Chapter 417.1: Bastard That Can't Tell Good From Bad

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 417.1: Bastard That Can't Tell Good From Bad

Tang Doudou was very curious about how this jade skull had been made. Why did it possess such mysterious abilities?

Little Gray's injuries had been really severe, even Grandma Shen hadn't been able to cure him. She had only handed Little Gray the jade skull for a little while and not only did it treat his injuries, he seemed like he hadn't been injured at all. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call this a miracle pill.

However, no matter how much she thought about it, she wouldn't be able to get an answer, so Tang Doudou didn't continue worrying about it. She had Little Gray take off the jade skull and put the bracelet around his neck.

"Go find the Demonic Sect's hidden guards and tell them to come find me," said Tang Doudou.

She had been planning to use the hidden guards soon but she hadn't had the chance. However, this time, no matter what, she needed their help.

Perhaps this was too complicated because Little Gray nodded very slowly like he wasn't sure he understood. But then he scratched his cheek in confusion and looked towards Tang Doudou again.

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. Although Little Gray was very intelligent, it wasn't to the point that he could understand everything.

She then asked Little Gray, "When you were with Mu Ye, there were a lot of people with him helping him with things, right?"

Little Gray thought about it, then nodded.

Tang Doudou then said, "Then can you find them?"

Little Gray nodded again.

"En, then take this jade skull over to them and bring them over," said Tang Doudou. She blinked. "Do you understand?"

Little Gray tilted his head again as he thought about it, then nodded.

Tang Doudou said with a laugh, "It's fine if you can't find them. Remember to come back soon and run if you encounter danger, got it?"

Little Gray scratched his ear. "Zizizi."

"I'm fine, there are plenty of people looking after me."

But Master told him not to leave the female master's side… Little Gray started walking but doubled back.

Tang Doudou didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at this. "I really am fine."

Little Gray glanced at her again, then tilted his head as he reconsidered this. After a few moments, he turned around and jumped outside.

The people had left and Little Gray had also left, so the room felt very empty. Tang Doudou closed her eyes and started worrying about Baili Yu. She wondered where he went to find the rootless grass.

Qing Yin arrived at the courtyard in Barbarian Mound Garrison with the alliance head command tablet. As Tang Doudou had guessed, the people at the door tried to make her leave but stopped when she presented the alliance head command tablet.

After walking in, she looked around. Once she made sure that Bai Feiyun wasn't present, she started telling them what Tang Doudou had instructed.

Everyone's expressions became strange after they heard what she said.

Since Bai Feiyun wasn't here, everyone followed the lead of Elder Yu. When they looked towards Qing Yin with confusion, Elder Yu who was sitting in the main seat said, "Lady Qing Yin, did Alliance Head give any other instructions? Do you have more detailed information on that person? Do you know who exactly that person is? How strong he is?"

Qing Yin's expression didn't change, but inwardly she was thinking that Elder Yu was seriously overly cautious. It wouldn't be easy to fool him. After considering things for a moment, she said, "The subordinate that brought the report said that the situation had been too dangerous so all he was able to see was that black figure. His martial arts is extremely strong, but as to how strong, we don't know."

"You don't know?" Elder Yu shared a glanced with Xiao Siyuan, then asked, "If the situation was dangerous, how is he sure that the person was the real mysterious person?"

"The mysterious person we caught earlier has already confessed to everything. This…"

"Everyone present is wise. If that was the real mysterious person, would he really be captured that easily? If it was that easy, would there be a need for all of you to gather?" Qing Yin was anxious when she saw that they were still very doubtful. However, she concealed that with feigned anger and dissatisfaction.

Her words were so blunt that Elder Yu's expression became a little irked. However, he didn't try to refute Qing Yin's words and changed the topic to start asking about Tang Doudou's situation. "Lady Qing Yin, we still need to discuss this matter with the four large clans. If that person really is the mysterious person, we'll definitely find him and settle the score. However, how is Alliance Head doing now?"

In reality, this was what they were truly concerned about! Baili Yu had reacted with unprecedented panic and everyone had heard what Baili Yiling shouted. The entire world was now aware that Tang Doudou was pregnant.

They wanted to know if that child had been saved and how Tang Doudou was doing.

When Qing Yin saw that he had loosened up and wasn't asking about these things anymore, she secretly sighed in relief. She knew that things got more complicated the more people there were and they had to be united without disagreement, otherwise time would enviably be wasted. However, right now, she couldn't be bothered to worry about that much. It was good enough that they intended to go find the mysterious person.

When she heard them ask about how Tang Doudou was doing, she sighed with mixed feelings. It seemed that Tang Doudou's action in getting justice for everyone had gotten these people to accept her.

Qing Yin was worried about Jun Xin and Baili Yiling, but she forced herself to remain calm as she told them about Tang Doudou's situation. During this time, Elder Yu sent someone to invite the four family heads over, so Qing Yin had no choice but to wait with them.

At this current moment, Jun Xin and Baili Yiling were still deep asleep by the boundless ocean.

After a very long time, Baili Yiling was woken up by a familiar sound.

She opened her eyes reluctantly and found that she was curled up in Jun Xin's arms. She reached out and touched his cheek. When she found that it wasn't so cold anymore, her face lit up with joy and she sighed in relief. Jun Xin's foundation was seriously too good. If his injuries continued healing on their own like this, he'll probably recover soon.

It seemed that the Heavens weren't willing to take away this guy's life yet.

After sleeping, she felt much more refreshed and alert. However, what was the sound that woke her up?

Baili Yiling looked around but all she saw was endless ocean. Below her was the golden beach and behind her was lush forest.

It was a pretty pleasant sight, but for some reason, she felt that this beach had a strange aura that it didn't have when they had first arrived.

However, she couldn't pinpoint what it was that gave her this feeling.

She was unsettled by this strange feeling. She set Jun Xin, whose grip on her had already relaxed, down on the ground, then picked up a stick to stir the ashes of the extinguished fire to start up the fire again. She only felt a little safer in this silence with the fire leaping brightly.

The sky was clear and blue with occasional clouds. The sun was currently shining on the golden sand, but she didn't feel any warmth.

Both the shore and the sea were seriously too quiet. It was quiet to the point the only sounds she could hear were that of her own breathing and heartbeat. She couldn't even hear the sound of the waves.

Baili Yiling couldn't stop herself from edging closer to Jun Xin. "Why isn't he waking up…"

She flipped over Jun Xin's wrist and found that his injury had already gotten a lot better. The injury had scabbed over and there was no trace of infection. The injuries that had turned white from the sea water were also gradually returning to a normal color.

As she gazed at Jun Xin's peaceful sleeping face, all those past scenes floated up in her mind. She couldn't stop herself from reaching out to touch Jun Xin's face. In all honesty, he was really good-looking. His looks weren't like Big Brother's, they were very comfortable to look at. It was as if one could forget all their worries by staying at his side.

If only his mouth was a bit more merciful, then he'd be even more perfect.

"Had your fill of touching me yet?" A familiar voice suddenly appeared from below. Baili Yiling hastily withdrew her hand as if she had been scorched.

Baili Yiling glowered at him even as her face flushed with embarrassment. Why did he suddenly wake up? Or was it that he had been awake this entire time but was too tired to pay attention to her? Or was it that he had been pretending to be asleep to trick her?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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