Chapter 465: Impossible to Unravel

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 465: Impossible to Unravel

The moment Tang Doudou left the temple, Qing Yu hastily walked up to ask, "Madame, are we really going to where Mother Mo Yun is?"

Tang Doudou glanced at her in surprise. "What? I can't?"

"Of course not!" Qing Yu knew that she wasn't in a good mood today and didn't dare to joke with her like usual. She hastily said, "This servant means that Mother Mo Yun seems to dislike Madame. If we go like this, will she…"

"Don't worry, she still has something to ask me and wouldn't do anything to me." Tang Doudou cut off her words and patted her shoulder. "Did the guards find any news?"

Qing Yu said, "The guards found out that after He Xiaoqin left this temple, he went to the north of the city, not where the martial arts alliance were."

After Qing Yu said this, she hesitated for a moment before saying, "Madame, this servant has something she doesn't know whether she should say."

"Just say it!" Tang Doudou was currently preoccupied with He Xiaoqin and Mo Yun's matter and had completely forgotten about Baili Yu, so her mood was much better.

Upon seeing this, Qing Yu said quietly, "Madame, I suspect this incident of being Mo Yun's trap."
Qing Yu's words reminded Tang Doudou that there really was something fishy about this incident.

However, no matter what, as long as there was a trace of hope, she had to get to the bottom of it.

She had no idea what Lan Jia's current strength was like and whether Baili Yu would be a match for him. If there were other things to use against him like something he was weak against or feared, it would serve as additional safeguards.

"I'll pay attention. You help pay attention as well. Let me know immediately if you notice something off. Have the guards be careful as well." There was no way she could stop just because she suspected that something was off, right?

No matter what it was, she'd only be able to understand once she took a look.

When Qing Yu saw that she couldn't be dissuaded, she followed orders and went to make plans with the hidden guards. Then she had a hidden guard head back and get maids to carry the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin over.

It must be known that the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin wasn't just luxurious, its defensive strength was also top notch. In addition, the eight maids that carried the palanquin had high martial arts. If Mo Yun really wanted to do something to Tang Doudou, she'd have to pause and consider her own abilities.

When Tang Doudou saw the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, she couldn't help but admire Qing Yu's ability to think of everything. With this here, she could just pretend that Baili Yu was inside and use that to pressure Mo Yun. That way Mo Yun wouldn't dare to do anything to her and would be intimidated into telling her information about He Xiaoqin's parents.

However, what she wanted to know the most wasn't this. Grandpa He said earlier that He Xiaoqin had met Mo Yun a year ago, so how did Mo Yun come to know information about He Xiaoqin's parents?

Not even He Xiaoqin knew who his parents were. This meant that Mo Yun had secretly looked into it on her own, but why had she done that?

Why had Mo Yun investigated He Xiaoqin?

Could it be that they had the same motive?

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more likely this possibility seemed. If this wasn't the case, why would Mo Yun have asked her the moment she came whether her investigation of He Xiaoqin was related to the mysterious person?

"Madame, we're here." Tang Doudou was spacing out in the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin when she heard Qing Yu's call.

Tang Doudou lifted the curtain and glanced outside before quickly lowering it again. "Let them know."

Ever since Mo Yun had that argument with Elder Yu and the others last time, she moved out of the courtyard the martial arts alliance was staying in and found a quiet farmer's courtyard to stay in. This was something Tang Doudou had found out from the hidden guards.

They were currently at the entrance of this small courtyard. Since it was the middle of the day and the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin as well as the maids were very eye-catching, a lot of spectators had gathered around. The bustling sound reached the courtyard and the door opened before Qing Yu even went over to knock.

The person who poked his head out was a little boy. When he saw Qing Yu who was almost about to reach him, he quickly closed the door again.

Qing Yu was confused, but she recalled Tang Doudou's instructions and knocked lightly on the door.

That kid's low muffled voice came from inside. "Mother Mo Yun said that she isn't feeling well today and won't be seeing any visitors. Lady, please head back!"

Qing Yu passed this message onto Tang Doudou.

"It doesn't matter, continue knocking. If he doesn't open it after three times, we're jumping over the wall!" said Tang Doudou.

In any case, Baili Yu never knocked anywhere he went. He always jumped straight over the wall, so doing this suited his style.

Qing Yu followed her instructions. After three times, she turned back again. "That kid said that Mother Mo Yun isn't here."

"Let's jump over the wall!" said Tang Doudou.

Qing Yu nodded, then had the maids carry the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin into the small courtyard. When the spectators around saw this magical scene, they cried out in surprise. They couldn't help but wonder who was inside this palanquin.

Nangong Yan was wearing a veil and standing with the crowd. When she saw the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, her eyes darkened, then she smiled coldly as she slipped back into the crowd.

Tang Doudou had no idea of this. After she got off the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, she saw the kid who had opened the door earlier stare at them dumbstruck. He seemed completely baffled about how they jumped over the wall.

Since it was just a little kid, Tang Doudou didn't bother with him. She had the maids guard the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, then went with Qing Yu to enter the house.

The situation inside stunned Tang Doudou. There was actually not a single person in this courtyard.

After looking through all the buildings, she had no choice but to return to the yard. She had Qing Yu bring the kid over.

This kid was only about seven and dressed in gray garments. His simple looks were really cute and he wasn't afraid of people either. When Qing Yu told him to come over, he obediently followed her over.

"Little friend, what's your name? How old are you?" Tang Doudou crouched down with a smile to look at him from the same height.

Due to this, the child who wasn't afraid of strangers from the start found Tang Doudou even more friendly. After he heard this question, he replied honesty, "My name's Li Goudan. I'm eight years old."
What a cute kid. Tang Doudou rubbed his head. "Are you the only one here? Where are your parents?"

"I'm the only one here. Dad and Mom were called over by Mother Mo Yun to help." He was only eight, so he had no idea what should and shouldn't be said. He just felt that Tang Doudou was very friendly and wouldn't look down at him like the other adults, so he started telling her everything he knew.

Tang Doudou felt bad since he was a very good kid, but she still asked, "Then do you know where they went?"

"The tunnel under the kitchen!" Li Goudan pointed at the kitchen in the courtyard as he said this with a sniffle.

This time, there was no need for Tang Doudou's instructions. Qing Yu immediately rushed to the kitchen and soon returned to whisper in Tang Doudou's ear, "There is a tunnel, but we don't know where it leads to."
"This servant found this in a corner of the kitchen." After Qing Yu said this, she handed Tang Doudou a silver ingot.

Tang Doudou flipped it over to look at the emblem on the bottom and her eyes lit up. Wasn't this one of the ingots she gave He Xiaoqin?

He Xiaoqin loved money more than his life, but he had actually thrown such a huge ingot away. It seemed like something really has happened to him.

"Send someone to investigate where that tunnel leads to." Tang Doudou didn't plan to go herself. She was pregnant, so she had to consider the child's safety. She had to avoid dangerous places as much as possible.

Qing Yu quickly passed down the instructions and had some of the maids check out the tunnel.

Qing Yu and Tang Doudou waited in the courtyard. They used some toys to get Li Goudan to tell them what Mo Yun had done in this courtyard.

She found out that He Xiaoqin had come to find Mo Yun and had been tied up by her. When Mo Yun left, she had taken He Xiaoqin and Li Goudan's parents through the tunnel.

As for Mo Yun's injured disciples, they had never been here.

The situation was becoming impossible to unravel. Mo Yun definitely knew that she would come here to look for He Xiaoqin, so why had she left in such a rush?

Could it be that she had encountered something that had forced her to leave?

After an hour, the maids who had gone to look at the tunnel came back from the kitchen and rushed towards Tang Doudou. They knelt down and said, "Madame, that tunnel leads outside North Hara City. We found several corpses and traces of people fighting in the tunnel. It seemed that they had encountered a strong enemy that forced Mo Yun to retreat to the tunnel. However, in order to protect Mo Yun and one other person's escape, a lot of people died.

It was obvious Mo Yun had gotten away, but was the other person He Xiaoqin?

"Did you find He Xiaoqin in the corpses?" Was it someone else and He Xiaoqin had already died under a blade?

The maid reported, "He Xiaoqin's corpse wasn't there, but there was…"

As she spoke, she glanced towards Li Goudan.

Tang Doudou understood what she meant and had her stop.

"This is all that this servant had discovered. Madame, should we continue following them through the tunnel?"

"Can you tell how long it's been since they've left the tunnel?" If they had left too long ago, it'd be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The maid said, "Not too long. Probably just two to four hours."

Four hours didn't count as long? It was enough to walk several kilometers!

"Then can we still catch up?"

The maid glanced towards Qing Yu.

"This servant believes that we can definitely catch up if we want to, but before we figure out who it was that was trying to kill Mo Yun, it'd be dangerous to follow them." Qing Yu sensed that maid's gaze and turned to say this to Tang Doudou.

How could Tang Doudou not know this? However, this was related to He Xiaoqin and He Xiaoqin's parents, so how could she give up just like this?

"Follow the previous arrangement. Have the guards pay close attention. We'll continue tracking Mo Yun." Tang Doudou made her decision and had the maids bring her out of North Hara City.

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