Chapter 466: Ten Kilometer Cliff

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 466: Ten Kilometer Cliff

When they left the city, there were two maids already waiting there. They hastily walked up and curtsied when they saw Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou indicated for them to rise and asked, "Have you guys found anything else?"

A maid replied, "Not yet."

Since they hadn't found anything else, they could only go with the earlier plan and follow the clues that they had right now. Hopefully Mo Yun would be able to hold on until she arrived.

It had to be acknowledged that Baili Yu's subordinates were very efficient in dealing with matters. After an hour, the scout sent a report that he had found traces of Mo Yun.

However, the worrying fact was that Mo Yun was by herself. This meant that no one knew if He Xiaoqin was still alive right now.

"Stop Mo Yun first!" ordered Tang Doudou.

Soon, Mo Yun was invited over.

None of the subordinates that were here were a match for Mo Yun. Mo Yun had been invited over in her name.

When Mo Yun saw that it was really Tang Doudou who was looking for her, her guarded expression finally relaxed. However, when the saw the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, she became nervous again. Could it be that Baili Yu was also here?

Tang Doudou's plan from the start was to use the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin to intimidate Mo Yun, so she naturally didn't mention if there was another person here. She had a portion of the people continue searching for He Xiaoqin's whereabouts and the rest keep a lookout here. She invited Mo Yun to a place not far from the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin and got straight to the point. "Mother Mo Yun must be wondering why this one invited you over. Mother Mo Yun, please tell us He Xiaoqin's whereabouts."

Although Mo Yun was apprehensive of Baili Yu who might be in the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin, there was no way she would answer honestly without any questions. She laughed coldly. "I don't know what you're talking about."

She was using Tang Doudou's trick from a few days ago—feigned ignorance!

"What need is there to be like this?" Tang Doudou smiled and sat down on the chair Qing Yu had prepared for her. "Telling me He Xiaoqin's whereabouts serves no detriment to you or to me. To repay you for this favor, I'll even help you get away from the people pursuing you. Isn't this a good deal? Why does Mother insist on making things difficult?"

Mo Yun glanced at Tang Doudou as she mulled over how much of these words she could trust. However, when she saw the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin out of the corner of her eye, she started leaning towards one side. "Is everything you've said true?

"You really will help me get away?"

"Mother Mo Yun couldn't be doubting my abilities, right?" As Tang Doudou spoke, she glanced briefly towards the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin. The meaning was clear. Even if she doubted her abilities, she couldn't doubt Baili Yu's abilities.

Mo Yun was exhausted from escaping for her life. Several disciples had died trying to protect her. Right now, she had no disciples left except for those that were recovering from injuries where the martial arts alliance was. If she encountered those people again, she probably wouldn't be able to fight them off.

If Tang Doudou really could help her get away from those pursuers, forget just telling her He Xiaoqin's whereabouts, she could even tell her about He Xiaoqin's parents.

However, she felt unwilling to let Tang Doudou obtain what she wanted so easily.

She hesitated and reconsidered things, but in the end, decided that her own life was more important. After being silent for a few moments, she said, "When we got out of the tunnel, He Xiaoqin was captured by someone."

"I don't know, but the figure seemed to be a woman."

A woman?

Tang Doudou frowned. Grandpa He had said that He Xiaoqin's only connection to the Jianghu was Mo Yun. It was because she was investigating He Xiaoqin's background that this connection was revealed. Could it be that the person who kidnapped He Xiaoqin was also interested in who his parents were?

This wasn't completely impossible. After all, since it occurred to her, it might've occurred to someone else as well. In addition, someone may have discovered something from her recent movements.

It seemed that she should hurry and head back to discuss this with Baili Yu.

Although she had no idea which fields of flowers that guy had been frequenting lately, it was always a good choice to go to him for help. Who asked for him to be powerful!

"I'm guessing that woman has the same intention as you and wants to investigate He Xiaoqin's parents!" Mo Yun was observing Tang Doudou's expression as she slowly said, "Even though you refuse to admit it, even I can guess that the reason you're investigating He Xiaoqin's parents is definitely related to that mysterious person. It's fine if you don't admit it. I don't have interest in it right now anyways."

The reason why she had wanted to find the mysterious person in the first place was to get revenge for her disciples, but now most of her disciples had died. It was a huge loss. She could no longer afford to investigate the mysterious person. All she wanted right now was to bring those injured disciples back to Green Clouds Peak to recover.

The only reason she knew about He Xiaoqin's parents was because she happened to encounter his parents while looking for him one time. Although she hadn't gotten a clear look at them, she could see the emblem on their clothes. They were people of the Xiao clan.

When Mo Yun told Tang Doudou this, Tang Doudou was taken aback. It never occurred to her that He Xiaoqin's parents were actually of the Xiao clan. This was way too different from her original expectations.

"Are you sure that those were He Xiaoqin's parents?" Tang Doudou couldn't bring herself to give up. She had already investigated this far, but this was the result?

Mo Yun looked at her strangely. "Who did you think they were?"

Who did she think they were? She thought it was Lan Jia!

"Didn't you say that his parents were related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes? How could he be someone of the Xiao clan?" asked Tang Doudou.

Mo Yun said, "The Xiao clan has always been related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes. Could it be that you didn't know this?"

Fudge! Of course she hadn't known!

If she knew that the Xiao clan was related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes, would she have dared to be get so close to Xiao Siyuan and the others?

However, she could understand now why Mo Yun was always on such bad terms with Xiao Yiyun. This was probably part of the reason!

"What does Mother Mo Yun plan to do now?" She originally thought that Mo Yun would only tell her about He Xiaoqin's whereabouts, but she had actually told her about his parents as well. Tang Doudou who had only planned to help Mo Yun a little now felt that she should send her to a safe location.

The chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin could be used to intimidate the people who were pursuing Mo Yun as well.

Mo Yun knew the meaning behind her question and she needed this help, so she said, "I'm preparing to head back to Green Clouds Peak."

"That's good." Tang Doudou didn't ask anything else. When she saw that the people searching for He Xiaoqin hadn't come back, she guessed that the woman had taken him somewhere hidden. Hence, she ordered for the maids to first head back to the manor.

"If Mother Mo Yun doesn't find it too bad of a suggestion, stay in the manor for the time being. Once I get back, I'll have someone send you back to Green Clouds Peak. How's that?" Tang Doudou didn't feel loathing towards Mo Yun at this time. Although she didn't have a pleasant personality, it was clear from this incident that she wasn't a bad person.

Mo Yun didn't have any other plans, so she nodded in agreement with this arrangement.

After arranging this, Tang Doudou avoided Mo Yun's line of sight to return to the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin.

However, she discovered a letter in the palanquin.

Tang Doudou was stunned. She was sure that this letter hadn't been here earlier. Someone had probably placed this inside while she had been talking with Mo Yun.

However, the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin had been guarded this entire time. Who would've been able to sneak this message in?

Could it be that there was a traitor?

When this occurred to Tang Doudou, she became worried. She slowly picked up the paper and flipped it around. It was a short message. "I have He Xiaoqin. If you want him, get to Ten Kilometers Cliff!"

So it was left by the woman that took He Xiaoqin.

Although He Xiaoqin's parents were people of the Xiao clan, making him useless to her, she had promised Grandpa He that she would bring He Xiaoqin back. In addition, the reason this happened to He Xiaoqin was because of her, so she couldn't ignore this message. She had to go to Ten Kilometers Cliff to save He Xiaoqin!

"Qing Yu!" After telling Qing Yu her thoughts, she refused to listen to any objections and had the other maids carry the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin back with Mo Yun.

"Where are you going?" asked Mo Yun curiously when she saw that Tang Doudou's expression was off.

Tang Doudou didn't want to get Mo Yun involved again so she said with a smile, "The scenery here is pretty nice. I was seirously about to fall ill from staying inside the manor all day. I'm planning to take a walk around, so I won't be heading back with you."

She didn't know if Mo Yun believed her words, but Mo Yun just glanced at the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin before turning to leave with the maids.

Qing Yu stayed with Tang Doudou and asked worriedly, "Madame, will we be alright going like this? I think it'd be better to head back and discuss things with Master first."
Tang Doudou patted her shoulder. "I'm worried that He Xiaoqin won't last that long."

Qing Yu fell silent. If that person didn't see Tang Doudou head over, it was likely that she'd kill He Xiaoqin to vent her anger. However, this person was clearly aiming for Madame. If Madame went over, wouldn't that be walking right into her trap?

Qing Yu bit her lips. Was the life of a little beggar like He Xiaoqin as important as her madame's?

She refused to let Tang Doudou go.

As resolution appeared in her eyes, several points in front of her chest was tapped. She looked at Tang Doudou in astonishment. "Madame, this is?"

"The seal will undo itself in four hours. If I'm still not back by then, go look for Baili Yu and have him head to Ten Kilometers Cliff to save me. Don't worry, during these four hours, I'll protect myself well." Tang Doudou didn't want to risk He Xiaoqin dying due to a delay, and the only one that knew she was going to Ten Kilometers Cliff was Qing Yu, so this was the best plan.

Qing Yu said anxiously, "Madame, I'll get someone to tell Master right now, so take me with you! One additional person would be a bit more help!"

Tang Doudou shook her head. "More people delay things more. Just remember what I've said."
"Madame!" Qing Yu wanted to keep persuading her, but Tang Doudou had already walked away.

Someone had mentioned Ten Kilometers Cliff to her before so she had a faint recollection. It was near Violet Spirit Spring. This place wasn't very far away from there, so regardless of whether she rushed or not, it would take at least an hour.

She didn't have time to enjoy the beautiful view of Violet Spirit Spring and rushed towards the so-called Ten Kilometers Cliff.

It was a cliff overlooking the side of the sea.

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