shocked everyone. After he did this, the earlier shouts of accusations and confusion instantly disappeared.

Tang Doudou was also pretty shocked. She hadn't expected for Baili Yu to use such brute force and rubbed her chin contemplatively. She glanced over at Baili Yiling and recalled her earlier guess.

Who exactly was this person?

She had no idea who he was before, but after how Baili Yiling reacted earlier, she got a slight inkling. Baili Yu's action made her even more certain of the guess.

She retrieved her thoughts and looked around to gauge the situation. Just as she was about to speak to ease the atmosphere, she saw a white figure appear and rush towards her.

Before she even had a chance to react, a cold hand had already landed on her slender neck. She felt the frightening aura of death. She had no doubt that if she moved in the slightest, this hand would immediately snap her neck!

"Bai Feiyun!"

"Bai gongzi, what are you doing?"

"Bai gongzi, that's the alliance head! Are you misunderstanding something?"

Tang Doudou had guessed that Bai Feiyun had come back when she saw the white figure, but she hadn't expected him to actually choose to have a public falling out with her at this time. She hadn't expected him to threaten her either. The only possible reason she could think of was that he was also aiming for that mysterious person.

He had definitely seized her to threaten Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou was already starting to hate Bai Feiyun. His current action just infuriated her more, but she didn't dare to casually make a move. However, she couldn't make any sounds at all with how hard he was grabbing her.

While everyone was still stunned by Bai Feiyun's action, he quickly whispered into her ear, "Have Baili Yu hand that person over to the heads of the four families."

His tone was warm as always, but Tang Doudou, who had seen through his fake manner, could hear the menace in this voice.

She indicated with her eyes for him to release her so that she could speak.

Bai Feiyun gave her a warning glance, then slowly released her and looked towards Baili Yu. His gentle eyes contained strong, concealed murderous intent.

Baili Yu looked back at him without any changes in expression and there was still a faint smile hovering about his lips. "What does Bai gongzi mean by this?"

Bai Feiyun didn't speak and just glanced at Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou could only say, "Baili Yu, hand the person over to the masters of the four families, alright?"

Baili Yu seemed surprised. "So Bai gongzi also wants this person?"

Then his words took a turn. "Are you certain?"

Bai Feiyun lowered his eyes and looked towards the confused audience and said, "Baili gongzi and Alliance Head are deeply in love. Baili gongzi definitely wouldn't want to lose Alliance Head just because of some insignificant person, right?"

Everyone abruptly realized what he was doing.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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