Chapter 420.2: Saint Maiden

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 420.2: Saint Maiden 

She reached up towards the head of the bed and picked up the small chest that her mother had left. She had placed it next to her pillow before she fell asleep.

Baili Yiling placed the box in her palm and carefully examined it. It still just seemed like a simple little box. The shape and the engraved decorations were completely unremarkable. However, since it was something her mother left, she couldn't help but feel that there was a implicit charm to it.

"I wonder how Jun Xin's doing?" Baili Yiling opened the box. It was the same two items inside: an ordinary dried herb and an old ring.

She examined both of them closely but in the end, sighed and place the herb back in the box before putting the ring on her finger. 

She glanced out the window to check the sky.

This matter was seriously impossibly to unravel. Even though she had spent a long time thinking about it, it only got her more headache and no answers. Baili Yiling got up. She should just focus on the current situation for now!

At this time, she heard the maid's voice. "Manager He."

"Has the saint maiden woken up?" It was the middle-aged man from last night.

Baili Yiling heard the sound of footsteps stop by the door and she hastily shoved the box back in her clothes. She was just about to lie back down on the bed to pretend to be asleep, but the maid had already replied honestly, "Replying Manager He, Saint Maiden has already awoken. Yue Cheng has already gone to prepare water for the saint maiden to wash up."

Manager He didn't seem to have the intention of walking in and just said, "En, I got it. Take good care of the saint maiden. Once the saint maiden finishes washing up, prepare breakfast for her."

The maid indicated that she understood. Manager He paused at the door and said to Baili Yiling, "Saint Maiden, please go to the front hall once you have had breakfast. The young man you came back with yesterday seems to have an urgent matter to discuss with you."

"Jun Xin?"When Baili Yiling heard that Jun Xin was looking for her about something, she couldn't sit still any longer and jumped down the bed. She quickly got to the door, but the person who walked in was the little maid. Manager He was already gone.

He sure ran quick. It wasn't like she'd eat him!

Forget it. She should hurry and go find Jun Xin later and discuss what to do next.

"Saint Maiden, this servant is here to help you wash up." That maid carried a basin of hot water in. This time, her tone was calm as she faced Baili Yiling. However, her trembling hands betrayed her true feelings.

Baili Yiling's eyes lit up when she saw her like this and she asked sternly, "What's your name?"

She felt that this maid was afraid of the title Saint Maiden rather than her, Baili Yiling. After all, with how amiable she looked, how could she possibly make someone this terrified? There was also the fact that this maid was seriously not very well trained. She was way too timid. However, it was perfect for her to get news.

This wasn't the right time though. She had to discuss with Jun Xin whether there was a need to trick information out of the maid.

"Re… replying Saint Maiden, this servant's name is Yue Xiu." Baili Yiling couldn't help but find it funny when she saw that the maid was about to drop the water basin.

"I got it. Just leave the water there. I can do it myself." She wasn't used to being attended to since all those past years, she had looked after herself. Moreover, being attended to wasn't as comfortable as attending oneself.

Yue Xiu didn't dare to disobey her and immediately placed the water on the wooden shelf by the bed.

Baili Yiling paid no more attention to her. After quickly washing up, she had Yue Xiu lead her to the front hall.

Speaking of which, this was pretty strange. Why didn't Jun Xin look for her directly instead of going to the front hall and having Manager He notify her?

This didn't seem like his style at all.

Baili Yiling soon arrived at the front hall since she was puzzled. 

When she reached the front hall, she saw that Jun Xin was sitting there and sipping on tea. There was a person opposite him that looked familiar. At the same time, she was sure that she had never seen this person before.

Who exactly was he?Jun Xin soon cleared up her confusion. The moment he spied her out of the corner of his eye, he placed his teacup down and very enthuastically walked towards her.

"Aiyah, you're finally here! Come here, I'll introduce this Baili gongzi, Baili Feng, to you!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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