Chapter 467: Certain Death

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 467: Certain Death

After what happened at Cerulean Mountain, Tang Doudou's fear of water had increased to a new level. When she got to Ten Kilometers Cliff, she kept far away from the cliff as she looked around, but she didn't see anyone.

Had that person been messing with her?

Just as she was wondering this, she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. She hastily turned around.

"Nangong Yan!" Tang Doudou never expected that the person who had called her over was Nangong Yan!

"You never thought of this, right?" Nangong Yan laughed darkly as she pulled He Xiaoqin over. "The Heavens have truly been considerate. Just as I was worrying over how to get you out alone, this kid showed up!"

When He Xiaoqin saw that Tang Doudou had really come to save him, he looked over gratefully. However, he recalled something and started struggling like his life depended on it. The meaning in his eyes was to actually have Tang Doudou hurry and leave!

But Tang Doudou didn't really need his warning. She knew that Nangong Yan didn't harbor any good intentions.

However, she was already here. Even if she tried to leave, would she make it in time?

Rather than worry about how to leave, it'd be more feasible to try to stall for time until Qing Yu found Baili Yu.

Nangong Yan seemed to know what she was thinking as she laughed coldly. "You should give up on the hope that Senior Brother will come. I followed you all the way here, you know? I heard everything you said to Qing Yu, so after you left, I had already…"

Tang Doudou never thought that Qing Yu would end up being killed by Nangong Yan due to the seal that she had placed. She was furious and regretful. Nangong Yan's schemes were too deep. She had actually waited there to see her reaction after leaving the message there. It was no wonder there had been no trace of any people being here when she first arrived at Ten Kilometers Cliff. So it was because Nangong Yan had come here after her!

"You! You're insane!" She had already come, so why did Nangong Yan still kill Qing Yu?

Nangong Yan laughed in disdain. "Since I've killed her, there won't be anyone going to report this incident, nor will anyone ever find out about this."

The meaning of her words was that not only was she going to kill her, she was also going to kill He Xiaoqin!

"I've already come here, so let He Xiaoqin go!"

"Do you think that's possible?" Nangong Yan pushed He Xiaoqin to the side and took out her whip. "I'll have you pay for all the humiliation I suffered these past months!"

As she spoke, she swung the whip towards Tang Doudou. Each attack was extremely fierce and the sharp reversed barbs on the whip could be clearly seen in the sunlight. It was also covered with fatal poison. Tang Doudou was sure that she would croak the moment the whip hit her!

She was pretty sure that Nangong Yan wouldn't go easy on her.

However, since Nangong Yan said that she wouldn't let He Xiaoqin off no matter what, she was no longer suppressed by worry for He Xiaoqin's life and could fight freely. She was no longer the person she had been back in Cloud City. She still had some confidence in being able to beat Nangong Yan.

When the whip approached, she quickly dodged, then used her inner strength to attract a nearby rock to throw it at Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan hadn't expected for Tang Doudou's to have improved so quickly. After knocking away the rock with the whip, she started attacking even harder. However, she didn't know that Tang Doudou's inner strength was no longer suppressed and that her current inner strength could compare to Su Yi's. In addition, due to Baili Yu training her on how to control her inner strength, Nangong Yan wasn't a match for Tang Doudou now at all!

Although Tang Doudou didn't have a weapon, with the inner strength manipulation technique that Baili Yu had taught her, she could use anything as an effective weapon. There were a lot of rocks on this cliff so Tang Doudou made full use of them. Nangong Yan was hit by these sharp rocks several times and they made bloody wounds with every strike.

After a few exchanges, Tang Doudou was completely unharmed, but Nangong Yan was covered with wounds.

There was no way Nangong Yan could accept her defeat this easily. She angrily tossed aside the troublesome whip and pulled out a sword.

However, Tang Doudou had been purposefully inching closer to He Xiaoqin and now took advantage of this chance to move to him.

"Xiaoqin!" She made He Xiaoqin's ropes crumble with her inner strength and grabbed his arm to escape with him while Nangong Yan was still stunned.

However, He Xiaoqin hastily shook off her hand and scrambled away from her!

"Xiaoqin, what's wrong? If we don't leave now, we won't be able to!" Tang Doudou walked up to grab him again. If he didn't leave this time, she was leaving on her own! She couldn't risk the life of her baby!

However, Xiaoqin dodged again and hastily pulled out the cloth stuffed in his mouth to shout, "Don't come here! Hurry and leave! That crazy woman rubbed poison on my body!"

These words made Tang Doudou freeze. She looked in alarm at her hand. "What do you mean?"

"Forget about me! Hurry and leave! Just remember to help me take care of Grandpa!" shouted He Xiaoqin as he rushed towards Nangong Yan.

However, he didn't know any martial arts, so he wasn't a match for Nangong Yan at all. He was kicked in the stomach by Nangong Yan and flew out far before he landed. He couldn't get up and curled up in pain.

Tang Doudou knew that it was time to choose. She forced herself to be callous and leave, but when she heard He Xiaoqin cry out in pain, her feet felt nailed down and she couldn't bring herself to leave.

"Humph! You should give up on leaving as well!" Meanwhile, Nangong Yan was smiling triumphantly. "He's right, I've rubbed poison all over him. Regardless of who it is that makes contact with it, they'll be poisoned."

As she spoke, she fiddled with the heaven silk gloves on her hands. She had touched He Xiaoqin earlier as well, but due to those gloves, she hadn't been poisoned.

But Tang Doudou?

Tang Doudou looked at her palm. She could already see something black spreading from the center of her palm.

She possessed a body that was immune to a hundred poisons, but it could only resist ordinary poisoned. Poisons manufactured by the Seven Great Saint Tribes worked on her like they would a normal person.

She had been poisoned again!

Tang Doudou felt that her life was so tragic. However, she was more worried about the child in her stomach. "If I die along with Baili Yu's child, do you think that Baili Yu would let you off?"

"Humph. There's no need for you to worry about this. Moreover, it would never occur to Senior Brother that I was the one that did this!" said Nangong Yan smugly. "And you probably still don't know where Senior Brother has been all day and night lately, right?"

Tang Doudou had always disregarded Nangong Yan's words, but when she heard this, her facial color changed reflexively.

"Do you still have an impression of Bai Lianhua?"

"You mean that Baili Yu has been with her these past days?" It was no wonder he had refused to tell her and even lied to her. So it was because of this?

If Baili Yu hadn't headed out today and had come with her to find He Xiaoqin, if he had come with her here, how could she possibly have fallen to this point?

Not only was she about to die due to Nangong Yan, the baby in her belly was also…

"Don't worry, I'll help you go back and teach that shameless woman a lesson!" Nangong Yan was delighted to see Tang Doudou's facial color turn unsightly. "And don't worry, the child in your belly is my senior brother's child, so I won't let anything happen to him. From now on, I'll look after him like my own son."

When Tang Doudou heard this, her thoughts leapt back to her child. She looked warily at Nangong Yan who seemed to have sank into a deranged daydream. "You, what do you plan to do?"

"What do I plan to do? Hahahaha… What I plan to do? Haven't you always known?" Nangong Yan approached Tang Doudou with a sinister smile.

She really did still want to marry Baili Yu!

Despite this dangerous situation, Tang Doudou couldn't help but be speechless about Nangong Yan's crazy way of thinking. They were biological siblings! Even if she wasn't here, there was no way Baili Yu would marry Nangong Yan!

"Are you thinking that there's no way Senior Brother would marry me because we're biological siblings?" Nangong Yan saw the astonishment in Tang Doudou's eyes and started laughing again. "Since you're almost about to die, I'll let you know! Actually, I'm not Lan Jia's daughter! I'm the daughter of the master of Wind Cloud Island. As for Lan Jia's child, the moment she was sent to the island, the island master had sent someone to toss her into the sea! She's long already gone into the bellies of the fish!"

So it was like this!

It was no wonder why Baili Yu, Baili Yiling, and Baili Feng looked similar. They mostly looked like their mother, but there were faint traces of Lan Jia's looks on Baili Yu. However, there was no trace of Lan Jia in Nangong Yan's features. She had always assumed that Nangong Yan looked more like her mother, but so it was due to this!

"Even if you're not biological siblings, he still wouldn't accept you!" Baili Yu’s loathing for Nangong Yan was nothing to be sneered at.

Nangong Yan didn't mind and said with longing, "There's nothing difficult in the world as long as one has the intention. I'm sure that as long as I treat Senior Brother sincerely, he'll one day understand who is truly the one that loves him most!"

Tang Doudou just looked at Nangong Yan. She felt a little despair. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to escape today no matter what.

Just as she thought that she was done for, an extremely familiar voice came from the distance. "Bravo! What a nice 'there's nothing difficult in the world as long as one has the intention!'

"If Baili Yu knew what perseverance you had, he might really feel moved!"
"Su Yi! Why are you here?" Nangong Yan's face twisted when she saw who it was that had come.

The moment Su Yi spoke, Tang Doudou had known that it was him. However, she couldn't feel happy at all. She had already been poisoned and the poison was rapidly spreading. If there was no antidote, she'd probably die in an hour!

Su Yi jumped down from a nearby rock and glanced at his useless disciple. "How did you get poisoned again?"

His tone was extremely helpless.

Tang Doudou also felt very helpless. However, what else could she do besides be helpless?

"Let me see!" Su Yi ignored Nangong Yan and had Tang Doudou extend her hand so that he could take a look.

Nangong Yan was vexed at first, but then she didn't do anything and just watched them coldly.

"What are you dawdling for? Hurry up!" urged Su Yi when Tang Doudou didn't react.

Tang Doudou hoped that Su Yi just happened to have a way to undo the poison and extended her hand. "Old brat, if I die, can you deliver a message to Baili Yu for me?"

When Su Yi saw that she was still mentioning Baili Yu in this sort of situation, he couldn't help but laugh. "You don't blame him for visiting Bai Lianhua? Everything she said just now was true. I'm also aware of this. These past few days, Baili Yu has been with that Bai Lianhua from morning to night. Aren't you angry with him?"

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