Chapter 409.2: Five Day's Time

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 409.2: Five Day's Time

Baili Yu was silent. What Heaven's will? He had never believed in that. Since he got Cang Baicao's promise and had five day's time, he had to hurry and set out. Finding rootless grass wasn't an easy task.

The only thing he was worried about was, once he left, without a single strong person in Azure Water Valley, what if there was an intruder…

Cang Baicao seemed to see his apprehensions since he laughed lightly while stroking his beard. "Don't worry, this valley of mine isn't open to just anyone. After all, if anyone could enter, wouldn't my doorstep already have been trampled flat?"

Baili Yu was still hesitant. If Azure Water Valley was capable of keeping out martial art experts, Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi wouldn't have died.

He had taken a look at the library earlier and seen those blade marks on the bookshelves. The person that killed Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren had martial arts comparable to his.

He would still win in a direct confrontation, but if he left, there wouldn't be anyone in Azure Water Valley that was a match for that person.

"You don't trust me?" Cang Baicao had lived for a long time so he was able to see through what Baili Yu was thinking with one glance. His expression turned displeased and he asked again, "Oh that's right, where did you put my Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi? I haven't seen them since I came back. The only reason you guys were able to come in and out of Azure Water Valley freely was because I didn't set up the traps. After you leave, I'll have Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi set up all the traps. Even if the traps don't manage to keep the intruders out, there's still the poison smoke that I personally created. There's not many people in the world that can stand up to that. I've already put things this way, are your worries at ease now?"

Baili Yu glanced at him. He was a lot less worried. Although those two things wouldn't be able to stop the intruder if he chose to come, it would hinder him for a couple days. He just had to find the rootless grass and come back as quickly as possible.

However, when Cang Baicao mentioned Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren, he hesitated for a while before finally telling Cang Baicao about their deaths.

Although he had been tactful about it, Cang Baicao was angered to the point that his face turned white. "Who, who did it!?"

Something flashed through Baili Yu's eyes when he saw how astonished Cang Baicao was. "I don't know who did it. When I got back, it was my subordinates that found their memorial tablets in the library. Their graves are outside the valley. Based on how new they were, it was probably Doudou that buried them."

"The library?" Something seemed to occur to Cang Baicao because his face became even paler and he walked straight towards the library.

Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou, then at Cang Baicao. Even though he was still a little worried, he followed Cang Baicao.

Cang Baicao stumbled the entire way to the library. His wrinkled hand trembled uncontrollably as he slowly pushed open the door and walked with heavy steps inside.

Once he got to the place that had so many dried bloodstains that the original color of the ground couldn't be made out, he walked straight towards the hidden box and opened it. Upon seeing that it was empty, his pupils abruptly dilated and he vomited blood. He seemed to age ten years in that instant. Strength left his body and his body swayed dangerously. Baili Yu hastily walked up to support him.

"Senior Cang, you…"

Cang Baicao abruptly started laughing loudly, almost insanely. "After playing as a hawk for an entire lifetime, in my old age, I was actually blinded by another hawk! I was blind, I was blind ah! Hahaha!!!"

Baili Yu's expression stiffened. Cang Baicao's words were clearly saying that Bai Feiyun was the one that killed Xiao Yi abd Xiao Ren.

When he recalled how Cang Baicao had always taught Bai Feiyun everything he knew without holding anything back, he also felt very disappointed and frustrated. He helped Cang Baicao out of the library. As he glanced back one last time at the blade marks, confusion appeared in his eyes. When did Bai Feiyun start using a sword?

Bai Feiyun's martial arts weren't that good, but this person's martial arts were only a little inferior to his. Was it really Bai Feiyun?

Why would he do this?

He had already investigated Bai Feiyun thoroughly when he first made contact with Tang Doudou. He was, as everyone knew, completely unbiased towards anyone. Everyone including Cang Baicao who was in contact with him felt deep admiration for his talents and personality.

Why would an elegant gentleman repeatedly do such immoral things?

What exactly was hidden in all of these events?


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