Chapter 404.2: The Child Can't Be Saved Anymore

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 404.2: The Child Can't Be Saved Anymore

But if Baili Yu refused to hand the person over, would Bai Feiyun actually kill Tang Doudou?

He soon answered everyone's unspoken question. "Of course, there's no way I would harm Alliance Head. However, I do have a drug called oblivion…" (Makes you forget about the person you love/erases your feelings, I think.)

"Oblivion?" Baili Yu's expression finally changed and gradually turned dark. "Why would you possess that?"

"There's no need for Baili gongzi to know. Baili gongzi only needs to say whether you agree or not!" Bai Feiyun's tone remain unchanged.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but wonder what oblivion was.

Why did Baili Yu react so seriously when he heard about this?

She heaved a long sigh. From the looks of things, Bai Feiyun had gotten the advantage this time.

Although he had said that he wouldn't hurt her, she knew that if Baili Yu refused to hand the person over, he would definitely kill her.

When her thoughts got to this point, she couldn't help but feel sad. Why was a person's heart so complicated. Everything he did for her in the past seemed to be sincere, so why did his attitude completely change in the blink of an eye?

The hardest thing in the world to understand was a person's heart.

She finally understood the meaning of this sentence.

"Let her go," said Baili Yu. He moved his foot off that person and started walking over.

The moment he moved, the masters of the four families walked towards the mysterious person.

Bai Feiyun didn't go back on his word. After Baili Yu handed over the person, he released Tang Doudou. However, just as Tang Doudou was feeling that it was strange he had released her so easily, she felt pain on the back of her nape like an ant had bit her. She reflexively reached back to feel but didn't find anything.

Baili Yu was walking towards her and she hadn't found anything wrong with her neck, so she walked up without thinking about it much. However, when she reached Baili Yu, her eyes blurred and she couldn't see him clearly. She rubbed her eyes, but her vision wouldn't clear up.

Baili Yu noticed that something was off with her and hastily caught her. "Doudou?"

Tang Doudou could faintly hear someone calling her name, but it seemed to come from very far away. She couldn't tell who it was at all.

Baili Yiling finally ran over. When she saw that Tang Doudou looked strange, she grabbed Tang Doudou's wrist to check her pulse. Her expression changed drastically and she cried out in alarm. "Big Brother! Sister-in-Law has gotten poisoned! The child, the child can't be saved!"

"What!?" The moment Baili Yu heard this, his face also turned as pale as paper. He immediately lifted Tang Doudou and started shouting, "Qing Yu, Qing He, come out! Ye Chuan, go find Cang Baicao. Quick!"

The chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin seemed to instantly appear. Baili Yu rushed straight into the palanquin, then the maids lifted the carriage and disappeared just as suddenly as they had arrived. The large group of hidden guards dressed in black in the distance also vanished.

Of course, they took Baili Yiling as well.

Everyone was too stunned to take in everything that had just happened. By the time they came back to their senses, everything was gone as if it had never happened.

Some people were quietly discussing these things. "Who would've thought that Alliance Head was pregnant? She came to help us catch the mysterious person even though she was pregnant, that's really…"

"Who exactly was it that poisoned her? How could he do something like that to a pregnant woman? He seriously has no conscience!"

"Bai gongzi seemed to be the only one with Alliance Head just now."

"Watch your words, how could it be Bai gongzi?"

"That's right, there's no way it can be Bai gongzi. It must be someone else. It might be that mysterious person's companion. Since he can conceal himself, his companions probably can too!"

"Wonder if Alliance Head will be able to make it back…"

As everyone was discussing this, Bai Feiyun had already made his way over to stand with the heads of the four families. Elder Yu and the others had also walked over with him. They glanced worriedly towards the direction Baili Yu had left in. They hadn't expected that Tang Doudou had come to help them even though she was pregnant.

It was no wonder she had said that she was recuperating in Azure Water Valley. It was no wonder why she hadn't come out even though they had waited for so long.

Now that they thought about it, they had probably misunderstood her a lot.

Bai Feiyun was the only who didn't seem concerned. He walked to the mysterious person and reached out. His voice was slightly dark as he said, "Let's see who exactly you are that you were able to make Baili Yu rush back here from so far away to save you."

However, he concealed that darkness very deeply so his voice sounded mild as usual to everyone. Still, they found his words strange.

How come Bai Feiyun knew that Baili Yu had rushed back from far away? And that it had been to save this person?

Baili Yu had just broken this person's meridians! How did that resemble saving in this slightest?


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