Chapter 422: Little Gray Delivering the Letter

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 422: Little Gray Delivering the Letter

Tang Doudou's heart leaped. Baili Yiling told him to deliver a message despite the fact that she had been in such a dangerous situation? Then this message was definitely important. However, why hadn't she heard about it from Ye Chuan and Qing Yin?

She glanced towards the Wind Shadow guard who was kneeling on the ground. He looked very honest and didn't seem to be the sort of person that schemed. Perhaps it was because he had come here without permission despite the fact that he was the leader of a group of hidden guards, but he looked very ill at ease.

"Oh? What message?"

The Wind Shadow guard opened his mouth, but then looked around warily again. After ascertaining again that no one else was around, he said quietly. "Eldest Miss said that this news was very important and that no one aside from Master is to know. However, when I got back, I heard that Master had already left. After reconsidering this multiple times, I decided to tell you."

So it was like this.

Tang Doudou nodded. When she saw that he was still kneeling, she said, "Stand up first, then tell me."

"Thanks, Madame Alliance Head Li."

"Call me Alliance Head Li or Madame!"

"Understood, Madame Alliance Head Li!"

Tang Doudou looked towards the ceiling speechlessly. "Just continue."

The Wind Shadow guard didn't feel like there was anything wrong with the way he address her. When he heard Tang Doudou tell him to continue, he complied. "In the manor, I saw Murong Ming from the Murong family."

"Murong Ming?" Qing Yin hadn't told her this!


"It was no wonder that the master of the Murong family seemed strange. So the Murong family was involved as well…" Tang Doudou muttered this softly to herself. At the same time, she became curious about the message Baili Yiling had this guy bring back. What would that message be about?

When the Wind Shadow guard got to this point, he started hesitating again.

When Tang Doudou saw that he was so apprehensive, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. Could it be that he distrusted her? If that was the case, why'd he come to look for her?

The Wind Shadow guard glanced at Tang Doudou who was on the bed, then quickly shifted his gaze away. It seemed like Madame Alliance Head Li wasn't as scary as how the others described her…

"This subordinate has an impudent request."

Tang Doudou was helpless. "What is it?"

"Eldest Miss said that other people cannot know of this message. This subordinate wishes…"

"Come over here!" Tang Doudou felt countless grass mud horses race through internally. She had been wondering why this Wind Shadow guard had been kneeling so far away. So it was because of this.

"Madame Alliance Head Li, please forgive this subordinate, this subordinate just, just wanted to…" The Wind Shadow guard was alarmed when he heard Tang Doudou's helpless and annoyed tone. He hastily tried to explain himself, but Tang Doudou interrupted.

"Alright, I know what you mean. No need to explain. Since the matter is urgent, don't waste so much time and just come over here to tell me what exactly the message was. If we ended up delaying an important matter because of how much you're dwadling, you can worry about how to take the punishment then!" When Tang Doudou saw the Wind Shadow guard like this, she couldn't help but wonder how a timid person like this had managed to become the leader of the Wind Shadow guards.

The moment the Wind Shadow guard heard that an important matter might be delayed, he couldn't be bothered to worry about so much anymore. He got up and walked to the bed. "Eldest Miss said that the mysterious person is someone we know well and not to have our eyes be misled by that mysterious person!"

"Someone we know well?" Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. She had figured out from the news that the Wind Shadow guard brought back earlier that there were more than one 'mysterious person,' but who exactly was the true mysterious person? Or was it that different people took on that role each time?

And someone they knew well? Who would that be?

"What else did she say?"

"That's it. It seemed that Young Master Jun was the one that told Eldest Miss this." The Wind Shadow guard shook his head, then noticed that he was still standing by her bed and hastily moved back. "This subordinate has already delivered the message, so this subordinate won't disturb Madame Alliance Head Li's rest any longer and will withdraw now!"

After saying that, he ran towards the door like he was fleeing for his life.

Tang Doudou wanted to stop him to ask him more questions, but by the time she opened her mouth, he had already disappeared from sight.

She could only shake her head helplessly.

Baili Yu truly had all kinds of subordinates.

However, who exactly could it be?

Someone with high martial arts, mysterious whereabouts, and was this vicious… The fact that Jun Xin had said this meant that he had definitely figured out who this person was. However, he didn't directly tell Baili Yiling about that person's identity. Could it be that he was apprehensive about something?

But what would he be apprehensive about?

Baili Yiling? That made no sense!

That wasn't right. He probably wasn't apprehensive about Baili Yiling, but worried that Baili Yiling would react with too much shock to the mysterious person's identity and ruin his plan. That was why he had made the message vague. At the same time, he was also sure that she and Baili Yu would be able to figure out the mysterious person's identity with this message.

Lan Jia!

As Tang Doudou was mulling over this, that name jumped out in her mind.

There was no other possibly aside from Lan Jia!

When her thoughts reached this point, she gave a very long exhale. She never thought that the person behind all of this would actually be him!

Then it was bad!

If it was Lan Jia and the people from the martial arts alliance and the four large families went, they'd definitely be severely injured!

She had to stop them!

But how?

Tang Doudou was starting to panic. When Little Gray saw, he hastily jumped down and looked towards her worriedly. "Zizizi."

"Something bad has happened. Seriously, that Wind Shadow guard! How could he wait so long to tell me this important news?" said Tang Doudou worriedly.

Little Gray couldn't quite understand and scratched his ear in confusion. "Zizizi."

"I don't have time to explain it to you. Go find Senior Cang," said Tang Doudou.

When Little Gray saw that she didn't want to explain, even though he was really curious, he could only leave to go find Cang Baicao.

Cang Baicao soon came over.

"What's wrong girl? Do you feel uncomfortable? Is it the child or you?" Cang Baicao came in with a burst of questions. Tang Doudou was quite touched to see that he was truly concerned. Once she recovered, she couldn't let Senior Cang continue soaking in his sadness. She had to hurry and find something for him to focus his life on so that he would move on from his sadness!

"I'm fine. I just need to ask you for help with something."

Cang Baicao loosened a breath in relief when he heard that she was fine. "If you need this old man for something, then just ask directly! There's no need to be polite!"

Tang Doudou smiled. It was really true. Ever since she lay down, Cang Baicao had been taking care of her like she was an infant. Not only was he taking care of everything, he even met all of her requests.

It made her feel like she had gone back to the time when Grandpa took care of her. The only difference was that Cang Baicao seriously had too much to say and his temper wasn't that good either.

Tang Doudou retrieved her thoughts, then looked towards the table. "It's nothing much. I just need your help to write a letter."

"A letter?" Cang Baicao was confused, but he started looking for paper and ink, then placed them on the table and lifted the brush. "Who is it for?"

"The Demonic Sect hidden guards."


Tang Doudou said with a smile, "Mu Ye left them for me."

"Oh." Cang Baicao dipped the brush in the ink. "What do you want me to write?"

"Just write…"

After a while, Cang Baicao blew at the ink on the table, then folded it carefully and slid it inside the envelope. "Who do you plan to send to deliver this letter?"

He knew the contents of the letter and was stunned. Although he didn't pay attention to the matters of the Jianghu much, he had heard quite a lot about the events that had occurred recently from Ye Chuan and the others.

He was someone that had lived for a long time, who was already halfway into his grave, so his considerations naturally went further than Tang Doudou's.

The first thing they had to make sure of was that this letter wasn't seen by anyone with ulterior motives. Otherwise there'd be even more problems to deal with.

In addition, no one could know the identity of the Demonic Sect hidden guards. Mu Ye was the one that left them for Tang Doudou. Tang Doudou had delayed using them and Baili Yu had never mentioned it, so it was clear that Tang Doudou hadn't told Baili Yu about this.

The reason why she hadn't told him was also obvious.

Lastly, the whereabouts of the Demonic Sect hidden guards were also a problem!

Tang Doudou sent him a look, then looked towards Little Gray who was crouching at the side. "Little Gray knows the Demonic Sect hidden guards' whereabouts, so of course he'll deliver the letter."

"Little Gray?" Cang Baicao was skeptical. "He's just a monkey. No matter how intelligent he is, he's still just a monkey. You're having him deliver the letter? That's too…"

Before he even finished speaking, Little Gray jumped onto the table and bared his teeth at him fiercely.

Cang Baicao glowered right back. "What? I haven't even made you pay for what happened just now. Could it be that you want to have another round?"

Little Gray glowered as well. His big round eyes were much more imposing that Cang Baicao's. "Zizizi!"

When Cang Baicao saw this, he started huffing angrily. He placed his hands on his waist and looked around, then headed over to grab the broom. "Little beast! If I don't teach you a lesson today, this old man will write his surname upside down!"

As he said this, he chased after Little Gray with the broom.

See? This was what Cang Baicao was like now. He exploded from the slightest thing.

However, Little Gray was intelligent and knew that he couldn't afford to provoke this temperamental old guy. With a leap, he moved forward and grabbed the letter with his mouth, then nimbly jumped to the windowsill. He paused for a moment to make a provocative gesture towards Cang Baicao, then screeched smugly as he jumped out the window. With a few leaps, he disappeared from sight.

Cang Baicao's facial color changed when he saw that Little Gray had taken the letter and hastily went to chase after Little Gray.

Tang Doudou who had been just watching the show hastily called out to stop him. "Senior Cang, don't go!"

"Girl, don't you know how important that letter is? You're going to let a monkey deliver it? What if something happens? What if someone else snatches it? At that time, you can just wait to cry!" Cang Baicao stopped, then threw the broom towards the door before turning towards Tang Doudou in frustration.

Tang Doudou knew that he didn't have faith in Little Gray, but she couldn't really clear things up. Since it seemed that there was bad history between him and Little Gray, explaining probably wouldn't do much either.

Her eyes whirled with her thoughts, then she sighed. "I hadn't thought that much earlier and had just said that casually. Who would've thought that Little Gray took it that seriously? But he's already taken the letter. He's very fast; no ordinary person would be able to catch up with him. That's why I told you to stop so that you wouldn't waste energy!"

When Cang Baicao heard this, he recalled how Little Gray was able to move almost like a phantom and sighed as well. "Then what do we do now? I'm worried!"

"We can only wait." Tang Doudou feigned helplessness as well.

"Alright! As long as nothing happens to you!" Cang Baicao was depressed. After saying this, he left angrily. From the looks of it, he was heading to the kitchen again.

Tang Doudou closed her eyes. She had faith that Little Gray would be able to get the letter to the Demonic Sect hidden guards.

When the time comes, they'll make their move!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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