Chapter 431: Nangong Yan's Secret

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Chapter 431: Nangong Yan's Secret

While they were looking around Grandma Shen's house, Ye Chuan had already arrived with the hidden guards.

The people were split into two groups. One group brought the soul devouring bugs back to Huai City while another group followed behind Baili Yu and the others to protect them.

After a day, the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin's speed gradually slowed. Tang Doudou lifted the curtain and saw the large sprawling city below.

"We're here." Baili Yu opened his eyes. After the hoarfrost poison had been suppressed, his health had gotten a lot better. However, he still had the habit of closing his eyes to rest whenever there wasn't anything to do.

Though his eyes were closed, he could still sense that restless girl moving around in the palanquin. After she lifted the curtain and exhaled in relief, he knew that they had arrived.

Tang Doudou turned around and saw that he had opened his eyes. His slender peach blossom eyes were shining from the gentle sunlight that spilled in and it seemed like an entire world of light was contained in his eyes. For a moment, she couldn't even bear to look at him directly. Inwardly, she sighed again, what a seductive yao ah!

Once the palanquin stopped, Baili Yu led her outside and they stopped at the entrance of North Hara City.

"The Wind Shadow guard said that the manor was on the outskirts of North Hara City, but which direction is it?" The moment Tang Doudou got off the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, she started looking around anxiously.

Baili Yu just walked towards North Hara City calmly.

When the people at the doors saw him, they were stunned. How could such a good-looking person exist in this world?

Tang Doudou hastily followed after him. When she saw the shock in those people's eyes, she felt proud. However, she soon threw this feeling to the back of her head since she saw a familiar figure nearby. Nangong Yan?

Why was she here?

Baili Yu was also a little surprised. He hadn't expected to see Nangong Yan here, but he quickly realized why she was here. Ever since Lan Jia had left Cerulean Mountain, he had been with Nangong Yan. Since Lan Jia was here, it wasn't strange for her to also be here.

When Nangong Yan saw the two, she greeted them with a sweet smile.

Baili Yu smoothly pulled Tang Doudou behind him to shield her as he looked towards Nangong Yan expressionlessly.

Nangong Yan acted as if nothing had ever happened. The moment she reached them, she called out, "Senior Brother!"

Following that, she turned around and tilted her head to look towards Tang Doudou who was behind Baili Yu. Her lips curved and she called out, "Sister-in-Law!"

This greeting shocked Tang Doudou to the point that she couldn't get any words out.

She couldn't help but look towards Nangong Yan in confusion. Did she get possessed?

Baili Yu was also confused, but he didn't show it. "Why were you looking for me?"

"Can't I look for Senior Brother even if there's nothing?" asked Nangong Yan mischievously.

Baili Yu just smiled without speaking.

Tang Doudou hadn't spoken from the start, so the atmosphere became a little strange.

However, Nangong Yan didn't seem to notice the atmosphere at all and took another step forward. She stopped smiling and looked towards Baili Yu sincerely, "Senior Brother, I made mistakes in the past, I apologize. I won't ever do this again. Can you forgive me?"

Baili Yu glanced at her, then said calmly, "There's no need to say it to me."

That was true. Nangong Yan hadn't done anything to Baili Yu since she would never be able to bring herself to. If she wanted to apologize, it should be directed towards Tang Doudou.

So she turned towards Tang Doudou.

However, before she could speak, Tang Doudou said, "There's no need for you to apologize to me. Let the past just fade into the past!"

Although she said this, she had no intention of forgiving Nangong Yan. The only reason she said this was because of Baili Yu. Who asked for Nangong Yan to be Baili Yu's junior sister and also his younger sister?

No matter how much she hated her, she had no choice but to let it go. However, this current matter better had nothing to do with Nangong Yan, otherwise…

When Nangong Yan heard what she said, she pouted. "Sister-in-Law, you're not willing to forgive me?"

Tang Doudou really wanted to say yes, but what came out of her mouth was, "How's that possible? Since you have the intention of changing your ways, we'll definitely give you a chance. I believe that this is also what your older brother means, right?"

Tang Doudou looked towards Baili Yu, refusing to let him just stay out of this.

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu smiled unreadably. "Yes."

Following that, Tang Doudou didn't give Nangong Yan any chances to continue the conversation. "We still have things to do, so we won't be able to keep you company any longer. Let's chat when we have the chance once we finish our business."

As she said this, she pulled Baili Yu into the city.

When Nangong Yan saw that they were about to leave, she hastily called out to them. "Senior Brother, wait! The reason I came is because there's something I need to tell you guys!

"Senior Brother! Don't go ah!"

She cried out so loudly that Tang Doudou had no choice but to stop. "Then hurry and say it. We really are short on time!"

"Sister-in-Law, I know that you don't like me, but this matter really is very important. I…"

Since she knew that the matter was important, why was she still wasting time? Tang Doudou couldn't help but look towards the sky speechlessly.

Baili Yu saw that she was annoyed and became unhappy as well. Although he didn't express it, Nangong Yan still sensed his cold displeasure.

"Senior Brother, Master is looking for you!" She was worried that Baili Yu would just turn and leave, so she hastily shouted this sentence.

Baili Yu's brows lifted. "Master?"

"Master is currently in North Hara City. After he found out what happened recently, he ordered me to wait here for you. He said that you'd definitely come here and told me to bring you over the moment you arrived."

She didn't seem to be lying, so after Baili Yu was silent for a while, he asked, "Where's Master right now?"

Nangong Yan knew from his words that he believed her, so her face lit up with joy and she hastily answered, "He's in the Thousand Meter Pavilion outside the city!"

"Thousand Meter Pavilion?

"Alright, I got it." After Baili Yu said that, he pulled Tang Doudou into the city.

Nangong Yan wanted to call out to him again since Master had told her to immediately bring him over!

However, when her eyes landed on Tang Doudou, she thought better of it and stroked her cheek. She had already delivered the message, so if Senior Brother didn't want to go, that was his problem. If Master asked, she'll just say that Tang Doudou wouldn't let Senior Brother go and insisted that Senior Brother went shopping with her… It was such a good reason, it'd be a shame not to use it!

From the start, Master hadn't approved of this marriage. As long as she trashtalked Tang Doudou in front of Master some more, there was no worry that Master wouldn't support her!

When her thoughts reached this point, she smiled coldly. It was clearly a hot day, but the people passing by her still felt a bone-piercing chill.

They looked towards her weirdly, but she glared back at them so fiercely that they didn't dare to look anymore.

After a few moments, she left the city.

She walked for a while, then suddenly stopped and glared in disgust behind her. "Come out!"

Liu Zhiyuan's figure slowly appeared. He was carrying an infant that was crying out for food. When Nangong Yan heard that wailing, she angrily stomped over and snatched the infant from his hands. Then she shouted at the infant, "All you know to do is cry! If you keep crying, I'll smash you to death!"

Liu Zhiyuan's expression didn't change despite her malicious words and walked over. However, he was stopped by Nangong Yan's glare. "Get the hell away! If he wants milk, just go find a wet nurse! My master has already come. If he discovers this, I'd like to see how you plan to deal with this!"

Although she said this fiercely, she still pulled open her collar and turned away from Liu Zhiyuan to feed the infant until he was full. She then turned back and shoved the infant back into Liu Zhiyuan’s hands. "Don't look for me again! If he's hungry, just find him a wet nurse! Don't blame me for not warning you! If anything happens, there's no way I'll acknowledge the child!"

The infant, now full, started giggling and smiling towards Nangong Yan. Nangong Yan's sinister face was reflected in the infant's pure eyes. He waved his hands in the air, seeming to be asking for a hug.

However, Nangong Yan moved far away in disgust. "Get out of here already!"

Liu Zhiyuan opened his mouth hesitantly, then said, "Even if you're not willing to see him or acknowledge him, as his mother, please give him a name."

Nangong Yan was annoyed. "Coming up with a name is so troublesome. Just go with whatever!"

After saying that, she turned and left.

This time, Liu Zhiyuan didn't try to stop her again. He looked down towards the infant in his arms and a trace of regret flashed through his eyes. However, it quickly dispersed. "Whatever? Then just call him Suibian (whatever; as one pleases)!"

After saying that, he turned away and left again.

The distance between the two gradually lengthened. After walking for a while, Nangong Yan stopped. Tears continuously flooded out. Her eyes which were filled with hatred were soon submerged by tears. Why! Why did the Heavens have to treat her this way!?

The child?

He shouldn't have been born in the first place!

But when that child was placed in her arms, when she saw those pure eyes, she hadn't been able to harden her heart!

If it weren't for the fact that she had threatened him with her own life and Wind Cloud Island, Liu Zhiyuan wouldn't have let her off so easily!

Even so, he wouldn't truly let her off! She understood how crazed this man was. He was like a poisonous snake in the desert. He hid himself in the endless sand while stalking his prey fixedly. The moment there was an opening, he'd take everything!

She couldn't show any affection for the child, that way he wouldn't be able to use the child against her.

What she needed to do right now was snatch Senior Brother back and get Senior Brother's help to kill Liu Zhiyuan! After that, she wouldn't have to worry about anything else. As for the child, all she could do was make it up to him slowly…

She had replayed this plan in her mind countlessly times already. She soon wiped away her tears. However, when she got up, her brows furrowed. There was someone behind her!

She abruptly turned around and saw someone walk out from the forest with a mischievous smile. He was dressed in green and there was a red string at his waist that swayed as he slowly walked over.

"Oh wow! Who would've expected to chance upon such a huge secret! You wouldn't kill to silence, right?"

Nangong Yan's face turned completely pale and she backed away. "Su Yi, what are you planning to do?"

"What a strange question. What can I do? I was just passing by, but you ah! You refuse to acknowledge your own son! Tsk tsk, you're sure just as heartless as your father!" Su Yi sneered as he waved his hand in front of his waist and the red string immediately wrapped around his finger.

Nangong Yan 's face became even paler. "What nonsense are you saying!? That's not my son! My father, my father treats me really well! You shouldn't think that just because you're the lord of Cloud City that you can just say whatever you like and slander others!"

Su Yi shrugged. "Who your father is, whether that's your son or not, they don't have anything to do with me. But since I happened to encounter you here, if I don't settle past debts with you now, it'd be a waste of the Heavens' thoughtful arrangement ah!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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