Chapter 418.2: You Like Me

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 418.2: You Like Me 

Baili Yiling was seriously defeated by him. She just watched blankly as Jun Xin’s jaw kept munching and chomping. Soon, the ground was filled with fruit seeds. After a long while, he was finally full and he stretched while belching. His pallor had improved by quite a lot.

“Why’re you just standing there? Let’s go?”

Baili Yiling’s lips twitched and she glanced towards Jun Xin’s stomach. He must’ve eaten near a hundred of those fruits just now. Although these fruits weren’t big, they weren’t small either… She was sincerely worried that he would die from his stomach bursting.

Jun Xin sensed her gaze and smiled in disdain. “Stop being so surprised at everything. If you’re not going, I’m going!”

“Let’s go.” Baili Yiling truly had to admit her respect for Jun Xin, and also for herself. What exactly was she thinking? She could’ve fallen in love with anyone, but she actually ended up falling for Jun Xin?

The two walked in the forest for quite a long time but their surroundings didn’t change. It was just an unending stretch of forest.

They soon discovered what was off about the forest. An undisturbed jungle like this should have a lot of animals, but on the way here, not only were there no animals, there weren’t even bugs. The only sound aside from the sounds they made was the rustling sound of the leaves made by the wind.

“You go over and take a look.” It’d only waste strength to continue walking like this. Jun Xin pointed to the dense forestry above them as he said this to Baili Yiling.

Baili Yiling glanced up. “Jun Xin, actually, there’s something I forgot to tell you.”


“Ahem, because of the pill’s aftereffects… My current situation’s the same as yours.”

Jun Xin: …

“Don’t worry, as long as we don’t encounter any large beast, we’ll be fine!” Baili Yiling narrowed her crafty little fox eyes with a smile. However, right after she said that, Jun Xin’s brows furrowed and he pulled Baili Yiling into his arms before rapidly rolling to the side.

Baili Yiling was made dizzy from the sudden motion and was completely confused. “What are you doing?”

What answered her wasn’t Jun Xin but a beast’s roar.

Baili Yiling stiffened and felt like slapping herself. “Crow’s beak!”

“Truly a crow’s beak!” Jun Xin forced out an unnatural smile as he quickly pushed her up. He then flipped over and got up as well to shield Baili Yiling. His facial color was poor as he stared warily at the beast that had suddenly emerged.

He was just saying that there weren’t any animals earlier and now a tiger jumped out. It seemed that Baili Yiling wasn’t the only one with a crow’s beak. He had one too.

Jun Xin thought this ironically.

When the tiger missed, it didn’t continue attacking and just watched them with its large copper eyes while it slowly approached them.

A tiger tended to be very cautious. Even when it was just facing a helpless bunny, it would still use all its strength to attack.

“What do we do?” asked Baili Yiling.

Jun Xin kept his eyes fixed on the tiger. “Look for a chance.”

The tiger was looking for a chance to attack while they needed to find a chance to escape.

If Baili Yiling could still use qinggong, it would’ve been a breeze to escape, but now. Jun Xin licked his chapped lips. If he was going to die in the jaws of an animal after all the danger he escaped, he really wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Baili Yiling laughed bitterly. Find a chance? What chance? This was a tiger! It was bigger than the two of them combined!

It was no wonder why there weren’t any animals nearby. It turned out that this place was this tiger’s territory!


The tiger suddenly roared towards the two of them, causing a bloody stench to blast over. Jun Xin and Baili Yiling tensed up. It was about to attack!

“Hurry up and go! I’ll find a way to deal with it.” Jun Xin pushed Baili Yiling to have her leave first.

Back at the manor, he had also told her to leave first this way.

Perhaps it was this feeling of being protected that caused her to fall in love with this guy despite how he pissed her off every other minute!

However, this time, she didn’t cooperate and stepped forward next to him. “This is its territory. I don’t have inner strength or qinggong right now, where could I escape to?”

This time, Jun Xin didn’t push her to leave. However, he didn’t respond to her and just reached over to pluck a leaf.

In reality, it wasn’t that he really didn’t have any way to drive this tiger away. It was just a little troublesome.

Baili Yiling didn’t look at Jun Xin directly, but she couldn’t help but peek at him out of the corner of her eye. When she saw him pluck a leaf, she frowned in confusion. It was easy to drive this tiger away with sound waves, but inner strength was required to make sound waves.

And Jun Xin had no inner strength at all right now.

She looked towards him worriedly only to see that he had lifted the leaf to his lips. A strange melody flowed out. She was distracted by this sight so she was caught off guard when something hard seemed to ram her mind. She swayed but was caught by a pair of large hands before she fell.

“Cover your ears!” said Jun Xin coldly.

Baili Yiling hastily nodded and covered her ears. However, she kept her eyes fixed on Jun Xin. How exactly was he doing this?

There was clearly no inner strength in that melody, but its imposing strength was no inferior to the sound waves emitted by profound inner strength.

That originally fierce tiger became hesitant when it heard the melody Jun Xin made. However, it soon shook the hesitation off and fierce light filled its eyes again. It lowered its weight into its hind legs, then abruptly pounced towards the two.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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