Chapter 432: Will Make You Pay

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 432: Will Make You Pay

"You! You're the grand lord of Cloud City, could it be that all you know to do is rely on your strength to bully the weak? To bully women?"

Su Yi shamelessly replied, "You sure got that right. I love relying on my strength to bully the weak and to bully women. What? You can't accept it?"

Nangong Yan was about to puke blood from anger. Her face flushed red and became pale from anger and fear. It took her quite a while to recollect herself, but once she did, she glared at Su Yi and said, "City Lord Su, let's stop talking in circles. What exactly do you want to do?"

"What do I want to do? Didn't I already tell you earlier? I want to settle past debts!" Su Yi smiled as he approached Nangong Yan step by step. The red thread wrapped around his finger glinted under the sunlight. As he flicked his hand slightly, it looked like flowing blood.

Nangong Yan backed away until there was nowhere left to retreat to. Finally, since there was no other choice, she attacked first.

However, before her attack even reached Su Yi, she dodged to the side and ran.

Su Yi wasn't surprised and with a light movement, started chasing after Nangong Yan.

It was clear that their speeds weren't on the same level at all. He caught up with Nangong Yan who originally had a large head start in a couple seconds.

After catching up, he didn't immediately catch her and just maintained this distance as if he was playing a game of cat and mouse.

Nangong Yan was infuriated again by his manner, but there was nothing she could do. Who asked for her to not train seriously in the past? With her current level of martial arts, she wouldn't be able to even exchange one blow with Su Yi.

All she could do was run towards where her master was.

They weren't far from Thousand Meter Pavilion. Nangong Yan soon saw a corner of the pavilion come into sight. When she got a little closer, she saw the back of the figure sitting there.

She was relieved by this sight, then she forced out a couple tears and ran towards that figure. "Master, save me!"

Her tears dropped down. When that figure heard this, he slowly turned around.

He had white hair and a white beard like a true aloof celestial!

"Master! There's someone that wants to kill me!" Nangong Yan landed outside the pavilion and staggered over before hiding behind the person in a fearful manner.

That person's name was Dao Xun. He was Nangong Yan's master and also Baili Yu's master, the previous master of Wind Cloud Island. After he abdicated and passed the position off to Nangong Yan's father, he started accepting disciples in Wind Cloud Island. He had a lot of disciples, but the only full inheritance disciple was Baili Yu.

Due to this, even though Baili Feng was older than Baili Yu and had been accepted as a disciple earlier, based on seniority, he still had to call Baili Yu senior brother.

It was also because of this that Baili Feng held such a grudge against Baili Yu.

Dao Xun, as someone of the orthodox sect, disliked secret schemes the most. That was why both Baili Feng and Nangong Yan always acted like obedient disciples in front of him. At the same time, he was obsessed with martial arts and the way of Daoism, so he didn't understand his disciples' personalities at all and truly believed them to be as good as they acted.

However, Dao Xun had special affection for Baili Yu and Jun Xin. No matter how much trouble those two caused on the island and outside, he couldn't help but love their talents so he was always very lax with them. It was to the extent that in the end, Baili Yu and Jun Xin completely left Wind Cloud Island.

These past years, Dao Xun would hear news about these two disciples practically every day. He had wanted to come check on them, but never had the chance. In the blink of an eye, seven years had passed. This time, something had happened to Nangong Yan as well. The master of Wind Cloud Island had no choice but to ask him to make a trip.

When he found Nangong Yan, the situation didn't seem to match the rumors, so he wanted to ask Baili Yu for the actual situation. He was aware that Baili Yu had an extensive information network in the outside world and also believed that Baili Yu would definitely know what happened with Nangong Yan.

There were a few other matters that led to him waiting here for Baili Yu.

However, Nangong Yan who had gone off to find Baili Yu ended up coming back and shouting that someone was trying to kill her. Dao Xun was completely confused. News about him had already spread. Someone would actually try to kill Nangong Yan while knowing that he was here?

Could it be that after disappearing for a dozen years, these people had already forgotten about his power?

As all these things flashed through his mind as he watched the person approach. When he glanced over, his first impression was that the person's energy was so carefully controlled that his true strength couldn't be made out. His martial arts actually seemed to be on the same level as his.

When he took a closer look, he exclaimed, "Su Yi?"

Then he said sternly, "City Lord Su, for better or for worse, you're still the lord of a city and someone of the previous generation. How could you attack one of the younger generation for no reason? It's truly tarnishing your own reputation!"

When Su Yi saw him, he landed on a nearby branch and sneered. "Dao Xun ah, Dao Xun. Who would've thought that you're still this revolting and annoying after all these years? For no reason? Do you think I have that much free time to kill your disciple for fun? And if it's tarnishing your own reputation to stand up for your disciple, then do you have the right to say that to me?"

Nangong Yan hadn't expected for Su Yi to be so unbridled even in front of her master. Her eyes whirled and she was about to speak first so that Su Yi couldn't reveal the fact that she had killed Tang Doudou in Cloud City.

However, before she could speak, Dao Xun frowned and glanced towards her before asking Su Yi, "It was this old man's negligence. May I ask why City Lord Su is so enraged? To actually come after Yan er personally?"

"She stabbed this daddy's disciple and made me lose half a vial of heaven's disposition water. Should I not be seeking her out to settle this debt?" Su Yi crossed his arms and he glanced at Dao Xun. If one looked closely, the scheming look in his eyes was obvious.

However, Dao Xun and Nangong Yan were standing in the pavilion and could only see his arrogantly lifted chin. How could they possibly see his expression?

If they could, they definitely would've figured out that Su Yi had only come here to see Dao Xun. It wasn't because of what happened with Tang Doudou last time at all. Not only had that happened quite a while ago, he had recently been suspicious of Tang Doudou's identity and was also busy with trying to revive Jun Yuner. There was no way he had time for following up with this matter.

When he headed out this time, he heard that Dao Xun had left Wind Cloud Island and was currently in North Hara City, so he hastily rushed here. However, the moment he got here, he encountered Nangong Yan, which led to what happened just then.

"Something like this happened?" Dao Xun turned around to look towards Nangong Yan.

There was no way Nangong Yan would admit it. She put on an innocent expression and glowered with wide eyes while pointing at Su Yi. "Master, you shouldn't listen to his lies!"

"Then why don't you explain why I'm trying to kill you if it weren't for this matter? Hm?" Su Yi lifted his brows. He knew that she wouldn't admit it, but he had ways to make her admit it.

When his thoughts reached this point, he jumped into the pavilion. Upon seeing this, Nangong Yan went to hide behind Dao Xun fearfully again.

However, this time Dao Xun didn't shield her and pulled her out. "What exactly is going on? Yan er, explain things clearly."

When Nangong Yan heard what Dao Xun said, her eyes widened in disbelief. Master was actually doubting her!

She wasn't aware of the fact that Dao Xun had doubts towards her from the start. At first he hadn't believed either, but as more people talked about what Nangong Yan had done in front of him, he started to take those rumors seriously.

In addition, the person in front of him was the lord of Cloud City. Based on his status, there was no way he would bother a little girl for no reason.

"Master, I…" Nangong Yan wanted to explain herself, but Dao Xun waved to have her shut up. She knew Dao Xun's temper as well as her own hand so she didn't dare to say anything else and swallowed back her words. She glanced at Dao Xun nervously, then looked at Su Yi. Unease flashed through her eyes.

Dao Xun seemed to sense her gaze. Without looking at her, he asked, "Yan er, you didn't see your Senior Brother when you headed out this time?"

When suddenly asked this question, she couldn't gather up the courage to frame Tang Doudou in front of Su Yi.

"I saw him."

Dao Xun was surprised. "Why didn't you bring him here?"

"Senior Brother said that he still had matters to deal with and won't come here for the time being." Nangong Yan had no choice but to answer honestly.

"Did you tell him that I was here?" Dao Xun's facial color was turning bad. He couldn't imagine what could be more important than him. They hadn't seen each other for so many years, but Baili Yu actually didn't come over to visit him right away. Could it be that Baili Yu still blamed him for what happened back then?

However, that wasn't right. If he held a grudge, he wouldn't send letters to Wind Cloud Island so often.

Dao Xun recollected his thoughts and the emotions in his eyes settled again. He waited quietly for Nangong Yan to reply.

Nangong Yan's eyes flickered. "I told him, but Senior Brother insisted on heading into the city with Sister-in-Law. I couldn't stop him, so…"

"Wait!" Dao Xun suddenly interrupted, "Sister-in-Law?"

Nangong Yan peeked at Su Yi, then quickly lowered her head. "She's Senior Su's disciple, Li Xueyi. She's already gotten married with Big Brother and is even pregnant…"

The more she spoke, the quieter her voice became until it completely faded.

Meanwhile, Dao Xun's face turned increasingly pale until it was almost the same color as his white hair.

Su Yi said, "Huh! It seems like Baili Yu hasn't mentioned this matter to you?"

Dao Xun looked towards him. "City Lord Su, what exactly is going on?"

"It's just as you've heard." Su Yi laughed lightly, then sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. "Wind Cloud Island's exclusive cloud mist tea. Who would've thought I'd be able to have it again in this lifetime?"

Dao Xun looked at him, then turned towards Nangong Yan. "Go find your senior brother again. Tell him if he doesn't get here within an hour, I'm ending our master and disciple relationship!"

Nangong Yan was startled. Although Dao Xun sounded calm, people that knew him well would realize that he was seriously angry this time. She didn't dare to say anything else and withdrew from the pavilion.

Dao Xun sent her to find Baili Yu, but in reality, he was just sending her away in order to have a private chat with Su Yi.

Nangong Yan focused, but she couldn't hear anything. Both these old men were very cautious.

Hence, she had no choice but to go back to North Hara City to find Baili Yu.

At this time, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu had already settled down in an inn in North Hara City. Ye Chuan had gone out to find out information about the martial arts alliance and the four large families. Since they still didn't have any definite news yet, Baili Yu accompanied Tang Doudou in eating in the inn.

Cang Baicao was right. Because the development of the fetus had been suppressed for such a long time, now that it was allowed to develop, it required a large amount of nutrients to grow.

And the best way to get nutrients was to eat.

Hence, on the way here, Tang Doudou transformed into a huge glutton. There was always food in her hand at all times. However, the main meal was still the medicinal dish Cang Baicao left behind. As soon as the scheduled time arrived, Meng Yu would deliver it over.

"How much longer do I have to eat this? If it weren't for the baby, I would've already started pouring it out!" No matter how delicious something was, there was still a time when a person would get tired of it. The medicinal dish had been carefully prepared and Meng Yu had prepared it to the best of her culinary skills, so no taste of medicine was present. However, she couldn't help but get tired of it after eating it for so many days.


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