Chapter 456: This Belongs to You

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 456: This Belongs to You

Truly, people couldn't be judged based on their looks. Even someone as gentle-looking at Xiao Siyuan would secretly hurt someone.

Tang Doudou tsked, then asked, "What about the others? What happened with them? I saw that Xiao Yi and Xiao Lin seemed to be severely injured as well!"

"Xiao Yi had gotten injured because he blocked Mo Yun's attack which was directed towards Master. Lin gongzi had been injured because he tried to save Xiao Yi and Mo Yun stabbed his heart. He almost died, but unexpectedly his will was very strong. Not only did he carry Xiao Yi back, he bandaged the injury himself. That was the only reason he had survived until the doctors arrived."

These past few days, the people of the four large clans and the martial arts alliance had truly gone through a lot.

When it occurred to Tang Doudou that it was all the doing of the mysterious person, she became very angry.

And the thought that the mysterious person was likely Lan Jia made her even more vexed.

"Don't worry, we'll make that mysterious person pay for this sooner or later!" said Tang Doudou indignantly.

Xiao Siyuan didn't express anything else. After telling her about these events, he got back up again.

"You're leaving?" Tang Doudou still had a lot of questions to ask, but Xiao Siyuan seemed to be planning to leave so she hastily stood up as well.

Xiao Siyuan said, "I'm worried that Xiao Yi and Lin gongzi will get into a fight again, so it's best for me to hurry back."
Tang Doudou recalled how Xiao Yi and Lin Shuxuan were going at each other earlier and felt that it really would be inappropriate to keep Xiao Siyuan here. "Then I'll walk you back!"

On the way back, they would still have some time to talk.

However, Xiao Siyuan didn't agree. "Alliance Head, due to your health, it's best if you don't walk around too much. The situation here is unstable too, so you should also head back as soon as possible. I'll also be able to make it back faster on my own."

Fudge! He clearly just felt that she was a burden!

Tang Doudou silently rolled her eyes. "Alright. Then be careful on your way back."
Xiao Siyuan nodded. "If Alliance Head still has more questions, I'll come again three days later and wait here."
This was all they could do for now.

Tang Doudou walked him to the door. Just as she was about to pull the door open, she recalled something and froze.

Xiao Siyuan looked towards her in confusion. "What's wrong?"

"Uh, nothing!" Although she said that, she moved to block the door with her body. Her eyes whirled, then she said, "Oh, I feel like it's best if you leave from the window after all."


Why? Of course it was because Baili Yu was waiting outside!

She couldn't let Baili Yu catch her here with another man, otherwise that guy would definitely file the suit despite being the guilty party and claim that she was the first one that did something wrong.

She couldn't let that happen! After all, she still needed to catch Baili Yu in the guilty act! That's why, Xiao Siyuan couldn't be allowed to walk out from this door.

Even if Ye Chuan had already seen Xiao Siyuan earlier, without concrete evidence, without catching them in the act… Pei! Catching them together at this place, she'd refuse to admit to it. At the same time, she could take advantage of this to ask what Baili Yu was doing in the brothel!

Tang Doudou was rapidly making plans without any idea that Baili Yu had already known about her schemes and had already set an ambush around the brothel.

So when Xiao Siyuan went with what Tang Doudou said and jumped down from the window, he was immediately caught in a net.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she cursed and pushed open the door to slip away.

However, the moment she poked her head out, she saw Baili Yu looking at her with an unreadable smile.

"Ahem! What a coincidence!" She glanced into the room and saw that Ye Chuan was dragging Xiao Siyuan back in through the window.

She had no choice but to stiffly looked towards Baili Yu with a big enthusiastic grin.

However, her eyes were darting around and trying to spot some way to escape.

There was no way Baili Yu could miss what she was thinking when she was behaving like this.

He glanced into the room towards Xiao Siyuan. "Is that so?"

"Isn't it?" Crap, there was no place to escape to. Tang Doudou pressed her lips together and silently mourned for herself. Following that, she had another idea. "You came here to discuss matters and I also came here to discuss matters. Isn't that such a coincidence?"

"Oh?" Baili Yu's languid magnetic voice slowly arose. "What matters did Wife come here to discuss?"

Tang Doudou was very honest. "Of course it's what happened with the four large clans and the mysterious person."

Baili Yu's smile concealed all of his emotions. "Then have you finished discussing?"

"Yes, of course. I'm leaving right now, can't you see?" She didn't even glance back at Xiao Siyuan and kept her eyes fixed on Baili Yu as if she was trying to see through him.

Baili Yu magnanimously allowed her to look.

As they gazed at each other silently, Ye Chuan had already forced Xiao Siyuan over.

Xiao Siyuan didn't understand what Baili Yu was trying to do, but he could tell from Tang Doudou's behavior that she didn't want Baili Yu to know what they had talked about.

However, the reason for that was hard to guess. It might be because she was worried that Baili Yu would misunderstand, but it could also be because Baili Yu couldn't be allowed to know about this matter.

Regardless of what the reason was, it had nothing to do with him. Right now, he just wanted to head back to the city lord's residence as quickly as possible.

However, just as he was about to speak, Tang Doudou suddenly started laughing heartily. "Ahem! It's truly too much of a coincidence! So Siyuan had also come here for business!"

The hell with coincidence!?

Baili Yu and Xiao Siyuan practically shot this back almost simultaneously. Did this dumb girl really think that they were as dumb as her?

After a moment, Baili Yu looked towards Xiao Siyuan with a dark gaze.

Xiao Siyuan was slightly surprised to see this and asked, "Has Baili gongzi also come here to deal with business?"

He was dealing with business in a brothel?

Could it be because Tang Doudou was pregnant, so Baili Yu came to a brothel to visit an entertainer?

That was why Tang Doudou dragged him here to a brothel?

Xiao Siyuan couldn't figure out what this couple was trying to do. When he saw that they were silent, he said, "If you two don't have any other matters, please let me go so that I can head back to deal with some matters."

Tang Doudou immediately replied, "Alright, then you should go!"

Baili Yu glanced at her, then said with a slight smile, "Why is Xiao gongzi in such a rush? Are you worried that this one would find out about something inappropriate?"

"Of course not!" Tang Doudou and Xiao Siyuan spoke at nearly the same time.

Then they exchanged an awkward glance.

"Ahem, what I mean is that Siyuan is a good-hearted and honest person, so he definitely doesn't have any inappropriate secrets, right?" As Tang Doudou spoke, she shot Xiao Siyuan a wink to indicate for him to keep what happened earlier secret.

Xiao Siyuan blinked to indicate that he understood. However, he didn't understand why she was doing this.

That mysterious person was extremely strong. If they had Baili Yu's help, their chances of winning would be much greater.

"Each person has their own secrets and I'm no exception. I'm sure that Baili gongzi would be so bored as to enjoy listening to other people's secrets, right?" Xiao Siyuan said mildly.

It must be said that Xiao Siyuan was truly a young talent. A lot of people would be intimidated by Baili Yu's imposing aura, but he didn't seem affected and to spoke to Baili Yu like he was a normal person.

When Baili Yu saw this, his eyes also filled with a trace of praise. However, it was quickly replaced by that same unreadable smile. "Indeed, I wouldn't be that bored."
"Then I'll have to ask Baili gongzi to let me leave." Xiao Siyuan didn't have the patience to wait here any longer.

Tang Doudou knew that he was in a rush, so she tried to convince Baili Yu as well. "What's with you? Siyuan is clearly in a rush, so hurry and let him go already!"

Baili Yu paid no attention to her anxious manner and just walked over to Xiao Siyuan.

Xiao Siyuan frowned slightly and discreetly took a step back. "Baili gongzi."

"Don't worry, I don’t have any other intentions," said Baili Yu with a smile.

Why was he getting so close if he didn't have any other intentions?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes, then looked at Baili Yu weirdly. Could it be that this guy has taken a liking to Xiao Siyuan?


Baili Yu was definitely straight, there was no need to doubt this point.

What she meant by took a liking is that Baili Yu had probably taking a liking to Xiao Siyuan as a person.

That still wasn't right. It's probably more accurate to say that he had taken a liking to his talents.

He couldn't be planning to have Xiao Siyuan take Yun Hai's place, right?

What else would explain why he was looking at Xiao Siyuan with such a fervent gaze?

Xiao Siyuan was made uncomfortable by Baili Yu's gaze as well and turned away slightly. "Then Siyuan will take his leave!"
He turned to leave.


Ye Chuan and the other hidden guards pulled out their swords to block his way.

What did Baili Yu mean by this?

Xiao Siyuan was currently also very puzzled.

Baili Yu waved his hand to have Ye Chuan and the others pull back, then said with a smile, "There's something I wish to say to you, Xiao gongzi. After you hear it, if you still want to leave, this one won't stop you."

Tang Doudou was curious and walked over to pat Baili Yu's shoulder. "Hey, it's not like there's any outsiders here. Whatever it is, out with it already!"

"Ye Chuan, bring Madame back." However, Baili Yu pulled down her hand and turned to give Ye Chuan instructions.

Ye Chuan has always obeyed Baili Yu's orders without question, so he walked to Tang Doudou without hesitation. "Madame, please!"

"Baili Yu!" Tang Doudou was a little angry and also felt a little wronged. She admitted that she had been in the wrong this time. Even though she said they would deal with this together, she went and dealt with it herself. She also shouldn't have come to a brothel, but she hadn't done all of this on purpose! She was just worried that if Baili Yu showed up, the martial arts alliance and the four large clans would be apprehensive and would refuse to tell the truth.

They might even ask Baili Yu to help them deal with this matter.

Even though she also kind of wanted Baili Yu to help out with resolving this matter so that she wouldn't have to be so uneasy anymore, she didn't want Baili Yu to take risks and be put in danger since she still hadn't figured out the entire situation.

She had clearly been doing this for him, but now he was blaming her!

How could she not be angry? How could she not feel wronged?

However, she was also at fault for some of this. When she saw that Baili Yu didn't react, she could only stifle her anger and stomp angrily out of the room.

Ye Chuan followed closely behind her.

Xiao Siyuan watched as they left, then retrieved his gaze. "What is it, Baili gongzi? Can you say it now?"

He was also curious about what Baili Yu needed to say to him.

After all, they had never interacted before. The only reason they encountered each other now was because of Tang Doudou, so Xiao Siyuan couldn't figure out why exactly Baili Yu wanted to see him.

Baili Yu looked at him for a while, then pointed towards the table. "Xiao gongzi, please sit down first."
Xiao Siyuan hesitated for a brief moment, then sat down on a chair.

However, Baili Yu didn't sit down with him. He walked over and extended his hand, revealing a silver longevity lock. "This belongs to you?"

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