Chapter 407.1: Jun Xin Has Been Captured!

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Chapter 407.1: Jun Xin Has Been Captured!

Baili Yiling gathered up her things and left at night. She had already taken note of this city's layout and had also heard people mention the high official's residence, so it wasn't hard for her to find it.

She left the inn, passed through several streets, then arrived in front of the grand residence. The nights here were very quiet, so the high official's residence was also completely still. From time to time, there would be the sound of orderly footsteps, probably from the night patrol. There was no one at the entrance, so she hid herself behind one of the stone lions at the entrance.

The residence was quiet and looked completely normal.

Baili Yiling didn't find it strange. Most of the time, if nothing looked wrong on the surface, then there actually existed a huge problem. She should hurry and find a way in!

Just as she was thinking this, she suddenly heard a creak. The doors of the high official's residence's had opened and a bunch of people in masks came out with a large chest. They left the residence and headed towards the east of the city.

Baili Yiling considered things for a moment, then followed them. They had sneakily left the residence in the middle of the night with such a large box so they definitely weren't up to anything good. That box was large enough to fit a person or two. Could it be that Jun Xin was also in a box?

Those people walked very quickly so Baili Yiling almost lost them several times. However, there weren't many people out and about at night, which made things easier. Since those people were heading towards the east, they were probably planning to leave the city. When this occurred to her, she took a different path to wait for them at the city gates. As she had predicted, not long after she arrived, she saw that procession of people quickly leave the city. The guards didn't say anything and just allowed them through. From the looks of it, they've already done this many times.

Baili Yiling was only distracted for a moment, but they soon disappeared from sight.

Based on how fast those people walked, if she delayed things any longer, she wouldn't be able to find them again.

She snuck over to the bottom of the city wall and looked up. It was too high for her to scale. It seemed that she had to figure out a way to get through the guards.

Usually, guards would change shifts and it was about time for one change of shifts. Maybe there would be a chance to sneak out then.

Just as she was thinking this, the city gates opened and a group of guards walked in to swap places with some of the guards inside the city. The swap happened very quickly. Baili Yiling started to panic when she saw this. There had been no chance to sneak out at all.

"Do I just go for it?" Baili Yiling gritted her teeth. Although it'd cause a disturbance and would also attract a lot of trouble, when it occurred to her that something may have happened to Jun Xin and that she had promised Big Brother she'd take care of this well, she gathered up her guts and prepared to rush out. However, right at this moment, she saw a guard walk towards her. Could it be that she had been discovered? She quickly hid in the shadows again. Then she saw that the guard continued walking until he reached the corner. So he was here to relieve himself. When she realized that, she laughed craftily and looked around. She then picked up a large wooden stick and walked over quietly.


The guard collapsed. He seemed to have been in the middle of relieving himself. Would being suddenly stopped in the middle end up affecting a certain part of his body? As Baili Yiling entertained these slightly malicious thoughts, she quickly took off the guard's armor.

"Ma Er, are you done yet? I'm waiting to go home so that I can sleep with the ladies!" Since it was night and the entrance of the city was a turn away from here, the situation on this side wasn't visible. That person just called out for Ma Er to hurry up, then headed back to joke with the rest of the guards.

This shout reminded Baili Yiling of the fact that these people definitely knew the guard. Her figure was way too different from that of this guard's. If she walked out like this, she would immediately be discovered, so she squeezed her throat and shouted, "Aiyoh, I ate too much at dinner, I have diarrhea now. Why don't you guys head back first!?"

"Aiy, maybe your wife drugged your food so that she could sneak out to meet with another man… Haha…" The person that had shouted the first time spoke again. After saying that, he even turned to the person next to him and said, "It seems like it's pretty bad, even his voice changed."

"Hehe, then bro, we'll be leaving first. Have fun waiting for the pain!" An ingratiating voice appeared. Baili Yiling was almost about to clap for him. This bro spoke right in time, hurry and leave!

That coarse voice appeared again. "It's you that's tired of waiting, isn't it? Haha, but you're right. We won't wait anymore!"

"Ma Er, we're leaving first. You should really hurry up, otherwise your wife really will go look for another man…" Following that, Baili Yiling heard the sound of shuffling footsteps. After that sound faded, she poked her head out. Since that group has left, then this group probably didn't know Ma Er. All she could do was pray that luck was with her. After waiting for some time, she clutched her stomach and limped over to the city gates to leave.

Since she was hunched over and covering her stomach, it was harder to make out her figure. Then there was the fact that it was currently night. The new guards at the gates laughed. "That sure was an amazing dump, huh? Bro, you alright?"

Baili Yiling squeezed her throat and faked fatigue. "Once this daddy gets back, if it really was that woman's doing, then this daddy won't let her off!"

"What can you do like this? You can barely walk! Watch out and don't end up getting beaten by your wife!" The guard joked in reply as he opened the gates. "Take care!"

Baili Yiling was anxious, but she had to pretend to walk slowly. Just as she was about to walk out, another guard's voice appeared behind her. "Wait!"

"This brother, what's wrong?" Baili Yiling glanced at the gates that were right there and suppressed the impatience and helplessness in her heart as she turned back around.

A guard walked over while pinching his nose. "Did you see anything strange over there earlier?"

When Baili Yiling didn't speak, he thought that she didn't understand and said in an annoyed tone, "Basically, did you see anything suspicious?"

"Oh… Aah!" Baili Yiling squeezed her stomach with both arms in a show of pain. "I… I can't take it anymore. B… Bro, can I relieve myself then tell you?"

That guard, as expected, looked at her with disgust, then said, "Go! Hurry and go!"

Baili Yiling reacted like she had been granted amnesty and rushed out. She turned a corner to a slightly concealed location, then swiftly took off the heavy armor. After taking a moment to figure out the directions, she started heading towards the outskirts of the city.

That guard waited for a long time. When Baili Yiling didn't return, he went to take a look and discovered a pile of armor on the ground. He immediately realized that he had been tricked and ran back to report to his superior.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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