Chapter 417.2: Bastard That Can't Tell Good From Bad

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Chapter 417.2: Bastard That Can't Tell Good From Bad 

When Jun Xin didn't hear a reply, he opened his eyes. He immediately had to lift a hand to block the sunlight. Once he adjusted, he discovered that his arm was bare and he looked down to find that he was completely naked. A trace of embarrassment flashed through his almond eyes but was immediately replaced by rage. "What did you do to me!?"

Their gaze met, then Baili Yiling hastily looked away. She tried to act unperturbed as she messed with the fire. “W-what could I have possibly done to you? D-don’t think so highly of yourself! It was just that your clothes were soaked so I took them off for you to dry them. D-don’t think anything strange.”

Although she was trying with all her might to be unperturbed and speak calmly, she still ended up stammering in a very suspicious way.

That was why Jun Xin just looked towards her with clear doubt on his face.

Baili Yiling’s temperament wasn’t that of a gentle little girl. She had spent so much effort to save him, but the moment he woke up, he didn’t even bother to ask how she was and even accused her of doing something to him!

What could she possibly do to him?

“Believe whatever you like! I’m starving so I’m going to find food. You should just stay here!” If it was before, she definitely would have exploded at Jun Xin, but for some reason, she couldn’t get her rage to stay when she saw that face. So she just stood up and threw the stick to the ground before heading into the forest.

When Jun Xin was unconscious, she was worried that something would happen to him so she didn’t go too far. That was why she had only been able to gather some common herbs.

However, Jun Xin was awake now, so she should take advantage of this chance to find better herbs just in case his injuries got worse.

It was almost noon and the two of them hadn’t eaten this entire time. In addition, they had used up a lot of energy to escape here, so if they didn’t find food soon, they probably wouldn’t even have the strength to move anymore.

As Baili Yiling’s thoughts reached this point, she started walking faster. However, Jun Xin called out to stop her. “Wait.”Baili Yiling wanted to ignore him, but her legs reflexively stopped. “What?”

“I’ll go with you,” said Jun Xin.

Then she heard the rustling of clothes. Perhaps due to the injury on his hand, he was having trouble putting on the clothes and the sound was a complete mess.

He didn’t quit even when he was injured. He was seriously such a pain!

However, was he coming because he was worried about letting her go alone into an unfamiliar forest?

When Baili Yiling’s thoughts reached this point, her lips moved slightly, then she said, “This place is safer. You just recovered slightly from your injuries, so you should just stay here and rest. I’ll be fine by myself.”

However, Jun Xin’s next words almost made her puke blood.

“No way, what if you run off?” Jun Xin’s disdain-filled tone was filled with doubt.

Baili Yiling was so angry that her breathing became chaotic. However, she forced herself to remain calm, remain calm…

Then Jun Xin said, “Although you saved me this time and I’m very grateful to you, it doesn’t mean I can accept you. Don’t think that I wouldn’t know about whatever you did to me. I’m telling you, I…”Before he even finished speaking, he saw Baili Yiling whirl around angrily. Her mouth was open to yell at Jun Xin for being shameless, but instead she shrieked and covered her eyes. Internally, she was falling apart. He wasn’t putting on clothes, he was taking them off!

The parts that she hadn’t had the courage to take off!

Jun Xin froze for a moment, then hastily covered himself with the pants he had just taken off. He was extremely embarrassed but he didn’t dare to turn around and could only grumbled, “How could you turn around without giving a warning? You seriously have no manners.”

Even though he said that, he still flushed awkwardly. He had seen that Baili Yiling had her back towards him and there had seemed to be something in his pants, so… He never thought that Baili Yiling would turn around without a word and was given quite a big scare. However, he also knew that this was really his fault. He had taken off his pants even though a girl was present. What could be more rogue-like than this?

Baili Yiling who had just suffered a huge fright almost passed out from anger when she heard this. She had seriously overestimated her ability to accept things. She couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong with her brain, to have fallen in love to this bastard that couldn’t even tell good from bad!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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