Chapter 406.2: Can't Be Cured

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Chapter 406.2: Can't Be Cured

The moment he felt her pulse, his facial color changed drastically and became completely white. He flung off Tang Doudou's hand and stood up. "How could it be this poison!? How's that possible? How…"

His repeated cries of disbelief were enough to show that this poison was going to be a problem.

His voice even became a little flustered.

"Senior Cang…"

"Don't talk!" Cang Baicao stopped Baili Yu's questions and started pacing around the room anxiously while muttering.

Baili Yu had pinned all of his hope on Cang Baicao, so although he was impatient, he had no choice but to remain silent as to not interrupt Cang Baicao's thoughts.

Finally, Cang Baicao stopped and stood in front of Baili Yu. His haggard face was filled with strong helplessness. Baili Yu's heart dropped. Could it be that even Cang Baicao couldn't do anything about this poison?

"I can't cure this poison!" Cang Baicao took in how Baili Yu's body trembled from shock when he heard this. After a moment, he continued, "But there's someone that can."

Hope reappeared in Baili Yu's eyes.

Cang Baicao said, "But there's not enough time."

"Isn't there anything that can slow the spread of the poison?"

"There isn't!" Cang Baicao shook his head firmly. When he saw the despair on Baili Yu's face, he hesitated, but still said, "Baili gongzi, there's something I'm not sure I should say."

Baili Yu was currently very flustered and vexed. If Cang Baicao wasn't capable of curing this poison, who would be able to cure it?

Bai Feiyun?

Would he help?

However, if he helped to cure this poison, wasn't that the same as admitting that he had poisoned her? He wasn't dumb enough to do that, so there was no way he'd agree to help.

The more Baili Yu thought about things, the more exasperated he got. However, he couldn't very take his anger out on Cang Baicao, so he just said, "Senior Cang, feel free to say it."

"En. Baili gongzi, remember what I said about the child last time?"

"Senior Cang means?"

"There will be more children, but if this poison remains in her body too long, no one can know for sure what will happen. You understand?"

Pain filled Baili Yu's eyes. "Isn't there any other way?"

But that was their first child!

Cang Baicao shook his head and continued taking Tang Doudou's pulse. "Think about it. You've suppressed the poison with your inner strength, so you have one day's time to consider."

Baili Yu looked at him, then slowly closed his eyes.

If there were any other ways, even if it required for him to make use of everything including his own life, he'd do it without hesitation to protect the mother and child. However, there was no way, so what could he do? In this moment, he actually felt so helpless. It was the first time he had ever felt helpless.

He walked outside dispiritedly. He really needed time to think about it.

Cang Baicao didn't stop him and allowed him to leave. Once he got far away, Cang Baicao's expression suddenly changed and a pill rolled out of his sleeve into his palm. He quickly fed it to Tang Doudou, so quickly that his movements were barely visible. When one looked again, his fingers were still on Tang Doudou's wrist and his eyes were mostly closed as if he was examining something.

Qing Yin, who was outside, saw this, but it had happened so quickly that she thought she saw wrong. She retrieved her gaze and continued guarding the door quietly.

Azure Water Valley, along with Baili Yu, sank into a deadlock.

Meanwhile, Baili Yiling, who had headed over with the Wind Shadow guards to find Jun Xin, had already arrived in North Hara City. It was already night, so she was exhausted. She talked with the leader of the Wind Shadow guards and had them go look for Jun Xin first. She was going to rest until midnight, then follow the signs that they left.

However, right after she entered the inn, the Wind Shadow guards came back.

"Why are you guys back here?"

"Replying Eldest Miss, we've discovered Young Master Jun's tracks!"

When Baili Yiling heard this, she immediately became more alert and hastily asked, "Where is he right now?"

The guard replied, "According to what we've found, Young Master Jun went to a high ranking official's residence, but we didn't find any trace of him inside."

"Maybe he's already left?"

"We didn't see any evidence that he left. He seemed to have disappeared in there."

"Are there any other information?"


"En, then you guys can withdraw. I'll call you if I need anything else."


The Wind Shadow guards left. Baili Yiling propped up her chin and thought about things for a while, then decided to go and take a look for herself.

She had witnessed the Wind Shadow guards' skill at tracking on her way here. If they've determined that Jun Xin had disappeared in that residence, then it was definitely true. However, the fact that a large man disappeared so suddenly just like that meant that there was definitely something up with that residence!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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