Chapter 434: Violet Spirit Spring

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Chapter 434: Violet Spirit Spring

Baili Yu didn't say anything else and just hugged her for a while. Then he said, "Doudou, there's a place I want to take you."

"Hm? What place?" Tang Doudou was toying with his hair while yawning occasionally. She was getting pretty drowsy.

When Baili Yu glanced down and saw how sleepy she was, he carried her to the bed. Once she was settled in, he said, "Sleep for a while first. Once Ye Chuan brings news, I'll wake you up."

"Tell me what place it is first. Otherwise I won't be able to fall asleep since I'll be too curious." Tang Doudou blinked her eyes at him expectantly.

Baili Yu didn't keep it from her. "Violet Spirit Spring. It's not very far from here. Once you wake up, I'll take you there."

Where was that?

And he was making it so mysterious as well. Tang Doudou couldn't help but yawn again. She decided not to ask any more since Baili Yu would take her there as soon as she woke up. It was just that, was it really a good idea to play in this sort of situation?

Perhaps it also occurred to Baili Yu that Tang Doudou would worry about this, because as he reached out to pull the blankets over her, he said, "Ye Chuan hasn't returned even though he’s been gone for so long, so he probably hasn't found any information on the manor. There's only one possible reason for this, and that's Lan Jia's no longer here. Otherwise, based on his temper, there was no way that North Hara City could remain so peaceful."

So it was like that?

Tang Doudou nodded. She wanted to ask some other questions, but she was too sleepy. The moment she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.

After she fell asleep, Baili Yu went to sit at the window. A large bundle was passed inside from the window. When he opened it, he found that it was filled with secret messages. He glanced towards Tang Doudou and smiled slightly before starting to deal with these messages.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected to sleep all the way until the next day.

When she woke up, Ye Chuan still hadn't come back.

"It couldn't be that something had happened to Ye Chuan as well, right?" Tang Doudou was a little worried.

However, Baili Yu told her not to worry. "There's no way I won't know about it if something has happened to Ye Chuan. Be good, don't worry too much and drink the medicinal dish. Once you're done, I'll bring you to Violet Spirit Spring."

When Tang Doudou heard that, her face immediately scrunched up. "Aaah! Can't I have something different?"

Baili Yu just smiled and picked up her hand to place it on her stomach. Tang Doudou was confused at first, but when she felt that there was something off about her belly, her face filled with astonishment. She glanced at Baili Yu, then slowly looked down.

As she lowered her head, Baili Yu said with a smile, "For the sake of the baby, I'll have to trouble Wife. Once you get better, this husband will take you to try all the delicacies in the world! This husband will get you whatever you want to eat, alright?"

If it was the past, Tang Doudou definitely would've jumped up in excitement, but right now her attention was completely focused on her stomach. It was seriously too magical. The stomach that had still been flat yesterday was now large like she was in her fourth month of pregnancy.

Was this really the effect of the medicinal dish?

That was seriously too amazing!

Baili Yu laughed when he saw how dumbstruck Tang Doudou was, then he stirred the medicinal dish before lifting a spoonful and blowing on it. He moved the spoon towards her mouth.

The familiar smell immediately snapped Tang Doudou out of her thoughts. She looked at the spoon, then at her stomach for a moment before opening her mouth obediently.

For the sake of the baby, this medicinal dish was nothing! She'd even be willing to eat Chinese goldthread!

Tang Doudou was very excited! Her child was finally starting to grow!

If she felt closely, she could even feel him moving in her stomach and his heartbeat… It was seriously too mystical.

Tang Doudou who had been pregnant for multiple months felt the existence of her child for the first time. For the first time, she felt like a mother! In her excitement, she quickly finished off the medicinal dish.

Baili Yu was happy to see her happy. After wiping her mouth for her, he carried her over to help her change before walking out of the room with her.

"Wife, do you still remember what I said before? I want to travel the world with you and see all the beautiful sights of the world with you." Baili Yu rubbed his chin against Tang Doudou's hair as he said this.

Tang Doudou nodded. She remembered everything he said, so she remembered this very clearly.

"So let's start now! Let's go with our child!"

When Tang Doudou recalled that they were now a family of three, her face filled with happiness and she nodded. "Humph, you're the one who said so! You can't go back on your word!"

Baili Yu smiled. "Violet Spirit Spring is a very beautiful place, you'll definitely like it."


Tang Doudou started looking forward to it. After all, there was no way that a place Baili Yu had personally praised would be lacking.

They still traveled in the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin. After leaving North Hara City, they headed directly towards the west.

When the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin disappeared into the distance, a black figure appeared on North Hara City's wall. It was the true mysterious person, Lan Jia.

He was puzzled as he watched the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin. He couldn't understand what exactly this son of his was trying to do.

"We're here," said Baili Yu to Tang Doudou. "A couple years ago, there was a difficult business deal that we needed to seal at North Hara City. As I was traveling here, I just happened to see Violet Spirit Spring and was captivated by the beautiful view. I ended up neglecting the business deal, but it was a worthwhile exchange. I lost one deal, but I found out about a good place."

Tang Doudou didn't know what to say about Baili Yu's logic.

It was simply that the rich could afford to be willful!

"However, despite all those years, this is still only my second time here." Baili Yu helped her off the palanquin, then the maids left with the palanquin.

When Tang Doudou landed and looked around, her breath was taken away. She finally understood what Baili Yu meant.


It was seriously too gorgeous!

There was no other word to describe this scene in front of her.

The early morning dew made the lush green grass sparkle. Wild flowers that she didn't know the names of were quietly blooming and filled the air with a faint sweet scent.

A paradise-like rainbow was reflected in the clear spring water flowing past the grass.

The spring water was different from that of most springs, it was actually rainbow-colored. It wasn't a very gaudy and bright rainbow, but mysteriously mixed together. Pair with the dense morning mist that covered the top of the spring, it was a beautiful and natural sight. The spring kept bubbling with soft gurgles. The bubbles were swept up by the wind, filling the air with rainbow colored bubbles. It was like they had come to a fairytale world. It was so beautiful that it took one's breath away. One couldn't help but fear that their breathing would be too loud and would disturb this beautiful scene.

Baili Yu took her hand and started walking towards the spring. "How is it? Isn't it beautiful?"

"En, en! It's way too beautiful! Big evil spirit, you seriously have good luck! You actually managed to encounter such a paradise!" Tang Doudou gaze wide-eyed at the spring in front of them.

As they talked, they gradually got to the spring. Baili Yu let go of her hand and sat down on the grass. His crimson gown looked like a seductive red spider lily next to the beautiful spring.

Tang Doudou crouched down at the side and scooped up some of the spring water. She watched the rainbow-colored water spill down the gaps between her fingers, then splashed some on her face. The sensation was very refreshing. She suddenly felt that it'd definitely be even more refreshing to bathe here. However, would other people come to this place?

When this question occurred to her, she stopped playing with the water and beckoned Baili Yu with her hand. Baili Yu just fixed his slightly messy hair and asked languidly, "What is it?"

Tang Doudou tactfully expressed herself, but Baili Yu didn't seem to have caught her meaning. He looked at her in confusion. "The weather's too cold. If Wife wishes to bathe, let's go back and find a hot spring?"

Tang Doudou couldn't figure out if it was because she had veiled her words too much or if Baili Yu was purposefully acting dumb. However, she felt that the chance of the latter was greater. Still, Baili Yu's earnest and sincere expression didn't seem to be fake.

Hence, she had no choice but to say things directly. This time, Baili Yu's response was, "Wife is worried that someone will see?"

Tang Doudou just waited. Wasn't this a waste of words? Who liked to be seen while bathing?

When Baili Yu saw her reaction, he started laughing. He propped up his head with one hand while lying on his side on the grass. "Don't worry, Wife. There's no one other than me that can come to this place."

Tang Doudou wanted to roll her eyes again, but it occurred to her that she had been rolling her eyes too much lately. In order to avoid any chance of straining her eyes, she forced herself to stop that motion and stopped looking at Baili Yu. She finally got it now. This guy was teasing her for fun.

However, Baili Yu didn't plan to let her off just because she wasn't speaking anymore. "If Wife wishes to bathe again, this husband is willing to keep a lookout for you. But… It really is a little chilly today. Wife will definitely feel cold bathing by yourself, so why don't we go in together? This husband guarantees that Wife won't feel any cold!"

Tang Doudou wasn't able to hold back her eye roll this time and she turned around fiercely. "I don't want to bathe!"

Baili Yu sighed. "Then that's such a pity."

Tang Doudou was confused. "Why's it a pity?"

"Wife, let this husband tell you a story!" Suddenly, Baili Yu sat up and patted the area next to him before covering it with his crimson robe. He beckoned Tang Doudou. "Wife, come here."

Tang Doudou was curious so she walked over.

Right after she sat down, she was pulled down by Baili Yu and fell into his warm embrace. As she felt his hot breath hit her, she recalled his scorching gaze from last night and her heart trembled. She was just about to struggle out of his arms to get up when Baili Yu started speaking softly.

"There's a legend about Violet Spirit Spring. It's said that this was the graveyard of the spirit clans of antiquity."

"Graveyard?" Tang Doudou didn't dare to move anymore and looked around in alarm. However, there was nothing like a graveyard in sight. "There aren't any graves though?"

Baili Yu chuckled as he watched her but he didn't point out her silly misperception. "The graves are in the spring water. It's said that spirits die differently than humans. After a spirit dies, they would vanish. There would be no reincarnation, nor any soul left."

As Baili Yu spoke, he carefully combed through her hair with his fingers. "After a spirit passes away, although they'd disappear completely, they'd leave just a bit of their origin. No matter where they die, no matter how far away it was from Violet Spirit Spring, their origin would find its way here and fall into this spring. Because the attribute of each spirit clan was different, the originally clear spring, as more and more spirits died, became filled with rainbows."

So there was a legend like this in Violet Spirit Spring.

"Do you feel that the spirit clans are pitiful? They don't have a chance at reincarnation and their lives are extremely short. Some say that their lives last only a few breaths…" Baili Yu then pulled Tang Doudou's hair up and inserted a jade hairpin.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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