Chapter 459: He Xiaoqin Came to Visit

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 459: He Xiaoqin Came to Visit

Baili Yu only said one thing in reply to this. "Could it be that City Lord Su has forgotten who her mother is?"

Even if he forgot the Heavens, the earth, himself, he still wouldn't forget that person!

"So, what you mean is, the stinkin' girl becoming like this has to do with Yuner?" Su Yi wasn't dumb and naturally understood what Baili Yu meant. However, no matter how intelligent he was, he still couldn't guess how Tang Doudou's current state was related to Jun Yuner.

Baili Yu took another sip of tea. "Based on how familiar City Lord Su is with Madame Li, you probably also know about her history, right?"

After saying this, he looked towards Su Yi meaningfully.

Su Yi stared at him in slight confusion. After thinking about it for a moment, he said slowly, "Yuner is the saint maiden of the Xuanyuan Tribe. Her parents were very normal tribesmen. The only reason she had become the saint maiden was because of the saint blood inside her body."
As he spoke, he kept watch over Baili Yu's expression. At this time, his words took a turn. "However, this was just what was said on the surface. In reality, Yuner was just like her parents for the first fifteen years of her life. She was a very ordinary tribesman. However, after a certain incident, she became completely different.

"The original Jun Yuner passed away in the incident and the Jun Yuner that survived was someone that came from a mysterious place…" As Su Yi spoke, his expression suddenly changed drastically and he slowly turned to look back at Baili Yu. Finally, his jaw dropped in disbelief. "Y-you, you're saying that the stinkin' girl is also…"

He abruptly covered his mouth and looked around in alarm. Then he moved his hand away and learned towards Baili Yu with his eyes narrowed. "Are you sure that's the case?"

"What other possibility could there be?" Baili Yu glanced at him and a strange light flashed through his eyes. "So she's Li Xueyi and Li Xueyi is also her. She has the relative's blood that you want."

When Su Yi heard this firm answer, he collapsed back into his chair with disbelief on his face. "How's that possible? How's that possible, how's that possible…"

Baili Yu didn't rush him and continued slowly sipping on the tea. He glanced towards Su Yi from time to time as if trying to spot something.

However, to his disappointment, Su Yi just sat there and muttered to himself for a while with a conflicted expression, so he didn't spot anything out of the usual.

Hence, he moved his gaze away and focused on sampling the tea.

After a full hour, Su Yi finally slapped his thigh and got up. He scratched his head as he started pacing quickly around the pavilion as he muttered, "Yuner is from a mysterious world, Xueyi is also from a mysterious world. So what exactly is that world like? Why would they come here to our world? It was enough that one came, but another came as well and they were mother and daughter… Yuner had died strangely back then. Could it be that she had gone back to her original world?"

Out of everything he said, his last remark was the only one that caught Baili Yu's attention. Would Tang Doudou also be like Jun Yuner and return to her original world?

If she went back, how was he supposed to find her?

"If she had gone back to her original world, how am I supposed to find her?" When Su Yi's thoughts reached this point, he was stunned. Another even scarier thought occurred to him. What if after all those years of effort, the Jun Yuner he ended up saving wasn't the real Jun Yuner? Then what meaning would there be?

When this thought occurred to him, he seemed to lose all of his strength and he collapsed weakly onto the chair again.

Baili Yu saw that he seemed like he had nothing left to live for. Since he still needed to get news about Lan Jia from him, he said slowly, "I think that since they have ways to come here, there's definitely a way to go where they are."

"That's easy to say. If there was really a way, Yuner would've come back ages ago!" snapped Su Yi.

Baili Yu said with a smile, "There's nothing difficult in the world as long as one has the will."

Su Yi mulled over this sentence. The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. For example, there was how he was trying to revive Yuner. Normal people would think it was completely impossible, but when he searched, he found multiple ways. It was just like how he came here to look for relative's blood. It was actually that brat Mu Ye that reminded him. Since it was possible to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance with relative's blood, then relative's blood could be used to revive Yuner.

This was because both things applied the same logic. The relative's blood would replace the no longer usable blood in the body.

However, it was best to set aside the matter of reviving her for now. What if the revived person wasn't Yuner and the real Yuner ended up not having anywhere to go when she wanted to come back? Wouldn't that be troublesome?

It'd be better to think of a way to go to Yuner's world to find the real Yuner!

That's right!

He should find the real Yuner!

It would be much better than reviving a fake Jun Yuner!

The more Su Yi thought about it, the more pleasing he found this idea and joy appeared in his eyes. He looked towards Baili Yu with appreciation and said with a laugh, "Who would've thought that you actually had some brains, to have been able to come up with this idea?"

When Baili Yu saw that Su Yi's spirit had returned, he smiled lightly. "Since City Lord Su has already decided, then…"

"Lan Jia's news, right?" said Su Yi with lifted brows.

Baili Yu nodded, then poured Su Yi a cup of tea. "Please."

Su Yi accepted the offered tea with a smile. After taking a slow sip, he started speaking.

When Tang Doudou woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. She rubbed her eyes, then stretched her hands towards the sides, only to find that the other side of the bed was cold. She frowned. Baili Yu didn't come back to sleep last night?

"Could it be that those two talked straight through the night?" muttered Tang Doudou as she got down to get dressed. Just as she was about to look for Baili Yu, someone came in.

"Madame, Qing Yu is here to help you wash up."

"Come in."
Qing Yu pushed open the door and walked in. When she saw that Tang Doudou was already up, she said with a smile, "So Madame was already awake. This servant thought that Madame was still sleeping."

"I woke up just now. You can just put the things over there, I can do it myself." Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she had Qing Yu set the things down. After washing up on her own, she had Qing Yu help her do her hair. She put away the jade water orchid hairpin and inserted the hairpin that Baili Yu had given her.

"Madame is truly beautiful!" She had changed into a fresh, water green outfit that had light green gauze draped over her shoulders. Her simple hairstyle was pinned up with a light colored jade hairpin. The refreshing look made people's eyes light up.

Tang Doudou was pretty happy to hear Qing Yu's exclaim of admiration. After all, who didn't liked to be called beautiful?

It would always make people feel delighted.

Tang Doudou then asked Qing Yu, "Is your master still in the pavilion?"

Happy things should be shared with others! The first and only person that occurred to her was Baili Yu!

Qing Yu replied, "Master isn't in the pavilion."

"He's not in the pavilion?" Tang Doudou was surprised. But then it occurred to her that it usually got very cold and humid at night, so it really wasn't suitable to talk through the night in the pavilion, so they had likely gone into a room.

However, Qing Yu continued, "That's right, Master left early this morning with City Lord Su. That's why they're not in the pavilion."

Tang Doudou became depressed. "Why did they leave again?"

"Is Madame looking for Master for something? Master said that if Madame needed him, just send someone to notify him."

"There's no need for that, it wasn't anything important." Tang Doudou glanced outside. The sun was very bright, so it was suitable for sunbathing. She recalled that the forums said it was important to sunbathe in order to prevent vitamin deficiency, so she said, "I'm going to sunbathe in the pavilion for a while. Just bring the medicinal dish directly over there."

Qing Yu replied, "Understood, Madame."

Tang Doudou nodded and started walking towards the pavilion, but before she got there, someone called out to her again.

"Madame! Madame!"

"What's wrong?" When Tang Doudou saw the rushed expression on the manservant's face, she thought that something big had happened and hastily responded.

The manservant replied, "Madame, there's a beggar kid looking for you outside!"

"A beggar kid?" Tang Doudou frowned, then she suddenly recalled someone and smiled, "Bring him to the pavilion."

"This…" The manservant hesitated.

This was strange. This request wasn't anything excessive, so what was with this manservant's expression?

Could it be that these servants wouldn't obey her because Baili Yu wasn't here?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "Is there a problem?"

The manservant said hesitantly, "That kid's covered with dirt from head to toe, so he's probably not some good person…"

Tang Doudou looked towards the sky speechlessly. It was just this?

"It's fine! Just bring him in for me." Tang Doudou waved dismissively.

When the manservant saw that she wasn't going to change her mind, he could only do as she said.

After a few minutes, the manservant brought the person to the pavilion.

Tang Doudou was in the middle of drinking the medicinal dish that Meng Yu had someone bring over when she heard He Xiaoqin's annoyed voice. "Alright, alright, I got it! All you guys have is some crappy money, what's so great about that?

"Hey! Stop pushing me! Otherwise I'll tell on you later!"


Tang Doudou almost spat out the food in her mouth. Wasn't this guy being loud on purpose for her to hear?

What did he mean by telling on him later, this stinkin' brat…

The manservant soon arrived with He Xiaoqin. "Madame, the person has been brought."

"Alright, I got it. You can withdraw." Tang Doudou had the manservant withdraw. The manservant hesitated for a moment but still obeyed.

Once the manservant left, Tang Doudou glanced at He Xiaoqin who was standing nearby and dusting himself off. She finished off the medicine, then extended a hand towards him. "Please sit."
He Xiaoqin didn't bother to be polite and lifted the ragged hems of his clothing to sit down opposite her. He glanced at Tang Doudou's bowl, then sneered, "As expected of the wealthy, you eat so luxuriously even at breakfast. Aren't you worried about not being able to digest all of it?"

Aiy, his hatred of the rich was quite severe.

Tang Doudou had the maids nearby take away the things on the table, then had someone prepare some food and tea. Once these were placed on the table, He Xiaoqin didn't wait for Tang Doudou's invitation before starting to eat.

The way he was ravenously devouring everything made it seem as if it had been forever since he last ate.

When she saw how dirty and ragged his garments were, she couldn't help but feel pity. He wasn't very old. In her original world, a child of this age would still be in school playing happily.

However, when she encountered him yesterday, he was about to be killed for stealing.

His age was also a confusing factor for Tang Doudou. Lan Jia had a terrible personality and had children with countless women. According to the timeline, the youngest should just be about seventeen, but He Xiaoqin looked to only be twelve… Could it be that her guess was off?

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