Chapter 425: Life was Hard to Predict

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 425: Life was Hard to Predict

Tang Doudou gave a light humph. "Then why are you talking so much? Since you suspect that I'm not Li Xueyi, why didn't you just kill me?"

Bai Feiyun didn't speak.

Tang Doudou continued, "Or is it that you want to find the real Li Xueyi through me?"

Bai Feiyun looked up.

Tang Doudou laughed coldly. "Then I can tell you right now that in this lifetime, the next lifetime… you'll never find her again!"

Bai Feiyun abruptly stood up. His gaze which had always been gentle now turned sinister. "What have you done to her?"

"What could I do to her? Bai gongzi must've forgotten that the Li Xueyi you guys speak of has extremely high martial arts and is very intelligent. Meanwhile, I'm just an ordinary person who's only skilled in culinary arts. What could I possibly do to her?" replied Tang Doudou with a scornful laugh.

Bai Feiyun looked at her hard as if he was trying to find a crack in her act.

Tang Doudou wasn't worried and just gazed back at him calmly. All of her words were true. There was no way that Bai Feiyun could find the real Li Xueyi, because she was already dead. She hadn't done anything to Li Xueyi either. If they wanted to know what happened to Li Xueyi, their only choice was to head to the underworld to ask her in person. And more importantly, in this world, she was Li Xueyi, and Li Xueyi was her.

After so many gradual influences, she herself had come to accept this identity. However, unexpectedly, the person who had been the most convinced that she was Li Xueyi was now suspecting her of not being Li Xueyi.

Life was truly hard to predict.

The two kept looking at each other for a long time. Even the moonlight seemed to dim. The sky was gradually covered by clouds and not even the mass curtain of stars could chase away the surrounding darkness.

Tang Doudou could faintly sense that Bai Feiyun was approaching her. Puzzlement flashed through her eyes. What was he about to do?

"I'll believe you this once." Bai Feiyun leaned over her ear and said this emotionlessly.

Afterwards, he didn't wait for Tang Doudou to react and sealed her voice again with a couple taps before lifting her in a princess carry and jumping down the cliff. Without the moon, the surroundings were pitch black. All Tang Doudou could hear was the urgent whistle of the wind. She didn't know how fast they were falling, but after a few moments, they stopped.

Tang Doudou opened her eyes and found that they were already back at the courtyard.

However, she soon realized that Bai Feiyun had been forced to stop. Otherwise, at this time she would already be lying back on the bed.

Who was it?

She then sensed the familiar gaze and her eyes felt hot with tears. She wanted to call out that person's name, but she couldn't make any sound.

"Oh, Bai gongzi?" The light remark contained an extremely cold chill. Baili Yu had come out from the courtyard. When he saw that Bai Feiyun was carrying Tang Doudou and that there were tears on her face, a trace of murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

Bai Feiyun could sense the murderous intent. He knew that he wasn't a match for Baili Yu, but he also wasn't scared. Even as Baili Yu glared at him, he continued walking towards the courtyard.

However, after a few steps, he was forced to stop. He looked down and saw that Baili Yu's Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms had wrapped around his legs. They seemed to have the intention of continuing upwards.

He said mildly, "Resplendent Prince, if you want her to die, you can go ahead and take my life."

Baili Yu's eyes narrowed and he stared at him for a while before finally waving his hand. The flower petals floating in the air instantly turned to dust. "Put her down and I'll let you go."

Bai Feiyun laughed, but he did place Tang Doudou on the ground. Once he got back up, he said, "Resplendent Prince has always kept his word, so I'll give the person back to you. Farewell!"

When Baili Yu saw that he had placed Tang Doudou down, he immediately moved over and pulled Tang Doudou into his arms. After a few taps, Tang Doudou was released from the seal and she started crying while burying her face into his arm. Her body shuddered with her sobs.

Baili Yu's heart softened and he felt strong self-blame. "Doudou…"

"l'm fine, so don't blame yourself. Big evil spirit, you should know that you're just a person, not a god. The fact that I encountered danger has nothing to do with you. You've already done very well!"

After Tang Doudou said this, she wiped her tears off on his clothes. She saw Bai Feiyun turn away out of the corner of her eye and abruptly recalled how much pain Jun Xin had been in just before he died. She gritted her teeth and said to Baili Yu, "We can't let him go!"

Bai Feiyun stiffened, but he quickly reacted and moved to fly away.

However, Baili Yu was faster than him and moved in front in the blink of an eye. Blood Satan appeared and made a harsh red arc in the night air. Bai Feiyun hastily retreated, but was still a step late. His waist was cut and blood instantly soaked through his white outer garment, dying it with blossoms of blood.

He still managed to quickly get away from Baili Yu and landed in the forest. Baili Yu made to follow him, but someone suddenly ran out from inside. It was Cang Baicao. After he came out, he shouted towards Baili Yu, "Stop wasting time! No matter what, let's deal with the main matter first, alright?"

When Bai Feiyun heard his voice, he turned back to glance towards Cang Baicao for a long moment, then quickly left while Baili Yu and Tang Doudou were still hesitating.

Baili Yu didn't continue to chase after him and lifted Tang Doudou to walk towards Cang Baicao.

"Senior Cang, you…" When they got closer, Tang Doudou found that Cang Baicao's eyes were filled with tears. She originally wanted to ask him why he did this, but after seeing those tears, she couldn't ask that question.

Cang Baicao looked away and used the corner of his sleeve to wipe at his tears as he turned to walk back inside. "Come in. I've already prepared the rootless grass."

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a look, then Baili Yu walked in after Cang Baicao.

"Did you get injured?" Tang Doudou looked up at the bit of stubble on Baili Yu's chin as she asked this quietly.

Baili Yu smiled towards her. "Does your husband look that useless to you?"

When he recalled what she said earlier about him just being a person and not a god, his eyes warmed. She was probably the only one in the world that felt he was just a person.

That was probably why he had fallen in love with her!

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him. "I'm worried about you!"

"This husband understands."

Baili Yu pecked her cheek and his short stubble poked Tang Doudou. She laughed and hastily turned her head away before whispering, "Say, why did Senior Cang still help Bai Feiyun?"

"People like Senior Cang love talent more than life. Bai Feiyun's innate talent is extraordinary, and he had also spent many years teaching Bai Feiyun. Although the two don't have a formal master and disciple relationship, their relationship already surpasses that… That was why he still couldn't bear to see Bai Feiyun hurt despite everything that Bai Feiyun did."

Baili Yu's words made sense, but Tang Doudou still couldn't accept it.

Cang Baicao cared about Bai Feiyun, but what about Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren? Did he not care about them?

Baili Yu seemed to know what she was thinking and said with a smile, "All people have biases. The only ones who aren't biased are just people who haven't found someone they're willing to be biased towards. Don't think too much about this. Ah Xin will get revenge sooner or later on Bai Feiyun for what he did. He's not the type to just swallow anger."

When he said this, Tang Doudou realized that no one had told him about what happened to Jun Xin and Baili Yiling yet, so she hastily said, "Big evil spirit, there's a matter that you need to deal with right away!"

Baili Yu looked towards her in puzzlement. "What is it? Is it that urgent?"

"After you left, the Wind Shadow guard came back and said that Jun Xin and Yiling had been discovered by that mysterious person. Their current whereabouts and even whether they're still alive is unknown! I had Qing Yin take the alliance head command tablet to find the people of the martial arts alliance and the four large families, but no news has come back. Ye Chuan refuses to help me find news about Qing Yin so I don't know what's going on with them now.

"At the same time, I can't move and was only able to worry, so it's great that you're back! Hurry and send someone to look for Jun Xin and Yiling! It'd be terrible if something happens to them!"

The more Tang Doudou told him, the more anxious she became again.

After hearing all of this, Baili Yu's brows furrowed into a tight arc. Why hadn't Ye Chuan mentioned any of this to him?

However, his brows unfurled again when he looked towards Tang Doudou. He placed her on the bed. There was no one else in the room. Cang Baicao had probably gone to prepare the items for curing the poison. "I'll watch over you until the poison's cured before going."

"That won't do! Every moment we wait is a moment in which something bad might happen. I have a lot of people looking after me here, I'll be fine!" Tang Doudou hadn't allowed herself to worry before because there was nothing that she'd be able to do, but now that Baili Yu was back, she couldn't hold back her worry anymore.

However, Baili Yu was resolute. "As soon as you get better, I'll go immediately!"

Tang Doudou glowered at him. "If you don't go, I won't let Senior Cang cure my poison!"


"Are you going or not?"

"Wife, you're so biased." Baili Yu pouted and lifted his sleeve to reveal his jade-like skin. That usually flawless skin was currently covered with sinister scars. The sight was so terrible that one's scalp prickled.

Tang Doudou was stunned. Tears rapidly filled her eyes again. "You, this…"

"I rushed for an entire three days and three nights. I didn't even close my eyes. When I found the rootless grass, I encountered the beast that guarded it. This was something it left… Wife, I've worked so hard, can't you let me rest for a while before I go work again? I promise that I'll only rest a little while. As soon as I recover a little, I'll immediately go find Ah Xin and the others." Baili Yu couldn't come up with any other ideas. If he insisted, it would just make her unhappy, so he could only act shameless. That beast was just something he made up. Even though it had been difficult to find the rootless grass, it hadn't been as dangerous as he expected. The injury on his arm just came from the poisonous thorns on the cliff's vines as he was gathering the rootless grass.

When Tang Doudou heard this, she started blaming herself for being thoughtless and selfish. She knew that it had definitely been difficult to find the rootless grass and he definitely panicked when he came back and found that she wasn't here. This now was probably the only breather he had since five days ago. Just now she was saying that he was just a person, but she was treating him as a god again.

"Sorry, I was just too worried about them." Tang Doudou apologized sincerely. Her eyes were filled with guilt and shame at her own selfish behavior.

Baili Yu sighed. Although his wife was no longer as dumb as before, she was seriously still very naive and believed whatever he said.

"Don't worry. I can't look for them personally right now, but I'll immediately send people to figure out their current situation before making further plans. As you've said, that mysterious person is likely Lan Jia. We have to make large preparations in order to deal with him."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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