Chapter 424: Confession Beneath the Moon

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 424: Confession Beneath the Moon

"What? Then hurry and go put out the fire! What about Meng Yu? Is Meng Yu alright?" It was no wonder Cang Baicao was so angry, so it turned out that Meng Yu had ended up setting the kitchen on fire. But that wasn't right?

Meng Yu had stayed in the kitchen longer than she had been eating in this lifetime. How could she possibly make a mistake like this?

Could it be that she was seriously tired of making the medicinal dishes and had resorted to this to get out of it?

The maid hastily replied, "Big Sister Meng Yu is fine and is currently working on putting out the fire!"

"Then you should hurry and help too!" said Tang Doudou.

The maid nodded and hastily left.

It was bustling outside as people shouted in the heat to work together to put out the fire. Tang Doudou didn't know how large the fire was, but she saw many hidden guards run past. However, she couldn't do anything but lie on the bed.

Suddenly, in the middle of all this chaos, someone jumped in through the window.

Tang Doudou hastily looked over and made contact with a pair of familiar eyes.

"Bai Feiyun!" She cried out in shock, then quickly reacted to cry for help. "Hel…"

However, before the word could leave her mouth, Bai Feiyun had already reached her and covered her mouth.

Tang Doudou was shocked and scared. She was shocked that Bai Feiyun had chosen to come here at this time and worried that he was here for her life.

After Bai Feiyun covered her mouth, he quickly sealed her voice before releasing her.

Tang Doudou looked towards him in puzzlement and asked what he was doing here with her eyes.

Bai Feiyun could see her puzzlement, but he didn't bother to explain and just sat by the bed expressionlessly for a while. He reached out and lightly stroked Tang Doudou's cheek before looking towards her stomach. Tang Doudou couldn't figure out what he was thinking since his gaze was unreadable. Suddenly, he smiled. "The child?"

Tang Doudou looked at him. Did he go stupid?

Bai Feiyun then said, "It's best if you don't give birth in your current situation."

What was this?

Concern or ridicule?

"Don't look at me this way. You should understand that I'm saying this for your own good. This child can't be kept." A trace of heartache that not even Bai Feiyun was aware of flashed through his eyes. After saying this, he reached out to check Tang Doudou's pulse.

When Tang Doudou saw this, a voice in her heart screamed, you can't let him figure out your body's current situation!

However, she had no way of stopping him. As his hand gradually lowered, anxiety flashed through her eyes.

"You want to stop me?" However, Bai Feiyun figured out what she was thinking with one glance.

Tang Doudou just looked at him and silently questioned what he was trying to do.

After this delay, Bai Feiyun wasn't in a rush to check her pulse anymore. He glanced outside towards the hidden guards that were too distracted by the fire to look inside. It seemed that Baili Yu's subordinates weren't anything special.

"I'm just here to see what method Baili Yu would use to save you, but from the looks of things, he hasn't found any good method."

When Tang Doudou heard this, she softly loosened a breath in relief. It seemed that the news about Baili Yu looking for rootless grass hasn't been spread yet. That shows that he hadn't encountered any danger on the way there. He was likely late because he hadn't found the rootless grass yet.

Bai Feiyun could tell what she was feeling by her expression, but he didn't know what she was thinking. He became puzzled when he saw that she was relieved. Shouldn't she feel fear in this situation?

She had never had great courage. She was timid and fearful of death, disliked work and lazy…

"Cang Baicao has a vitals protection pill. This medicine can suppress the poison for about five days. Today is the last day, isn't it?"

In reality, she didn't really understand what Bai Feiyun was trying to do. His every move was puzzling and his true intention couldn't be made out at all.

However, the fact that he was like this truly made people apprehensive.

"I haven't seen a trace of him since entering this valley. Has he abandoned you? If he really has, would you feel hurt?"

Tang Doudou just looked at him silently. She only felt tired…

Bai Feiyun seemed to realize himself that he was speaking too much. Since she wasn't responding either, he found it pretty boring. After staying for another while, he leaned over and lifted Tang Doudou from the bed to walk towards the window.

This move startled Tang Doudou. He was taking her away?

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you for the time being." Bai Feiyun had a very good grasp of her expressions. One glance was all it took for him to figure out what she was thinking.

Tang Doudou lowered her eyes and silently sighed. In this situation, she couldn't even do anything to him.

Who asked her to be unable to move and speak?

Her only worry was that Bai Feiyun would do something to her child.

Even if she was thinking with her feet, she'd be able to figure out that he really didn't like this child. However, what did this child have to do with him?

Tang Doudou really wanted to curse, but in the end, she just closed her eyes. She didn't feel like communicating with Bai Feiyun even if it was just with her eyes. It tired out her eyes and her heart.

When Bai Feiyun saw that she had closed her eyes, he didn't say anything else and just left the valley with her. The miasma around the valley had no effect on him. It seemed that he had already taken an antidote for it.

Senior Cang definitely hadn't been the one that gave him the antidote. His medicinal expertise was good enough that even Cang Baicao praised it, so he had probably made the antidote himself.

After they were out of the valley, Bai Feiyun undid her voice seal. "I'm in a good mood today, so you can ask whatever you want to ask."

Tang Doudou didn't speak. After coughing for a while, she looked towards the moon before sighing and asking, "Bai Feiyun, I don't know why you suddenly became like this and I'm not sure what you actually want to do either. I also don't know what right you have to treat me this way! However, you can't be so cruel to a child that hasn't even been born! He's innocent! Don't you understand this?"

Even though Bai Feiyun had become like this, Tang Doudou still had faith that Bai Feiyun's conscience wasn't completely gone. She did hate him for what he did to her, but for the sake of the child, she could only suppress the hatred and looked beseechingly towards him.

"I'm begging you, let me go back. Senior Cang promised me that even if Baili Yu doesn't come back, he'd save my child!

"As long as the child is fine, you can do whatever you want!"

Bai Feiyun didn't react to anything she said, but when she got to this, he lowered his head to look at her. "Anything is fine?"

Tang Doudou gritted her teeth and nodded. "That's right, anything is fine. But it must be after I safely give birth to the child."

"Let me consider it." Bai Feiyun looked towards her with a smile that didn't seem quite like a smile. He didn't continue moving and just stopped at the cliff where Baili Yu had once gone stargazing with her.

He leaned Tang Doudou against the rock wall, then sat down as well. Currently, the moon was high up and the sky was filled with a river of sparkling stars. Viewing the stars from this quiet high cliff was a breathtaking experience, but Tang Doudou didn't have the mood to stargaze right now. Instead, she looked towards Azure Water Valley.

There was no way that Baili Yu would've returned right after Bai Feiyun took her out, right?

How would he react when he found that she wasn't there?

Bai Feiyun also wasn't in the mood to look at the stars. The only thing in his eyes was Tang Doudou. Or perhaps, it should be said, Tang Doudou's face, Li Xueyi's face.

However, the gaze was seriously too different. Bai Feiyun slowly shifted his gaze away and looked at the distance.

"Let me tell you a story." He suddenly started speaking.

Tang Doudou glanced towards him in surprise. What did he mean by telling a story in this sort of situation?

He sure had a lot of free time.

However, Bai Feiyun didn't care what she thought and started talking on his own. "Fifteen years ago, due to the struggle inside the Bai family for the position of family head, my mother and the current master of the Bai family, Bai Luoqing, were in an intense struggle…"

He first started with how the Bai family had changed hands. She had already heard about this from Gu Xun and Baili Yu, but it was a different experience to hear it from Bai Feiyun.

Perhaps it was due to his personality. When Gu Xun had been talking about it, he was very stirred up and indignant. However, that was a normal reaction. When Bai Feiyun talked about it thought, it just sounded like he was lamenting history.

"Once I became of age, Mother gradually handed the affairs of the White Clouds Manor over to me. One time, when I was out, I encountered Xueyi. It was originally just one fateful encounter, but then I encountered her again. It was just that, the first time, she had been drinking in high spirits in a brothel. I had happened to past by and was dragged over to have a drink with her.

"When we met again, she had been poisoned with a fatal poison and was lying helplessly on the roof. However, her eyes were bright and spirited as always. I didn't know why, but I brought her back to White Clouds Manor."

So he was telling her about his past with Li Xueyi?

A trace of surprise flashed through her eyes. She never would've expected for them to have such a deep relationship. It was no wonder he had helped her for so long without any strings attached.

"You… you're skeptical of my identity?" In the end, Tang Doudou asked this directly. Stifling this question for such a long time had been painful. If this question was really the source of Bai Feiyun's misunderstandings towards her, the reason why he kept interfering with her matters, it was seriously annoying!

So it'd be better to take this chance to confess to him and clear things up. Whatever he did after that, she'd take it!

Bai Feiyun wasn't surprised that she managed to guess this, because his moves had been too clear. If she still couldn't guess it after all this, it'd mean that she was seriously dumb.

"You suspect that I'm not Li Xueyi, right?"

When Tang Doudou saw that he stayed silent, she asked again.

Bai Feiyun replied mildly, "Yes. Xueyi isn't like this."

"Not like this? What's 'this'?" Tang Doudou laughed with a sneer. "In reality, whether I'm Li Xueyi or not is something that not even I am sure of."

Bai Feiyun's gaze chilled. Tang Doudou continued, "From the start, it was you guys that kept saying that I was Li Xueyi, no?"

When Bai Feiyun heard this, his expression turned strange. What she said was true.

"So regardless of whether or not I'm Li Xueyi, there's only one thing I want to say. If I could have chosen, I definitely wouldn't have chosen to appear in front of you guys or pick up so many burdens… Don't ask me where Li Xueyi is either, I really don't know."

"Do you think I would believe that?" Bai Feiyun looked towards her.

"That's your problem. I said this only to let you know the situation. While the situation is unclear, it's best to think things through carefully before making a move. Otherwise, if you make the wrong move, there's no way to undo it."

"You're only saying all this because you want me to stop opposing you." Bai Feiyun smiled mildly. It was impossible to tell if Tang Doudou's words had gotten through to him or not.


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