Chapter 419.1: Rootless Grass’s Flower

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Chapter 419.1: Rootless Grass’s Flower 

“Little Gray, there’s no way I can walk anywhere like this.” Tang Doudou who was lying on the bed, completely immobile except for her head, had Little Gray put down the letter he was holding as she said this helplessly.

Little Gray spread his arms again to have Tang Doudou read the letter again.

Tang Doudou shook her head and had him put it down. “I read it. They’re saying that Azure Water Valley is currently full of Baili Yu’s subordinates and surrounded by poisonous mist. They don’t dare to enter, so they want me to go out there… But you can see my current situation. If I could go out, I wouldn’t have had you take the risk to look for them.”

She said a lot, but she didn’t know if Little Gray could understand. After saying that, she closed her eyes.

“Zizizi!” Little Gray called out to her.

Most of the time, Little Gray would stop bothering her when she closed her eyes, but today…Tang Doudou opened her eyes and said softly, "You can go play, but don't go too far or go where the poison mist is. I need to rest."

Little Gray shook his head, then scratched his head in vexation. He turned around to pick up the envelope again and dug inside with his claws to take out a withered flower, then he handed it to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou looked at the flower and felt that it was a little familiar. However, since it was completely whithered, she couldn't tell what kind of flower it was at all.

Little Gray then pushed the flower towards the side of her mouth.

"You want me to eat this?" asked Tang Doudou.

Little Gray hastily nodded.

"Since you're the one giving it to me, it's definitely not something that'll harm me." Tang Doudou was silent for a moment as she considered things, then she opened her mouth.

Little Gray's face lit up with joy and he hastily but carefully pushed the flower into her mouth.

A bitter taste filled her mouth. It felt like she was chewing on raw herbs. It was so bitter that her entire tongue was numb. Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. "Alright, I've eaten it. You should go play, I want to sleep for a while."

Although she said this, Little Gray still stayed until he saw her throat move. Once he confirmed that she had swallowed the flower, he finally jumped off the bed in satisfaction and leapt out the window.

Once he left, Tang Doudou hastily lifted her tongue and spat the flower out.

She glanced at the flower and considered her options. In the end, she decided to take a nap first and wait for Cang Baicao to arrive so that she could ask what this was.

Of course, she wasn't suspicious of Little Gray.

However, Little Gray wasn't human and didn't know how malicious a person could be. Who knew what was the motive of the person that gave him this flower?

She hadn't interacted with the hidden guards of the Demonic Sect before. Even if Mu Ye was the one that left them for her, she couldn't trust them.

She only slept for a little while before Cang Baicao rushed in.

"Doudou ah!'

After so many events had happened, Tang Doudou couldn't sleep very soundly. There was also a lot on her mind, so the moment he called her, she woke up.

When Cang Baicao saw that she had opened her eyes, he thought that she had just been closing her eyes to rest and didn't know that she had actually been sleeping. "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Tang Doudou shook her head.

Cang Baicao then asked, "Then are you still hungry?"

"I'm not hungry anymore." He had run here in such a rush so Tang Doudou thought that something bad had happened. However, he just asked some casual questions so her curiosity dispersed. Then she indicated with her eyes. "Senior Cang, help me take a look at what flower this is?"

Cang Baicao was about to say something else when she suddenly interrupted him, so he reflexively looked towards the flower she was talking about.

He didn't react much at the first glance.

However, when he took a second glance, his facial color changed drastically and he snatched the flower to take a closer look. He asked in astonishment, "Where did you get this?"

When she saw his stunned look, she knew that it was something important and hastily replied, "It was something Little Gray brought back for me. He wanted me to eat it, but I was worried that he didn't know its effects well and that it might hurt the child. That's why I left it until you could take a look at it."

After saying that, she asked, "Senior Cang, what exactly is this?"

Cang Baicao's hands trembled as he held the dried flower like a precious treasure. He lifted it to his eye to examine it, then finally gave a long exhale. He looked towards Tang Doudou, his expression extremely stirred up. "Girl, that nine-eared monkey is truly your lucky star! You're saved!"

"What?" Tang Doudou was a little doubtful when she heard this because it was seriously too much of a coincidence. It was the hidden guards of the Demonic Sect that gave this to Little Gray. She had never contacted them before so how did they know that she had been poisoned and how were they able to so quickly get this flower for Little Gray to bring over?

It was too unbelievable.

Cang Baicao narrowed his eyes at the flower. "Girl, this is the flower of the rootless grass!"

"The flower of the rootless grass?"

"The world only knows that the rootless grass is hard to find. Many don't know that the flower of the rootless grass is something that barely has a chance of appearing every century. Most of the time, the rootless grass doesn't bloom. Only ones that grow in a perfect paradise where the spiritual energy of the sky and earth are perfectly balanced have a chance of flowering. In addition, the flowering period is very short. The time from when it starts to bloom to when it withers is about the time it takes to brew a pot of tea. You understand the difficulty of gathering this now, right?"

Cang Baicao's words caused Tang Doudou to sink into deep thought. What she was thinking about wasn't the rootless grass's flower, but how the Demonic Sect hidden guards had been able to get their hands on it. She was also thinking about Baili Yu.

The rootless grass was so hard to find, so where had he gone to look for it?


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