Chapter 458: Her Identity

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 458: Her Identity

"Su Yi! Why were you following us? And why did you launch a sneak attack on me last time?" shouted Tang Doudou as she ran over. She ducked behind Baili Yu and peeked out warily at Su Yi, who had stopped attacking.

Su Yi glanced at the mask that Baili Yu had pulled off, then laughed. "Why?"

Tang Doudou looked at him strangely. "That's right, why?"
However, Su Yi just turned to peer at her. "Of course it's because of you."

"Me?" Tang Doudou pointed at herself. "What about me do you mean?"

Su Yi humphed haughtily without explaining, then his gaze turned towards Baili Yu. "Alright, out with it. Why did you seek me out?"

When Tang Doudou heard this, she looked towards Baili Yu curiously as well. She had only recalled now that Baili Yu had insisted on coming all the way here to lure Su Yi out. Could it be that he really did have something to talk to Su Yi about?

This meant that he knew from the start that it was Su Yi following them?

The more she thought about it, the more possible this seemed and her expression became strange as she looked at Baili Yu. "That's right, why were you looking for this old brat? He attacked me from the shadows before and almost killed me. You're not going to make him pay for that?"

Baili Yu pulled her to his side, then looked towards Su Yi with a smile. "City Lord Su, this is precisely the matter I sought you out about."

Tang Doudou was surprised. She hadn't expected Baili Yu to have gone through all that trouble just for this.

"D-don't, let's just forget it. Big evil spirit, even though this old brat was a little weird about what he did last time, he had saved my life before and treats me really well…" Tang Doudou hastily tried to stop Baili Yu. In reality, she didn't actually hold things against Su Yi. Back then, when she was injured by Nangong Yan in Cloud City, if it weren't for Su Yi's efforts, she would already be dead.

The later events hadn't really harmed her. She was just curious about why Su Yi had done those things.

However, Su Yi reacted with astonishment when he heard what she said. "When did I ever attack you?"
Then he bellowed, "You're such a heartless absolutely disgraceful thing! This daddy had helped you so much, but you actually dared to frame this daddy! A sneak attack? It should be you guys launching a sneak attack on this daddy!

"And now you're even, you're even trying to cry thief first despite being the thief!? Wonderful! Wonderful, wonderful! What wonderful white-eyed wolves!"

He didn't seem to be feigning this indignance. Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a glance. Could it be that the person that day hadn't been Su Yi?

There was a chance that Tang Doudou mistook him, but would Baili Yu make the same mistake?

When her thoughts reached this point, she glanced towards Baili Yu with a questioning expression.

This silly girl. She only knew to suspect him. Didn't it occur to her to suspect Su Yi?

Baili Yu said, "Then this doesn't belong to you, City Lord Su?"

As he spoke, he pulled out a length of red string and lifted it in front of Su Yi.

Su Yi didn't even bother to glance at it before saying, "It does belong to me, but, I, Su Yi, dare to swear to the Heavens that if this daddy had mounted a sneak attack on this dumb girl, then this daddy will write his name backwards from now on!

"Moreover, if I really wanted to kill this dumb girl, would I even need to use a sneak attack?"

That seemed to make a lot of sense!

Tang Doudou looked towards Baili Yu again.

"Then how does City Lord Su plan to explain what happened today?" asked Baili Yu with a faint smile.

Su Yi choked on his words.

He then said, "I'm here because I needed to talk to you guys about something."

"If you need to talk to us, just talk to us. What's with being all sneaky…" muttered Tang Doudou. She was completely confused now. Was Su Yi right or was Baili Yu right?

She definitely trusted Baili Yu more, but whenever she saw Su Yi, she would recall how good he had been to her so it was hard for her to decide who to believe.

Su Yi glowered at her, then pointed at Baili Yu as he shouted, "This kid's always guarding against me like I'm some thief! This daddy came to look for you so many times but was stopped every time by his people!"

Baili Yu's facial color didn't change. "City Lord Su has high martial arts. If I wasn't careful and Wife ended up being injured, what is this husband supposed to do?"

Su Yi was so annoyed he was huffing with anger. "Then why are you looking for me now?"
Tang Doudou looked towards Baili Yu weirdly as well. "That's right. If you were so wary of this old brat, why did you look for him?"

"For business," replied Baili Yu briefly. He glanced around, then said, "City Lord Su has come this time for relative's blood?"

What the heck was relative's blood?

Tang Doudou's eyes widened as she looked curiously towards Su Yi.

Su Yi felt uncomfortable from her fixed stare and shifted awkwardly. "That's right, I'm here for relative's blood. But before this, I have to confirm one thing."
After saying that, he looked towards Tang Doudou meaningfully. Just as he was about to speak, Baili Yu stopped him. "Since City Lord Su is here for relative's blood, then will you help find Lan Jia's whereabouts if we give it to you?"

Su Yi looked towards Baili Yu strangely for a long, long time. Finally, he nodded. "That's right, I came this time for relative's blood. As long as I can obtain relative's blood, nothing else matters!"

Tang Doudou was really curious. "What's relative's blood?"

"If you don't get it, stop asking blindly!" said Su Yi fiercely. Then something seemed to occur to him and he started laughing at he pointed at Tang Doudou. "Who would've thought a day like this would come for you!?"


What was with that laughing?

Tang Doudou looked at the two that were discussing something she didn't understand right in front of her. After shooting a look at Su Yi, she glared at Baili Yu. "According to the nine hundred twenty-seventh rule of the Tang family, you're keeping something secret from your wife…"

"Stinkin' girl! When did you become someone of the Tang family?" said Su Yi with an unreadable smile.

Baili Yu didn't allow Su Yi to continue thinking about this question and interrupted, "It seems that City Lord Su does know about Lan Jia's whereabouts?"

Su Yi waved dismissively. "Enough with this useless chatter. Just tell me, can you really give me relative's blood?"

"Of course."

Su Yi licked his white teeth, then glanced at Tang Doudou. "Alright, then I'll tell you where Lan Jia is!

"However, you should be mentally prepared."

Baili Yu didn't react, but Tang Doudou's heart leaped. She was pretty sure of what Su Yi was about to say, but she didn't know how to stop him. Her eyes whirled, then she came up with an idea and cried out in pain, "Owww!"

Baili Yu knew that Tang Doudou was doing this on purpose, but his heart still ached when he heard her cry out in pain. He pulled her into his arms, then said to Su Yi, "City Lord Su, please come with us to the manor. In regards to the relative's blood and Lan Jia, let's head back and slowly discuss it?"

Su Yi also glanced at Tang Doudou's stomach as he rubbed his chin. "Alright! I'm not in a rush anyways."

Hence, after taking a long stroll outside the city, Baili Yu and Tang Doudou brought Su Yi back to the manor.

When they got back, Tang Doudou was exhausted and fell deep asleep in Baili Yu's arms. She couldn't be stirred so Baili Yu could only place her in the room. Once he settled her down, he walked with Su Yi to the pavilion.

After sending away the servants, Baili Yu said, "City Lord Su, there's no need for you to look into things any further. Tang Doudou is Li Xueyi, and Li Xueyi is also Tang Doudou."

Su Yi yawned. "Why should I believe you?"

"In reality, doesn't City Lord Su already have an answer? You must've been confused while investigating all this time, right? Why were all the traces normal, but the person not right?" Baili Yu turned the thumb ring on his thumb and elegantly sat down. His crimson robe unfurled on the ground like a blooming poppy flower.

Su Yi looked at him, then looked again, and then again looked him up and down. "You knew from the start?"

"Who she is doesn't matter to me. However, I knew that City Lord Su really wanted to know this answer, so I investigated as well and found the same things as you. There was no proof whatsoever to indicate that she wasn't Li Xueyi. The more I investigated, the more things proved that she was Li Xueyi. I believe City Lord Su must also be extremely puzzled. Even though the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance has been half cured already, she still shows no signs of recalling her past memories and is actually becoming even more unlike the original Li Xueyi," said Baili Yu slowly.

When Su Yi heard what he said, he became depressed. "That's right. Everything is as you've said, so why is it like this? That brat Mu Ye was also poisoned with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance and from what I've heard, the poison has flared up multiple times for him as well. However, he hasn't lost his memories or gone through a huge personality change. When I investigated Rutaceae Pavilion, I found out back then that Elder Yu had used Tendons Softening Powder on her. However, at the pavilion master's orders, the courtesans also slipped in fatal poison. When she drank that cup of poisoned wine, she had clearly collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing, but after a moment, she actually woke up. When Feiyun checked her pulse later, he found traces of the Tendons Softening Powder and the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance in her body, but that poison had mysteriously disappeared… And it was after that incident that she went through such a huge personality change to the point that no trace of her past personality was left.

"Back then, I had stopped worrying about it after seeing that she was fine. It was only when Feiyun mentioned it that I started paying attention, and I also have urgent need of relative's blood. If I didn't investigate things clearly, I can't risk using her blood."
After saying this, Su Yi sighed heavily. Then he looked towards Baili Yu in slight surprise. "Why did you have Mu Ye look for me? That barbarian demanded that I hand over Yuner the moment he arrived and refused to listen to my explanation."
Baili Yu took a sip of tea. "I didn't send him to look for you."

Even if he was going to send someone to look for Su Yi, he wouldn't send Mu Ye.

Furthermore, how could he possibly command Mu Ye?

"He was the one that said it though." Su Yi sat down as well and took a big gulp of the tea before saying with a laugh, "You couldn't have been trying to have me get rid of Mu Ye for you, right?"

"I'm not that bored." Baili Yu looked up and asked, "Can City Lord Su now tell this one where Lan Jia is?"
Su Yi curled his lips in disdain. "That girl had gone through so much effort to stop me from telling you this. Are you really going to go against her and insist on finding out?"

"City Lord Su just needs to tell me his whereabouts. There's no need for City Lord Su to worry about anything else."

Su Yi then said, "Since you say that she's my disciple, Li Xueyi, you should be calling me father-in-law. Since I'm your father-in-law, it wouldn't be wrong of me to get involved in some of your small matters, no?"

After saying that, he became smug and lifted one leg to place it on top of his knee happily. He looked immensely pleased with himself for having gained the upper hand.

However, Baili Yu didn't agree. "City Lord Su believes it now?"

"I half believe, but… If you can say what exactly happened, I'll believe it more!" said Su Yi firmly. He was certain that Baili Yu knew who exactly Tang Doudou was!

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