Chapter 421: Madame Alliance Head Li

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 421: Madame Alliance Head Li

His surname was also Baili?

Baili Yiling looked towards Baili Feng curiously. He smiled gently towards her, then abruptly started coughing so hard it seemed like he was about to cough his lungs out. Baili Yiling couldn't help but feel sympathy.

When she saw how his looks were slightly familiar, she turned towards Jun Xin. "He…"

Jun Xin smiled so wide his eyes narrowed into seams.

"Baili Feng, your biological brother!"

Baili Yiling stiffened, then looked towards Baili Feng again.

Although she already had a guess, she was still shocked to hear this affirmation.

Meanwhile, Baili Feng had gotten up and started walking towards her. When she looked closely, she saw that he was struggling and limping slightly. It destroyed his natural air of elegance and caused people to feel pity.

"Yiling." His tone was very gentle and elegant and he looked very stirred up.

However, Baili Yiling was flustered. She didn't feel the same intimacy she had felt when she saw Baili Yu. She only felt that he was a complete stranger.

Jun Xin pushed her and said, "I still have things to do, so you two should chat first!"

After saying that, he didn't give Baili Yiling a chance to stop him and disappeared in the blink of an eye. There was no way to tell that he had been severely injured just a day earlier.

As Baili Yiling gazed in the direction he had disappeared in, she felt like crying but didn't have the tears.

However, Baili Feng was very happy with what Jun Xin did and turned to look towards Baili Yiling again. "Yiling."

Baili Yiling turned back around and said apologetically, "Sorry, I can't accept this right now."

Baili Feng's expression stiffened for a moment, but then he smiled again. "It's fine. After all, it's too sudden. It's normal that you can't accept it right away. I hadn't come to find you because of this either."

"You were looking for me?" Baili Yiling was surprised. Where had he gotten this news?

Baili Feng nodded, then glanced outside. "Let's walk as we talk."

Upon hearing this, Baili Yiling was just about to nod when she looked towards his legs. "You…"

"It's fine. It's just a small injury," said Baili Feng with a smile. Then he took the initative to start walking towards the silent courtyard.

Baili Yiling watched him walk for a little while. Hesitation flashed through her eyes several times, but in the end, she walked up to support him. However, she kept her gaze fixed ahead and didn't look at him.

Pleasant surprise flashed through Baili Feng's eyes when he saw this and he said, "Yiling, thank you."

"Don't worry about it," replied Baili Yiling mildly.

Her tone was very distant. It was completely different from how she faced Baili Yu.

Baili Feng silently sighed. When he recalled how she had cried out 'Big Brother' so happily, he couldn't help but look towards Baili Yiling again. If only she could also call him that way, how great would that be?

The two walked slowly together into the courtyard. Jun Xin's figure appeared on the roof. He watched them thoughtfully as he considered things. In the end, he slid down the large tree behind the house.

Without inner strength, everything was troublesome to do. He had to hurry and think of a way to get rid of that mysterious person's inner strength.

He strolled around the place and found Manager He.

"Greetings, Young Master Jun. We didn't know you were Young Master Jun before, so please forgive our neglectance." Manager He cupped his fist respectfully in a salute.

Jun Xin smiled. "It's fine. If we hadn't run into you guys, Lady Baili and I would probably still be wandering blindly around that forest."

Manager He smiled as well. "Perhaps this is just fate!"

Jun Xin didn't continue this conversation. Although this person seemed polite, his intentions couldn't be read at all. They had only arrived yesterday, but in the span of a night, Baili Feng had already found his way here.

Not even a fool would believe that it had nothing to do with Manager He.

"Is there any place that's relatively concealed on this island?" Jun Xin changed the topic.

"Concealed?" Manager He thought about it. "There is a place like this, but it's a little far away."

"That's fine. Where is it?"

Manager He told him about the location, then said, "The road's not very safe. Why don't I send someone to lead you over?"

Of course, Jun Xin rejected this offer. "No need. I can just search slowly."

After saying that, he took his leave.

Once Jun Xin got far away, Manager He's smile faded and sharp murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

He quickly suppressed it, then turned towards the shadows. "Follow him. Find a chance and…"

He stopped speaking and made a slashing motion.

The person in the shadows got the message and leapt out to follow Jun Xin.

Of course, Jun Xin was aware that there was someone following him. He laughed coldly. They wanted to follow him? They should go back and train for another hundred years!

Jun Xin traveled for about four hours, then paused at a brook. He sat down on the grass and prepared to rest for a while.

The person in the shadows slowly drew his sword in preparation to kill Jun Xin while he was off guard.

However, as he was drawing his sword, someone patted his shoulder.

He turned around in alarm, but didn't see anyone.

He frowned in confusion. When he turned back around, he was given a huge shock and hastily ran out. Where'd he go?

However, even though he searched the entire place, he couldn't find Jun Xin and could head back, disheartened.

Once he left, Jun Xin walked out of the book and shook off some of the water on his clothes. He lay on the shore for a while and waited for his clothes to dry a little before continuing on his way.

After walking for another short while, he suddenly felt a severe chill. He reflexively stopped walking and looked around cautiously, but then he discovered that the cold sensation was actually coming from inside his body.

His eyes filled with surprise. He wanted to look into what was going on, but he didn't have inner strength to use. He became anxious. This wasn't a simple chill and the possibility that occurred to him was very bad.

Since he wasn't far from the place he needed to get to, he didn't waste any more time and quickly moved through the forest.

Three days passed in a rush, but Baili Yu still hadn't returned. Cang Baicao was so anxious that he was pacing around in the room and Tang Doudou was made so uneasy that she couldn't sleep either.

At the same time, she found things strange. Hadn't Cang Baicao said that the effect of the rootless grass's flower was much better than that of the rootless grass? Then why didn't he use the flower on her instead of insisting on waiting until Baili Yu brought back the rootless grass?

Cang Baicao could tell what she was thinking and stopped pacing to explain, "The effect of the rootless grass's flower is really good, but it's not the right application. If we can wait until we get the rootless grass, it'd be best to use the rootless grass. However, if we run out of time, I'll use the flower."

What kind of explanation was this?

It couldn't be that he felt the flower was too rare so he couldn't bear to use it?

The moment Cang Baicao saw that look in her eyes, his face turned stern. "Am I that sort of person?"

Tang Doudou really wanted to say yes, but her little life was still in his hands, so it was best not to provoke him. This old guy's temper seemed to have been getting worse lately.

Yesterday, Meng Yu had been blasted with criticism just because she added just a tad too little sugar in the medicinal dish.

It was only because he was old and reputable as the godly doctor that Meng Yu didn't explode as well. Otherwise there definitely would've been a huge fight.

"Qing Yin hasn't returned either?"

Cang Baicao shook his head. "I don't know."

He didn't know about those matters. These past days, he had been investigating how to best protect Tang Doudou's fetus. The fetus's development had been suppressed for many months. Now that those suppressing agents were suddenly gone, the fetus was definitely going to require a lot of nutrients to grow. If they didn't provide the things the fetus needed, the fetus might directly pull the nutrients it needed from its mother's body. The situation at that time would be unpredictable.

However, if they gave too much nutrients, it might also harm the fetus.

No margin of error could be present in this matter.

In addition, he was also trying to figure out a way to prevent the fetus from being harmed by the poison blood inside Tang Doudou's body so that the child could be born healthy.

Due to these matters, Cang Baicao's hair became whiter again and from time to time, his eyes would turn dull and lifeless.

From the looks of things, the only thing keeping him going was the fact that Tang Doudou still needed him.

"Senior Cang, why hasn't there been any news about Su Yi lately? What has he gone off to do?" Tang Doudou was curious where Su Yi had gone off to. So many large incidents have occured on the Jianghu lately. Based on how much he loved to take part in lively events, how could there be no news from him at all?

What has Su Yi gone off to do?

Other than that desire, what else was there?

However, Cang Baicao couldn't tell Tang Doudou about this.

He shook his head. "City Lord's whereabouts have always been indefinite. He never tells anyone before he goes off to do something, so how could I possibly know?"

Tang Doudou sighed.

Cang Baicao asked, "You're looking for him for something?"

"No." She was just curious where Su Yi had disappeared off to.

"That's good. If you do need him, just tell me and I'll see if I can help you find the city lord." Cang Baicao stopped here. "I'm going to go check on the medicinal dish. Meng Yu, that stinkin' girl, is seriously too carefree and always makes mistakes. I always have to keep an eye on her. If Baili Yu comes back, just have him go to the kitchen to find me.

Tang Doudou nodded, then looked up at Little Gray who was dangling from the bed frame. She couldn't help but worry about Baili Yu. Cang Baicao had said that Baili Yu had vowed to make it back in three days. Although Senior Cang gave him five days, based on his plan, he should've returned by today. However, it was already late afternoon and there was still no trace of him. It couldn't be that something had happened, right?

Knock knock knock!

Just as Tang Doudou was starting to worry about whether Baili Yu had encountered danger, knocking came from the door.

"Who is it?"

"This subordinate is the leader of the Wind Shadow guards, Feng Qi."

Wind Shadow guards? Were they Baili Yu's hidden guards? All of the hidden guards were currently protecting Azure Water Valley from the shadows. If something happened, they would tell Ye Chuan directly.

Why had he come here?

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she asked, "What is it?"

The Wind Shadow guard hesitated for a moment, then said, "It's something regarding Young Master Jun and Eldest Miss."

Tang Doudou only recalled now that Qing Yin had told her this Wind Shadow guard had been with Jun Xin and Baili Yiling. He was the one that delivered the news about those two disappearing.

"Come in!"

The Wind Shadow guard pushed open the door and walked in cautiously. He checked to make sure that no one had seen anything before closing the doors securely. Then he quickly walked towards Tang Doudou and kneeled down on one knee. "This subordinate has come without permission. Madame Alliance Head Li, please punish!"

Setting his actions aside for now, just this call of 'Madame Alliance Head Li' was enough to make Tang Doudou choke.

"Ahem. Just tell me why you're here. You couldn't have risked heavy punishment just to come here and ask for punishment, right?"

"Yes!" replied the Wind Shadow guard honestly.

"Then tell me what exactly happened with Jun Xin and Yiling."

The Wind Shadow guard hesitated again, then said quietly, "Before I came back, Eldest Miss instructed me deliver a message to master for her."


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