Chapter 430: Not in Barbarian Mound Garrison

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 430: Not in Barbarian Mound Garrison

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu froze and was almost injured by the creature's sharp claws. He hastily dodged, then sent Blood Satan flying out. There was a brief flash, then the creature's enormous arm was cut open and sticky green blood splashed all over the floor.

Baili Yu shielded Tang Doudou as he dodged the disgusting blood and moved a distance away. The room was currently fully lit so the situation inside the room was completely visible. This strange creature that seemed to be Grandma Shen was the only thing in this room. There were no other sources of danger.

Baili Yu lowered Tang Doudou, then asked again, "Are you sure that's Grandma Shen?"

Tang Doudou was originally very sure, but when she saw Baili Yu looking at her so seriously, she became a little uncertain and hesitated. "It, it should be her!"

As she spoke, she looked towards the creature again. However, her recollection of what Grandma Shen looked like seemed to become foggy and the more she looked, the more unsure she became. She rubbed her chin helplessly. "I'm not sure either!"

Baili Yu knew this was because she wanted to be certain, which made her doubt herself. So now he was certain that this creature was Grandma Shen. He recalled what she said about Grandma Shen dying and looked towards the corner of the room which was filled with Grandma Shen's pots and jars.

The creature had been injured by him and was howling in pain at the side. For the time being, it didn't have the energy to attack again.

Baili Yu walked towards the pots. When Tang Doudou saw him move, she glanced fearfully towards the creature, then hastily followed after him.

Once they reached that area, Baili Yu reached out with his slender fingers in preparation to lift the jar and look inside. Tang Doudou recalled the disgusting bugs she had seen inside the pots in Tree Valley and immediately grabbed his hand. "Don't look!"

"Hm?" Baili Yu hadn't expected for her to have such a large reaction and looked over to ask, "What's wrong?"

Tang Doudou looked towards the pots with disgust. "I've seen what's inside before. They're all filled with those bugs that are covered with sharp incisors. Shen Moru had wanted to feed my blood to those bugs."

Baili Yu hadn't expected that she was stopping him because of this. He said with a smile, "It's fine, I know what those bugs are. I just want to see if Grandma Shen's transformation has anything to do with these bugs.

"Don't worry, I won't let them get out."

Alright, he always had an explanation that she couldn't argue against.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to here, she let go of his hand and Baili Yu picked up a jar. He flicked his finger slightly and the stopper on the jar was flicked off. He glanced inside. Tang Doudou was just about to look as well, but he abruptly picked up the stopper and stuffed it hard on the jar again.

Tang Doudou was startled. "What's wrong?"

"It's not good!" said Baili Yu in a low voice as he once again attacked the monster with Blood Satan. Several streaks of blood lines flashed across the room and the monster repeatedly screamed. The sound then abruptly stopped as the monster fell backwards, then stopped moving.

After Baili Yu killed that creature, he lifted Tang Doudou and flew out of this house.

"What exactly happened with the bugs?" Once they got out, the warm sunlight outside immediately swept that chill from earlier away. Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yu was still staring at the hole without a word as if he was considering something.

Baili Yu glanced at her. "They've gotten bigger."


"Those are called soul devouring bugs. They had gone extinct many years ago, but the Seven Great Saint Tribes still some specimens. This isn't that unusual…"

"Soul devouring bugs? They sound really scary. Do these bugs eat people?" Tang Doudou recalled the sharp incisors she saw on the bug's underside back in Tree Valley and her scalp prickled.

Baili Yu nodded in answer to Tang Doudou's question, then he looked towards the mountain ranges. He remarked softly, "Soul devouring bugs? What exactly is he trying to do?"

This sudden question made Tang Doudou completely lost and she leaned over to ask, "Who?"

"Lan Jia!" Baili Yu pressed his lips together tightly, then spat these words.

When Tang Doudou heard this name, she slapped her head. "My memory's seriously bad! I forgot the most important matter again!"

She ended up hitting herself too hard and inhaled sharply from the pain. Baili Yu felt heartache and also helpless as he rubbed her head. "Silly girl."

Tang Doudou pouted. "This is sincerity!"

After refuting, she continued on with what she was about to say earlier. "Speaking of Lan JIa, when Jun Xin and Yiling got into trouble, the Wind Shadow guard brought back a message that Jun Xin had told Yiling to bring. However, Yiling insisted on going back to find Jun Xin, so he ended up bringing it."

"Oh? Even if Jun Xin wasn't killed by the mysterious person, he probably would've been angered to death by what Yiling did. I already warned her before she left not to be so rash and overestimate herself. It sounds like she hasn't kept my warning in mind at all." When Baili Yu heard this, he laughed helplessly.

However, Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Was this the main point?

Furthermore, she didn't find anything wrong with what Baili Yiling did. If it were her, she would also go back to find Jun Xin. Escaping by herself was way too disloyal!

However, she only thought this because she had a lot of past history with Jun Xin. What about Baili Yiling? Why did she turn back despite the fact that she likely would die?

When had her relationship with Jun Xin become one of facing life and death together?

Tang Doudou was confused.

She didn't notice that her line of thought had been also steered off track by Baili Yu. The more she thought about this, the further away from the original topic her thoughts went. If it weren't for Baili Yu moving, she probably would've completely sank into this daydream.

What snapped her out of her thoughts was a burst of banging sounds. When she came back to her senses, she saw that Baili Yu was using his inner strength to melt the surrounding iron walls. A large hole rapidly appeared beneath their feet and the roof tiles that he had shattered into dust were blown away by the wind.

Baili Yu asked, "You said earlier that Qing Yin had also come to Barbarian Mound Garrison?"

"Yes! Because the martial arts alliance and the four large families are resting here." When this was brought up, Tang Doudou began blaming herself. She was also very worried. If something happened to Qing Yin, she wouldn't know what to do.

"Don't worry. The martial arts alliance and the four large families wouldn't dare to do anything to Qing Yin. The reason there's no news from her might be because she had already brought them to that manor. That's the only possible place where anything could possibly happen, and if something did happen, she probably isn't the only one in trouble!"

His words were a little roundabout and Tang Doudou couldn't help but be confused for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"Before we started curing your poison, I sent people to check Barbarian Mound Garrison and they found that there was no longer any trace of the four large families or the martial arts alliance here. However, that's a large group, so it had been easy for us to get news that they had headed off to North Hara City." Baili Yu got up and took out some white powder from his sleeve to spill it into the hole.

Baili Yu explained, "This powder is capable of temporarily calming the soul devouring bugs. In a bit, there will be hidden guards here to take them away. We should hurry and get to North Hara City. Hopefully, things haven't gotten to a point where it's too late to fix!"

Since even Baili Yu was concerned, Tang Doudou felt even more uneasy. What if it was already too late? What if something had already happened to Jun Xin and Yiling…

"Will we make it in time?"

"We should be able to!" Baili Yu's gaze was solemn as he flew off the roof with her. Maids had already arrived and were waiting outside. When they landed, the maids carried the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin over to them.

"Won't the palanquin be too slow?" She hadn't expected that he had arranged for them to go by palanquin. Tang Doudou glanced towards Baili Yu worriedly.

However, Baili Yu just laughed. "Did you already forget about how a certain someone almost got hurled out of the palanquin because it was going so fast?"

Uh… Tang Doudou only recalled now that the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin wasn't an ordinary palanquin and that the people carrying it weren't ordinary people either.

"I can't use my qinggong to the fullest while carrying you, so it'll affect the speed. Although the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin is a little slower than my speed, it's not very slow. In addition, the palanquin will be more comfortable for you." Baili Yu pulled her inside. The decor was the same as always.

Tang Doudou knew that his last sentence was probably the main point and was a little moved. She grabbed Baili Yu's hand tightly and vowed, "Don't worry, once I give birth to this baby, I'll work hard to learn martial arts! In the future, I'll be able to protect myself and the baby! That way, you don't have to worry about me so much!"

She had a burst of enthusiasm because she had been moved. She thought that Baili Yu would also be moved to hear this, but his expression turned sulky.

She was baffled. Did she say something wrong?


Before she could even say anything, Baili Yu sighed unhappily. "It sounds like Wife wishes to abandon this husband? Could it be that this husband protecting you and the child, worrying for you and the child, isn't this husband's privilege? Or is it that Wife dislikes this husband for sticking his nose in too much?"

What was this!?

She just didn't want him to work so hard!

"Haaa. I knew that Wife wouldn't follow the ways of a normal girl so I shouldn't have made such an unreasonable request as to have Wife contently stay at home and just follow the role of a traditional wife."

Tang Doudou was getting dizzy from all of this. What did he mean? He's saying that she's too restless?

She was going to get angry!

"But I just happen love Wife's strange way of thinking! Since I like Wife so much, I won't insist on binding Wife to my side. Since Wife has already made her decision, once the baby is born, this husband will personally teach you martial arts. How's that?"


When Tang Doudou heard this, she finally realized that his main point was at the end again!

However, she was elated!

Who was Baili Yu?

Everyone acknowledged his martial arts as the best on the Jianghu. Even Su Yi, that old brat, said he wasn't a match for him. In Cerulean Mountain, if hadn’t been for the sea dragon and the strange bugs that caused him trouble, there was no way that Lan Jia could've defeated him!

He was going to teach her martial arts and she already had very profound inner strength, so she'd definitely be able to enter the ranking of the strongest martial arts experts. At that time… Hehe…

When Baili Yu saw how she was giggling smugly, he immediately knew what she was thinking and couldn't help but smile as well.

If someone saw his smile right now, they'd notice the devilishness in his crafty smile.

Wife wants to learn martial arts? As the husband, he'd definitely put all his heart and soul into teaching her pro. per. ly!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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