Chapter 409.1: Five Day's Time

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Chapter 409.1: Five Day's Time

Baili Yiling recognized this thing. It was called rosemary and was a very strong knockout drug. By putting it inside the candle and slowly burning it, it'd cause a person to become drowsy without even realizing that they were under the effects of a drug.

Although this was tasteless and colorless as it burned, there was just one fatal weakness to it that most people didn't know. Candles that had rosemary mixed in would burn slightly blue. The blue would be so faint that it was almost imperceptible.

If you weren't aware that rosemary was being used and didn't examine the flame specifically for that trace of blue, you wouldn't notice it at all.

It was very difficult to obtain this drug. The only reason she knew of this drug was because she had already suffered at its hands before. Back then, she had only been saved because Grandpa Gui arrived just in time. After that incident, Grandpa Gui taught her about all the types of knockout drugs and their special traits. Since she had fallen for this drug before, she was especially sensitive to it.

The fact that the master of the manor used this against her, or more precisely, used this in the guest rooms, meant that this manor was definitely hiding something!

When Baili Yiling's thoughts got to this point, she became a little stirred up. She might really be able to find some important information here about the person that was behind all of this!

Big Brother, just wait for my good news!

In Azure Water Valley.

Baili Yu had a jar of rice wine and was drinking cup after cup like it was water. His peach blossom eyes were even deeper than the color of the night. They were slightly narrowed, but also hazy. The cool moonlight seemed to freeze his crimson robe, causing the normally fiery color to look exceptionally cold.

Another cup went down. He looked up at the bright moon. How was he supposed to choose?

Choosing to give up on his own child, how was that any different from killing his child with his own hands? How then, would he be any different from that insane father of his?

Every night, he would dream of the past. Those vivid buried memories would always make him despair. That time, he had only been a few years old, but he had to watch as his brothers and sisters died one by one next to him…

Blood, rotting flesh, and those disgusting bugs all over them… over him. That memory lingered in his mind.

Even after so many years had passed, he still couldn't forget the terror that he had felt back then, the numb despair… Those people that died were sisters in which the same blood as his had flowed. Back then, he had wondered why the person they called father was so cruel, so heartless as to treat his own children this way?

Where were their mothers?

Why didn't anyone come to save them?

They wanted to live! That was the only desire in everyone's eyes, live… but gradually, even that faded. Their eyes turned dim and dull, then they died, until he was the only one left.

If he chose to allow the poison to spread in Tang Doudou's body, would that child have the same thought as he did back then?

Why were his parents so cruel?

A child that was near seven months old, if developing properly, would already be able to hear their parent's words and would kick his mother's stomach in joy… Did he already have a consciousness?

Wouldn't death be too cruel to him?

Right after coming to this world, before even having a chance to see it, he'd leave...

Baili Yu abruptly grabbed the pot of wine and poured it into his mouth. He couldn't bring himself to think about what came next!


After several swallows, he abruptly threw the pot to the ground and staggered towards Tang Doudou's room. Qing Yin saw him from a distance away and walked up to support him, but he pushed her away.


Baili Yu ignored her and pushed open the door. His eyes were completely red. "Senior Cang!"

The smell of alcohol filled the room. Cang Baicao was already on the brink of panicking because he had been inspecting the poison in Tang Doudou's body and could feel it slowly spreading. When he turned, he saw Baili Yu stagger over with complete despair in his eyes.

"You! Why did you drink so much!?" Cang Baicao's expression turned stern. How could he be in the mood to drink in this sort of time? Didn't he know that alcohol just intensified worries? It wasn't like Baili Yu was a normal person, how could he not understand this?

Cang Baicao wouldn't understand. Even though Baili Yu wasn't an ordinary person, in front of his own wife, he was just a normal man that would feel pain and worry.

Alcohol helped clear up his thoughts. It was just that he had never drunk it in the past because he had never felt that he needed his thoughts to be clearer!

Baili Yu grabbed Cang Baicao's hand. "Senior Cang, trust me, I'll definitely protect the child! I will!"

"You're saying drunk words. I already told you clearly that this poison can't be cured! If you make a decision earlier, I can still help you protect this girl properly. After tomorrow, once the poison flares up, not only will the child be done for, this girl will also suffer huge damage. After all, this child is already quite big!" Cang Baicao spoke to Baili Yu sternly, "You had better think properly about what to do! Don't cause yourself a bigger loss due to hesitating over loss! At that time, this old man won't bother to care!"

Baili Yu said hoarsely with a bitter smile, "Doctors have the hearts of parents. Senior Cang, don't you find the child pitiful? He's completely innocent!"

Cang Baicao's expression changed and he looked towards Baili Yu in surprise. It was only now that he felt there was something off with Baili Yu. "Baili Yu, you've drunk too much. Although this child is innocent, what's happened has already happened. As a doctor, if I can't save everyone, I have to save the patient with the highest chance of survival!"

Baili Yu didn't continue speaking. Even if he did, Senior Cang wouldn't understand. He wasn't willing to share with anyone those things that he had buried in the depths of his heart.

He smiled, then dropped to his knees in front of Cang Baicao.

Cang Baicao jumped up in shock and looked at Baili Yu in confusion. "What do you mean by this?"

Baili Yu's voice returned to its usual calm. He lifted his head and said slowly, "I know that you definitely have a way to suppress the poison. Give me three days. I'll bring the rootless grass back in three days."

"Wh-what did you say?" Cang Baicao's expression became filled with joy. "You can find the rootless grass?"

"Senior Cang, please help Doudou. Only three days, I only need three days!" Baili Yu didn't directly answer Cang Baicao's question and just lowered his head to kowtow towards Cang Baicao.

However, Cang Baicao didn't allow him to kowtow. He truly couldn't take this honor. He hastily helped Baili Yu up. "I agree, get up first!"

"You're right, I do have a way to suppress the poison. I've already fed her the vitals protection pill. It can protect her and the fetus for five days." After helping Baili Yu up, Cang Baicao took in his extremely haggard look and dim eyes, then shook his head. "However, if you don't come back in five days, I'll follow my original plan and force an abortion."

Baili Yu hadn't expected for him to have already fed Tang Doudou the vitals protection pill. If he had a way, why did he say that earlier?

Cang Baicao saw his confusion and sighed. "From the start, this fetus isn't normal. In my opinion, it can't be kept. However, both you and Tang Doudou were so adamant about keeping it, so it wasn't really the place of an outsider like me to say anything. That's why I left the valley. However, I never expected for something like this to happen after I left. Perhaps it's just Heaven's will!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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