Chapter 405.1: Too Cruel

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Chapter 405.1: Too Cruel

Inside the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, Baili Yu anxiously watched over Tang Doudou who had already fallen unconscious. He clenched his fists even harder, not even feeling it when his nails dug into his palms.

He had already sealed the poison that had been running rampant in Tang Doudou's body. For the time being, the poison wouldn't affect the fetus. However, the poison was ferocious. He only had one day. If he couldn't find Cang Baicao within one day and cure this poison, then the child really couldn't be saved.

He knew who it was that did this, but he didn't have the time to do anything about it. He had to hurry and bring her back to Azure Water Valley.

Although Cang Baicao wasn't there, Azure Water Valley still had a lot of medicinal texts. Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were very familiar with the library and could help him find related texts. If he worked fast, he might be able to find the cure before Cang Baicao came back.

He instantly made the best plans. However, he wasn't aware of the fact that Azure Water Valley had gone through great changes and Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were already dead. It was impossible to find the cure in a short amount of time in the expansive library.

"Doudou, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have left you alone!" Baili Yu's heart hurt to the point he could barely breathe. Although this poison didn't directly target Tang Doudou, she was linked to the fetus so it would definitely have some impact on her. In addition, she definitely wouldn't be able to accept the fact that the child was gone when she woke up.

At that time, he wouldn't be able to face her either. If he couldn't even protect his own child, how could he be called a husband, a father?

He'd be a failure!

"Master! We've arrived in Azure Water Valley! Please hurry and come out." Qing Yu spoke, panting slightly.

Baili Yu carried Tang Doudou out of the palanquin and jumped directly over the wall. When he got to the room, he kicked down the tightly sealed door and walked quickly to the bed to set her down.

Qing Yu and Qing He followed him in. "Master, Ye Chuan has already left to find Cang Baicao!"

"I got it. Go find Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren!"

"Understood!" The two left, but Qing Yu soon returned.

Her expression was a little flustered and she didn't curtsy. She got directly to the point. "Master, we didn't find Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren."

"You couldn't find them?" Baili Yu's voice was filled with displeasure and a hint of anger.

Qing Yu had never heard him react with such emotion and trembled slightly. "There's no one in the entirety of Azure Water Valley!"

Baili Yu only realized that something was off when he heard this. He got up and asked, "You've searched everywhere?"

"We have. We didn't let a single place pass by."

"You found nothing?"

"No, the locked library had a large amount of bloodstains and…" Qing Yu paused.


"Understood!" Qing Yu lowered her head and said, "And there's two memorial tablets with the characters Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren."

Baili Yu's expression changed drastically. "You're saying that Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren are already dead?"

"Yes. This subordinate also found two new tombstones outside the valley with the same names."

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were dead?

No matter how calm Baili Yu tended to be, he was still affected by this news. His expression became a lot more grim as he said, "Go gather all the hidden guards. Have them search the library and gather all the books that are related to pregnancy… Also, send a secret order for all the hidden spies to take note of where Cang Baicao has gone. The moment he's discovered, send him back to Azure Water Valley. No matter what methods must be used, bring him back before nightfall!"

"Understood!" Baili Yu hadn't mobilized all his power despite everything that happened, but now, for this child, he was going to use everything at his disposal. Once this movement started, it wouldn't stop again. This wasn't just for the sake of protecting his child, he was also going to get rid of all the people that threatened his child and Tang Doudou!

When Qing Yu saw the vicious look in her master's eyes, she quickly withdraw. She couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the cold sweat that was soaking through her clothes and quickly sent out Baili Yu's orders. Then she started working as well and repeatedly made trips to bring the books that were found to Baili Yu.

Baili Yu rapidly read through all of them, but book after book were thrown to the ground.

No! Not this! Not this either! It wasn't anywhere!

Finally, he hurled the book he was holding to the ground. Baili Yiling who had just walked in was given a huge fright.

"Big Brother?" Baili Yiling glanced towards Baili Yu who was sitting next to the bed. When she saw that his eyes were frightfully bloodshot, her voice was tentative as she called out to him.

At this point, Baili Yu was agitated by any and all sound. He roared, "Scram!"

Baili Yiling felt a little hurt when she was yelled at, but she knew that he wasn't in a good mood so she suppressed her feelings of hurt and asked softly, "Big Brother, is Sister-in-Law alright?"

Baili Yu was irritated and wanted to shout at her again, but when he saw that she was carrying Little Gray, for some reason, he felt a little less irritated. "It's not good, it's very bad."

Tang Doudou's current situation really wasn't good. She didn't react to any sound and didn't seem to be aware of anything. With her eyes closed, if it weren't for the fact that she was still breathing and her heart was beating relatively stably, he would've thought that she was already dead.

Baili Yiling walked over. As she looked at Tang Doudou, an expression of hesitation flashed across her face.

"Yiling, I'm sorry about just now." Baili Yu knew that she was worried about Tang Doudou. When he recalled how he had yelled at her and how she had already suffered alone on Cerulean Mountain for so long, his eyes filled with regret.

Baili Yiling didn't mind. She was already very content to have a brother like this. He had continued looking for her for so many years and even took the risk of going to Cerulean Mountain to find her.

No one had ever cared about her this much. This was why she had become certain that this big brother was the best person in the world from the moment he came to look for her!

Baili Yu understood what she was thinking. However, in reality, he really didn't treat this younger sister that well. He hadn't even properly asked how she was doing even once. He didn't know if there was anything she needed or was unused to…

However, Baili Yiling's only wish was to help Baili Yu with something, so there was no way that she'd get angry just because he had shouted at her once.

She smiled sweetly. "It's fine, Big Brother. I know that you're just worried about Sister-in-Law."

She also walked over to the bed to look at Tang Doudou. After a moment, she said hesitantly, "Big Brother, Yiling has something that she's not sure if she should say."


"It regards the child in Sister-in-Law's belly."

Baili Yu sighed. "There's no need. I know what you mean. Yiling, nothing must happen to the child. Although your sister-in-law looks like she doesn't care about anything, in reality, she worries about a lot and views a lot of things as important. She always likes to keep everything to herself including her worries so that she doesn't seem weak. She shows her happiness on her face, but hides all of her sadness."

Baili Yiling agreed with him. Tang Doudou really was this kind of person. Even though she looked really free and unfettered, in reality, she cared a lot about people. If someone was good to her, she would immediately return that a hundred fold.

Even she didn't seem very concerned about her child, if she actually lost the child, she'd definitely be heartbroken.

They both understood this, so Big Brother definitely wouldn't agree to her suggestion.

When Baili Yiling's thoughts got to this point, she dropped that idea. She started telling him what she had learned from Jun Xin and Tang Doudou after she got here. When she got to the end, she glanced at Baili Yu, then said awkwardly, "Even though this isn't my place, Yiling still wants to say, Big Brother, once this matter is over, make Jun Xin stay away from Sister-in-Law!"

Baili Yu looked towards her in confusion. "Isn't Ah Xin already…"

"He is dead, but he came back to life again. We decided to keep the fact that he was alive secret in order to get the person who was behind all of this to become careless and show himself. That's why we tricked Sister-in-Law. He was worried that Sister-in-Law would let the fact that he was still alive slip."

"Where is he now?" asked Baili Yu.

"He said that he would follow us from the shadows."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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