Chapter 435: Other Plans

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 435: Other Plans


How could they be pitiful?

They had been able to take a walk through this world. They were much more fortunate than those infants who had been poisoned to death before they even had a chance to come into this world.

Tang Doudou curled up and leaned her head against Baili Yu's sturdy arm. "How long one lives doesn't matter. What matters is how they've used their lifetime, what they've done, said, and left. Even if one's life is only one day, if they can spend it with their closest family, the person they love the most, even if it's just a moment, it's blissful and something that others will envy.

"Think about all those people that lived for so long and had to watch as their friends and family died one by one. In the end, they live only in loneliness. What meaning is there in a life of solitude? Death would be much better."

Tang Doudou's words made Baili Yu smile. Who ever said that his family's little woman was dumb?

It was simply that a genius is not appreciated in her own time. How many people in this world would be able to understand this logic despite its simplicity?

The river of history contained countless people that did insane things for the sake of obtaining eternal life. Innumerable many failed and faced tragic ends without anyone to pity them. However, still people continued to pursue those paths, blinded by desire.

"Big evil spirit, don't you agree?" Tang Doudou didn't get any response for a long time, so she tilted her head as she asked Baili Yu this with a smile.

Baili Yu didn't voice his opinion. He just looked at her, then hugged her tightly. His eyes sparkled as he said teasingly, "Who would've thought that Wife actually had such understanding?"

Tang Doudou heard the teasing tone in his voice and pouted unhappily. "What? You disagree? Then what did you mean by everything you said earlier? You want to become an old freak?"

"Haha!" Baili Yu laughed heartily. "What if others just like being old freaks?"

This was actually a reasonable statement. She didn't know what to say!

Tang Doudou curled her lips disdainfully. "A person like that is definitely a psychopath."

"Doudou, sometimes, things can't be as one wishes. A lot of people don't have the freedom to act independently." Baili Yu suddenly became serious and he said this solemnly.

"Don't have the freedom to act independently?" Tang Doudou laughed mockingly. "The so-called 'don't have freedom to act independently' is brought on by themselves most of the time! Who else can be blamed?"

"Brought on?"

"If you don't court death, you don't die!"

After saying that, she spread her hands and said, "Take Nangong Yan as an example. Who forced her to fall to this point? Who took away her freedom to act independently? Hadn't she brought it all upon herself? She was a proper respected Eldest Miss, but she refused that role. Haa… They're both your younger sisters, but look at Yiling! Her personality and temperament are a thousand times better!"

"She's different from Yiling." Baili Yu sighed softly. He felt very close to Baili Yiling from the start, but he didn't have a trace of that feeling towards Nangong Yan. Perhaps it was as Tang Doudou had said, Nangong Yan had brought this upon herself! If it weren't for the fact that she had done so many revolting things, he wouldn't be so merciless towards her. After she failed in getting him to go with her last night, she had probably been scolded by Master again.

"They're both your sisters!" Although she didn't like Nangong Yan, she still was a little annoyed with Baili Yu for being so biased.

Baili Yu shifted his gaze to Tang Doudou and pouted. "But she's never thought of me as her older brother. Keeping a distance from her is also for her own good."

"Oh oh, so it was like that! I was wondering how you could become so ruthless all of a sudden even though you two were fellow disciples for so long!" Tang Doudou abruptly got up and pointed at Baili Yu angrily. It was no wonder he allowed Nangong Yan to grab his sleeve yesterday! Even though his mysophobia was so severe!

What did she mean by becoming so ruthless all of a sudden?

Wasn't she the one that said he was too biased? He had only said this to go along with her opinion. How did he still end up being wrong?

Baili Yu expressed that at this moment, he deeply experienced what was meant by a woman's heart was like a needle in the sea!

However, he happened to be very intelligent. He was only taken aback for a few moments, then he smiled nefariously. This smile lit up by the warm sunlight dazzled Tang Doudou. Her eyes opened wide as she stared fixedly.

If someone wanted to deal with this little woman, the first thing they needed was a good skin! Baili Yu was still a little smug about this. After all, the title of being the most beautiful man in the world wasn't for nothing!

"Eh? What a huge lump of eye gum! Did you forget to wash your face this morning?" Just as Baili Yu was about to move onto the next step, Tang Doudou suddenly reached out and quickly swiped at the corner of his eye before flinging it away and saying this in disgust.

Baili Yu turned to stone. Eye gum? How could there possibly be something like that on him?

He wasn't able to keep an unperturbed expression anymore. Although his skin was nowhere close to thin, no one wanted to show such a side to the person they love...

"Aiyah, it's fine! It's just some eye gum! Who doesn't have them, right? Having eye gum isn't scary, it's not having them that's scary!" Tang Doudou glanced at him and saw that his facial color was changing rapidly. She was delighted. It had been a long time since she saw Baili Yu so discomfited. It was seriously rare!  This guy's mysophobia was no joke. Having eye gum probably felt like eating a dead mosquito to him.

She kept repeating the term eye gum with every other breath. Baili Yu was really about to puke blood.

What had he been saying earlier?

This was the definition of a dumb woman! She actually said such mood-ruining things in such a beautiful place. There definitely wasn't another in the world!

Baili Yu stood up and swung back his wide sleeves. "Let's head back!"

He seemed angry?

Tang Doudou jogged to Baili Yu’s side. "You're angry?"

Baili Yu glanced at her. His facial color had already returned to normal. "No."

This didn't count as angry? Did he think she was a kid?

Tang Doudou stuck her tongue out at his back, then her eyes whirled and she propped her hands on her hips as she said, "I'm not going! If you want to go back, you can go back! Since you're angry with me, all I'll see is your stinkin' unhappy face! I'm not going back!"

This rascal-like tone made Baili Yu freeze. He felt helpless against this girl.

Just as he was about to turn around, he felt something soft against his back. Then there was the sound of a certain person saying with a pout, "Unless you carry me!"

Baili Yu smiled and reached back to lift Tang Doudou onto his back. Without saying anything, he started walking deeper into Violet Spirit Spring.

This was the opposite direction from where they had come from. When Tang Doudou saw, she patted Baili Yu's shoulder and said, "Stupid evil spirit, you're going the wrong way!"

Baili Yu replied, "I've changed my mind. I don't want to head back anymore."


"Th-then where are we going?" Tang Doudou was suddenly a little scared now. This guy couldn't be planning to destroy her corpse and bury her in the wild just because of an eye gum, right?

Baili Yu didn't speak.

Tang Doudou was starting to get flustered and she hastily said, "Big evil spirit, earlier, earlier what I said about that eye gum, actually I was lying!

"Think about it. Shouldn't you be able to tell if you have eye gum or not?

"In addition, with how beautiful, how beautiful you are… How could you possibly have something like eye gum, right?"

Baili Yu was now puzzled. What was she saying this for?

He had already forgotten about what happened earlier. Did he seem like he was that petty?

When Baili Yu still didn't say anything, Tang Doudou became even more anxious and tried to get off his back.

"What's wrong?" Baili Yu thought that she was uncomfortable so he shifted her to the front and glance down at her.

Tang Doudou took in his worried expression and asked, "You're not planning to kill me?"

Baili Yu: …

"Silly girl."

He seriously didn't know what went on in this girl's mind all day. Did he seem like a killing manic? A person that would kill to vent his anger just because of some spoken words?

Baili Yu didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Tang Doudou finally realized that she had misunderstood and she couldn't bring herself to meet Baili Yu's gaze so she looked around to avoid his gaze. "Huh? Where is this?"

"When I came to Violet Spirit Spring last time, the beautiful scenery wasn't the only thing I found. I also discovered another secret."

"A secret?" Tang Doudou's eyes lit up. "Is it related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes?"

It was no wonder he had wanted to bring her here despite the situation they were currently in. As expected, they weren't just here to play.

Baili Yu nodded with a slight smile. "I hadn't thought that it would be related in the past, but after what happened recently, I couldn't help but link these two matters together. Let's go. Let's take a look at that place first. If I'm not wrong, this will be a crucial step to saving Jun Xin and Yiling."

"En, then let's stop wasting time and go!" When Tang Doudou heard that it would help save Jun Xin and Yiling, she would've jumped from excitement if it weren't for Baili Yu hugging her. This matter had become a knot in her heart that made her feel restless whenever she thought about it.

The two continued forward. Due to the Violet Spirit Spring, there were a lot of rainbows being blown over by the wind. It was a long stretch of grass with small flowers.

Tang Doudou looked around, but she couldn't find anything out of the usual, so she wanted to ask Baili Yu about it again.

However, the moment she looked over, she saw that Baili Yu's brows were furrowed. His crimson robe spread out as a sharp light flashed past and took off a corner of his robe.

Tang Doudou only snapped out of it when he stopped moving. "Big evil spirit, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," said Baili Yu as he narrowed his eyes.

Tang Doudou sighed in relief when she saw that he was fine. Then she looked around and whispered, "Who is it?"

After being silent for a long while, Baili Yu replied quietly, "It's your master, but he's left."

"It's Su Yi?" Tang Doudou was astonished. Then she lowered her eyes. Su Yi has finally reappeared? Did he come this time to… She didn't dare to continue thinking along these lines. She felt grateful to Su Yi. After being stabbed by Nangong Yan, if it weren't for Su Yi, she would've already died.

She had heard from Feng Yu what price Su Yi had paid to preserve her life.

So she could also tell how well he truly treated Li Xueyi.

If he found out that she was just a solitary soul that had taken over his disciple's body… No! He was already suspicious of her. If not, Bai Feiyun wouldn't have treated her that way since he was absolutely loyal to Su Yi.

Tang Doudou thought about it, then glanced towards Baili Yu as she considered telling him about this.

She was worried that Baili Yu wouldn't believe her if she told him, and she feared even more his reaction after he found out that she wasn't Li Xueyi…

Baili Yu sensed Su Yi leave and was a little puzzled about why Su Yi had attacked him all of a sudden without showing himself. Just as he was wondering about this, he saw Tang Doudou's perplexed expression.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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