Chapter 457: Tracking Chiyomira's Thoughts

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 457: Tracking

The moment Xiao Siyuan saw that item, his facial color changed greatly and he stood up. As he stared fixedly at the longevity lock that Baili Yu was holding, the rims of his eyes turned red. "Where did you get this?"

His voice was hoarse and had no trace of the gentle air from earlier. He was clearly suppressing his emotions with all his strength.

He stared so hard at the longevity lock that his gaze seemed on the verge of boring a hole through the lock.

However, Baili Yu slipped the longevity lock back into his sleeve. His tone remained light with a hint of a smile as he said, "Since Xiao gongzi recognizes this item, then there's probably no need for me to say anything else. I'm sure Xiao gongzi knows what to do if you want this item back, right?"

It took Xiao Siyuan a good while to calm down. He peered at Baili Yu, then said, "It's no wonder you had Alliance Head leave. If she found out about this, she's probably…"

"Don't worry, she'll never find out." Baili Yu was certain.

Xiao Siyuan laughed. "Hopefully that'll remain the case."

After that, he returned to his usual manner and bowed to Baili Yu. "If there's nothing else, then Siyuan shall take his leave!"

"Xiao gongzi, take care. I won't see you off."

Xiao Siyuan turned around and jumped out the window. As Baili Yu had said earlier, no one stopped him this time, so he disappeared from sight in a few leaps.

When he was no longer visible, Baili Yu finally smiled. He was a pretty smart kid, to know to threaten him with the dumb girl. However, it was a pity that no threat was effective on him at this point, because he wouldn't pay attention to them. Even if it was Tang Doudou, he wouldn't allow anyone a chance to use her against him.

"Master!" Suddenly, Ye Chuan's voice came from outside the door.

"What is it?" Wasn't he supposed to send Tang Doudou back? Why did he return so soon?

Ye Chuan's tone was a little helpless. "Madame is outside. She refuses to leave."

Baili Yu's smile faded a little and he walked gracefully to the door. "Alright, I got it. You can withdraw for now."


Once Ye Chuan left, Baili Yu got to the entrance of the brothel in the blink of an eye and saw that Tang Doudou was sitting at the steps of the entrance. The old madam was currently trying to persuade her about something, but she didn't seem to be listening at all. She snapped something back and the madam was so angry her eyes rolled back and she almost fainted.

"Hurry and leave already! Stop hovering around in front of this lady! If you piss me off, I'll burn your brothel down! I'd like to see what you'd do then!"

Tang Doudou glowered at the madam that kept telling her to hurry and leave already. She was exasperated. It was enough that Baili Yu was driving her away. She could understand why he did that, but what was with this madam?

Was it because she was blocking business?

Fudge, hadn't she paid a lot of money earlier? This crappy brothel probably couldn't earn that much in a day!

Ye Chuan had only given her one glance and now she just won't give up!

It was seriously too much!

Tang Doudou was indignant. She was just about to continue shouting at the madam when she saw a trace of bright red appear at the corner of her eyes. She froze slightly, then put on a stern face. She humphed lightly and dusted off her clothes as she got up.

When the madam saw her stand up, she glanced towards Baili Yu apprehensively. The atmosphere seemed tense, so she hastily went inside the brothel, worried that she'd be caught in the crossfire.

"Ye Chuan said…"

"Who cares what's said?" Tang Doudou curled her lips in disdain and flicked her fingernails. "Alright, enough with all the roundabout talking. Just get to how do you want to be punished?"


Baili Yu was stunned. Why would he get punished?

When Tang Doudou saw his reaction, she humphed again. "According to the three hundred ninety-seventh rule of the Tang family, you've gone to the brothels without permission, so you must be punished!"

Baili Yu: …

"According to the five hundred ninety-first rule of the Tang family, you've been disrespectful towards your wife, so you must be punished!"

"I never knew that Wife's family actually had so many rules." After a moment of being stunned, Baili Yu's started chuckling.

Tang Doudou curled her lips unhappily. "It's not like you're God. There's plenty of things you don't know."

When Baili Yu saw her make things up in such a serious manner, he couldn't help but rap her head. "Fine, once we get back, Wife can deal with this husband as you please."

If he was going to talk, he should just talk. What did he hit her for?

Tang Doudou pouted in discontent. However, when she heard what he said, she looked over in surprise, "Really?"

"Of course."

Hehe, since he's put things this way, he shouldn't blame her for being ruthless!

Tang Doudou smiled devilishly, then lifted her chin hastily. "Let's go! We're heading back!"

Baili Yu followed behind her to walk towards the manor.

Tang Doudou wanted to ask him what he thought about this matter, but she decided to put it off for now since she wanted to vent her annoyance first.

Ye Chuan was following them from the shadows. After some time, he found that there was someone else following Baili Yu so he immediately made a gesture towards the other hidden guards, then moved to follow that person.

Baili Yu noticed the abnormality and suddenly called for Tang Doudou to stop. "Wife."


"Let's go visit a place."

"Not going."
Was she still angry? Baili Yu chuckled. "Didn't you want to ask me my take on this matter? This husband will tell you once you go."
How did he know what she wanted to ask?

Tang Doudou turned around and peered at him, then circled him a couple times. "Baili Yu. Are you still Baili Yu?"
"Does Wife feel that I'm different?" Baili Yu smiled brightly.

Tang Doudou didn't answer. Of course, she wasn't saying that he wasn't Baili Yu, but she just felt that his way of handling matters lately had changed.

It also wasn't a change… It was like he was going back to how he used to be.

He was like an unreadable smiling tiger again, the way he had been the first time they met.

"What strange things are you thinking about in that little head of yours again?" When Baili Yu saw her gaze flicker, he laughed again.

Tang Doudou snapped out of it and glanced at him. "Are we going or not?"

Baili Yu smiled softly and wrapped his arm around her waist to fly towards the outskirts of North Hara City with her.

The person that was following them in secret hastily went after them.

The four of them headed towards North Hara City, one after the other. Finally, Baili Yu set Tang Doudou down on the flat ground. Tang Doudou looked around and saw that it was just flat plains. "Here?"

"Yes, here." Baili Yu patted her shoulder to calm her down.

Tang Doudou couldn't figure out what he was trying to do, but she was curious due to his mysterious actions.

This guy was usually very straight-forward and would rarely do baffling things like this.

They slowly walked on the plains like they were just taking a stroll. Now that she thought about it, the makeup of North Hara was really weird. On one side was lush grasslands and on the other side was completely barren wastelands. North Hara City was located right in the middle of those two extreme terrains. Despite the fact that one side was cold and one side was hot, the city seemed to always be in spring.

However, the view of the wastelands must be so vexing.

Tang Doudou felt like her eyes were starting to hurt. "How much longer are we going to walk?"

Baili Yu also found it strange. Why hadn't that person shown himself yet? Could it be that he was just here to follow them, nothing else?

When Baili Yu's thoughts reached this point, he looked around. There really wasn't any place to hide here, so where had he hidden himself?

"What are you looking for?" When Tang Doudou saw that his expression was off, she followed his gaze and looked around, but all she saw was land.

Baili Yu said with a smile, "I'm looking for a person."
"Huh? You brought me here to look for a person?" Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu. "Who are you looking for?"

"A person that's not willing to see me." Baili Yu lifted his hand to patted off some of the dust in Tang Doudou's hair. When he saw that it was about to get windy, he decided to send Tang Doudou back first.

However, when he glanced down, he saw Tang Doudou press a finger to her lips and indicate for him to be quiet.

He followed Tang Doudou's line of sight and then smiled lightly. "So Wife knew?"

"You were acting so mysterious that I thought it was some big matter! There! I've found the person for you, so hurry and do whatever it is that you need to do! I want to go home and sleep already!" Tang Doudou also lowered her voice as she quickly said this.

Baili Yu indicated for her not to worry, then flicked his finger. A scream immediately came from the distance.

Tang Doudou moved quickly to block the way of the person that jumped up and reached out to grab him.

The person noticed and was stunned for a moment, then reached out as well to try and grab Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for this person's martial arts to actually be pretty good. After exchanging a few blows, she fell to a disadvantage. She started regretting things. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have gotten involved.

She glanced backwards only to find that Baili Yu had disappeared.

Fudge! Where did that guy go?

"Humph! You actually dare to be distracted in the middle of a fight? How the heck did your master train you!?" shouted the person as he abruptly attacked her with his palm.

Tang Doudou was alarmed. This person wasn't even using his full strength, but she was completely suppressed! Who exactly was this person?

His features were concealed by a mask.

Baili Yu had also disappeared as well. Tang Doudou was panicking because that attack was about to land on her, but then she spied a flash of red and her face lit up. "Baili Yu!"

"Yes, I'm here." Baili Yu smiled towards her as he blocked that person's attack. "Go watch from the side."
Since he was here, of course Tang Doudou would run as far as she could.

Right after she left, that person's aura changed completely and his attacks became extremely fierce. Each attack was aimed towards a fatal point. Tang Doudou was very alarmed to see this. Who exactly was this person? Did he hold a grudge against Baili Yu or something?

Baili Yu and that person were fighting very closely and victory wasn't apparent. It was clear that this person's martial arts was very strong. There weren't many people on the Jianghu that could fight with Baili Yu in such equal grounds. Tang Doudou thought through all the people she knew, then a name popped out.

When this occurred to her, she couldn't remain calm anymore and she pointed at the person while shouting, "Su Yi! You damned old brat! What hatred or resentment is there between us for you to repeatedly launch sneak attacks on us!? What the hell is with you!?"
That person was stunned by Tang Doudou's words and froze for a moment. Baili Yu immediately took advantage of this opportunity to pull off the person's mask.

Tang Doudou looked over and saw that the person had young and fresh frivolous looks. As expected, he really was Su Yi!

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It seriously took me like 7 readings to finally figure out what the longevity lock was hinting towards. This author seriously loves hinting too much. I feel like she also forgets to address half the things she hints towards.