Chapter 405.2: Too Cruel

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 405.2: Too Cruel

"When I headed over, I didn't notice any trace of him," said Baili Yu.

Baili Yiling's brows furrowed. "Big Brother, you mean?"

"Ah Xin won't do anything to harm Doudou. The person behind everything had probably shown himself so he went to follow. However, at his level of martial arts, he definitely won't be able to deal with that person. Yiling, take this and get in touch with the people of Wind Shadow and have them assist Ah Xin. You should go as well. Ah Xin tends to miss details, so help him keep an eye on that person. Remember, don't make any rash moves. Pass this message onto him as well. He'll understand."

After saying that, Baili Yu untied a jade whistle and passed it to her. "After you blow it, people of Wind Shadow will get in touch with you."

"Wind Shadow?" Baili Yiling accepted the whistle. "Is it Feng Long and the others?"

Baili Yu looked at her. "En, they are Feng Long's subordinates, but she's currently keeping an eye on Yun Hai in Huai City right now, so I'm handing these troops over to you for the time being."

Baili Yiling nodded. "Alright! Yiling definitely won't disappoint you!"

"No need to take on such a heavy responsibility. Just be careful and stay safe, got it?" exhorted Baili Yu.

However, it didn't go into Baili Yiling's ears at all. She had been wanting to help her brother out. Now that she finally had a chance, she had to get it done perfectly! If not, how could she come back to face him?

She left energetically, but Baili Yu didn't worry much. Although this little sister of his wanted to prove herself a little too much, she was still pretty clever.

Both she and Jun Xin weren't people that were easy to deal with. If something happened to them even though they were only shadowing the person, then that person's strength was definitely beyond his expectations.

Baili Yu then turned to look towards Tang Doudou again. He gently took her hand and said softly, "Doudou, don't be scared. This husband won't let anything happen to you."

Tang Doudou couldn't hear anything right now, but she was still conscious and could feel the situation in her body. She knew that she was on the brink of death and was very scared, but she didn't know what to do.

She wanted to cry out and find someone to help her, but no longer how she struggled, it felt like something was blocking her throat so she couldn't make any noise. Her eyelids also wouldn't respond.

What exactly was going on? How did this suddenly happen?

Did it have something to do with that ant bite? Was Bai Feiyun the one that did this to her? Why did he do that? Could it be that he actually hated her this much?

He hated her to the point that he wouldn't let off even an innocent child?

When the thought that she might lose the child occurred to her, that last bit of relunctance to hurt Bai Feiyun disappeared from her heart. Since he's already decided to become so ruthless towards her, she would no longer hold onto that past friendship either or the times that he had treated her well. The next time they met again, there would be nothing left but hatred!


Her thoughts came back to this point and she felt uncontrollable fear. Her heart clenched in unspeakable pain.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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