Chapter 468: Take it All Off Chiyomira's Thoughts

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Chapter 468: Take it All Off

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. She was about to die. What use was there in getting angry?

In addition, the message she wanted Su Yi to bring wasn’t any sweet message either!

“He can stay with whoever he likes! It’s got nothing to do with me!” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at Su Yi. “Here, didn’t you want to take a look at it? See if I can be saved first!”

She extended her hands towards Su Yi. Su Yi was just about to place his hand on her wrist when he saw the black cluster spreading from the center of her palm. He immediately withdrew his hand and looked towards Nangong Yan in alarm. “W-where did you get soul-dispersing powder?”

Nangong Yan just laughed coldly.

Tang Doudou looked towards her palm. This was soul-dispersing powder? What kind of poison was soul-dispersing powder? She could tell from Su Yi’s expression that she couldn’t be saved, but she was still curious. “What’s soul-dispersing powder?”

“Soul-dispersing powder is a legendary poison from antiquity. Anyone who is poisoned with it faces certain death!” Su Yi looked towards her sympathetically. “You’re screwed.”

“That’s right! Hahaha! You’re screwed! Tang Doudou!” When Nangong Yan heard what Su Yi said, she started laughing maniacally as if she had gone crazy. “You’re finally going to die!”

She was finally going to die?

Tang Doudou lifted her hand and repeated this sentence. However, she didn’t actually feel too hurt. She felt so calm that she found it strange.

Perhaps it was because Tang Doudou’s expression was too calm and she hadn’t started crying and fallen apart like Nangong Yan expected, because Nangong Yan didn’t feel like laughing anymore. “Humph! I’d like to see if you can remain so unperturbed once the poison flares up. If you can, I, Nangong Yan, will admit respect for you!”

Hence, the three of them actually just started waiting on Ten Kilometers Cliff for the poison to spread.

However, although that black stuff spread all the way to Tang Doudou’s face, Tang Doudou still didn’t feel anything. On the contrary, it felt like some sort of restraint inside her body was gradually fading away.

“Why isn’t the poison flaring up yet!?” Nangong Yan was the first to lose her patience. She wanted to come over to take a look, but Su Yi shot a look at her so she had no choice but to stay away.

He Xiaoqin, who Nangong Yan had kicked flying earlier, had already fainted from the pain and was lying there, seemingly lifelessly.

Nangong Yan glanced at Tang Doudou who was looking for a place to sit down and hatred flashed through her eyes. This wretch seriously had too strong of a life force! She actually managed to survive even this! That was a fatal poison from antiquity, a poison that was supposed to cause certain death! However, even after such a long time, not only was she still alive, the poison hasn’t even flared up!

Nangong Yan was enraged and moved behind He Xiaoqin to lift him up. She pressed her sword against He Xiaoqin’s neck. “Tang Doudou!”

Su Yi and Tang Doudou simultaneously looked over to find that Nangong Yan had captured He Xiaoqin again. They were both speechless. Did she really think that she could still use He Xiaoqin against them?

Tang Doudou was about to die. Who’d care about He Xiaoqin at this point?

“Humph, I know what you’re thinking, but there’s a secret that I’m sure you’ll be very interested in knowing!”

Tang Doudou didn’t have the time to pay attention to her. She had already gotten fed up with all of Nangong Yan’s ruckus. “If you have something to say, just say it. If you have fart to release, just release it. Why do you have so many useless words?”

When Nangong Yan saw that Tang Doudou was still this unbridled, anger rushed up to her head.

Tang Doudou seriously bullied intolerably. She had already fallen to this point, but she still dared to show such disdain for her!

If Tang Doudou knew that Nangong Yan had this thought, she probably would’ve started cursing again. Who was the one that was bullying intolerably?

She was the one poisoned, alright? She was the one that was waiting for the poison to flare up and kill her right now, alright?

It was truly impossible for others to understand Nangong Yan’s way of thinking.

“Didn’t you want to know who this kid’s parents are?”

Tang Doudou didn’t even blink at this. Was this important? It wasn’t important at all, alright?

She only had one thought on her mind right now which was how she could protect the child in her belly.

“Old brat, do you know of any ways to let the child continue growing even after I die until he’s born?”

Su Yi looked towards her speechlessly. “Do you think I’m a god?”

If it weren’t for the fact that they had so many inconceivable methods, would she even have bothered asking?

But there was no way, it seemed. Tang Doudou had no choice but to resign herself to fate. “Baby ah, my poor baby. You have such a pitiful fate!”

“Stop saying such unlucky things!” Su Yi rapped her, then crossed his arms. “Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

“…” Hadn’t he said just a while ago that she was going to die for sure?

When Su Yi saw the confusion in her eyes, he started laughing. “We have to thank Miss Nangong for this. I’ve been searching for soul-dispersing powder for so many years but hadn’t been able to find any trace of it, but she ended up getting it for me. Truly, wearing out one’s iron shoes searching can’t compare to luck!”

His words stunned the two women present.

What did Su Yi mean by this?

“You’re just making things up!” Nangong Yan was sure that Su Yi was only saying this to comfort Tang Doudou so she wasn’t worried about it.

However, Tang Doudou’s heart leaped when she heard this. Could it be the abnormality that was occurring in her body was due to this soul-dispersing powder?

“I’ll tell you the reason later.” However, Su Yi stopped her from asking questions and looked towards Nangong Yan. “This daddy is in a good mood today, so I won’t make you pay for trying to harm my disciple today. Let him go and leave immediately, else don’t blame me for not being polite.”

He was letting her go?

Nangong Yan couldn’t figure out what Su Yi was trying to do, but she knew that it wasn’t going to be possible to stay and watch Tang Doudou’s poison flare up. Hence, when she heard that she could leave, she didn’t hesitate in the slightest and started pulling He Xiaoqin towards the road.

Su Yi showed disdain for her cautious manner and crossed his arms while looking towards the distance.

When Tang Doudou saw that Nangong Yan planned to take He Xiaoqin with her, she was about to tell Nangong Yan to let him go when she saw Nangong Yan abruptly push He Xiaoqin towards Su Yi.

“Old brat, be careful!” He Xiaoqin’s body was covered with soul-dispersing powder. If Su Yi made contact with it, it would be troublesome!

Su Yi reacted extremely quickly and dodged, then used inner strength to catch He Xiaoqin and lower him on the ground.

However, in this few moments, by the time he looked back, he found that Nangong Yan had seized his disciple by the neck.

“Stay away!” Nangong Yan looked towards Su Yi with a cold smile. “Otherwise I’ll kill you!”

“I should’ve killed you earlier!” Su Yi was now enraged. He never expected to be tricked by this stinkin’ woman!

“It was your greatest mistake to not have killed me earlier!” Nangong Yan started laughing maniacally again and she started dragging Tang Doudou towards the cliff.

Su Yi didn’t know what she was trying to do. Tang Doudou was already poisoned with a fatal poison. Could it be that she couldn’t feel at ease without seeing Tang Doudou die right in front of her?

This really was what Nangong Yan was thinking. If she didn’t see Tang Doudou die in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to live at ease!

Hence, she didn’t hesitate at all. As soon as she reached the side of the cliff, she pushed Tang Doudou down. She did everything so quickly that Su Yi was too stunned to react!

Su Yi only rushed towards the cliff when Tang Doudou screamed. By the time he reached that side, it was already too late. Tang Doudou had already disappeared from sight.

Su Yi was so angry that he was trembling. He turned around and clutched Nangong Yan by the neck. “I’ll kill you!”

Cough, cough!

“Even if you kill me, it still wouldn’t bring her back to life! Ten Kilometers Cliff is deep beyond measure. She’s already died from her bones shattering by now!” Although she was suffocating, she still forced out these cruel words.

After she said that, there was the sound of a crack. Su Yi had snapped her neck, then tossed her aside like a dirty rag. Su Yi once again walked to the edge of the cliff and gazed at its depths blankly. His gaze was so deep it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

He Xiaoqin had also woken up. He heard what Nangong Yan said and knew that Tang Doudou had fallen down the cliff. His head was also completely blank right now. Intense self-blame filled his heart. It was all his fault. If it hadn’t been to save him, why would she have come here and fallen into that crazy woman’s scheme? If she hadn’t touched him, how could she have gotten poisoned? If it weren’t for that fact that she had to warn Su Yi to avoid him, how would she have gotten caught by that crazy woman and have been pushed down the cliff?

“It’s all my fault!” The more he thought about it, the more he felt like it was his fault and he started crying, “It’s all my fault!”

“Exactly, it’s your fault!” Su Yi was irritated by the sound of his crying and turned around to roar at him. “I’ve never seen someone as useless as you!”

He Xiaoqin felt even worse when he was yelled at and he hugged his head as he crouched down on the ground and cried.

“Let’s go. Let’s head back to tell Baili Yu this sad news so that he’ll deal with this woman!” Su Yi kicked a rock towards He Xiaoqin’s head. “Take off your clothes!”

“Hah?” He Xiaoqin was immersed in sorrow due to the fact that Tang Doudou had fallen off the cliff, but he was still startled by Su Yi’s words. This man couldn’t have taken a liking to his looks, right?

He had just lost his beloved disciple, so he might be looking for a way to vent his emotions…

As these thoughts were running through his head, Su Yi urged him again. “If you don’t want to die, hurry and take off your clothes!”

When He Xiaoqin saw how fierce Su Yi looked, he started worrying for his life and obediently started stripping.

He took off his outer coat.

“Keep going!”

He took off his inner garment.


He really was going to vent on him! He Xiaoqin gritted his teeth. Since he was Tang Doudou’s Master, he’d risk it all!

In the end, He Xiaoqin only had a small cloth left to cover his private parts. All of his other clothes were taken off and thrown off the cliff at Su Yi’s demands.

“I-is it good now?” He Xiaoqin looked towards Su Yi bashfully as he asked this in a quiet voice.

Su Yi nodded in satisfaction. “Go carry that woman.”


He Xiaoqin’s jaw dropped. He had him take all of his clothes off just to carry a corpse?

“You’re so dumb and out of it. I can’t tell what part of you that girl possibly took a liking to!” Su Yi rolled his eyes, then paid no more attention to him and yawned as he started walking.

Although he didn’t show much reaction on the surface, inside he was so worried that he could barely breathe. Tang Doudou was the only blood relation Jun Yuner had left in this world, meaning that he could only get relative’s blood from Tang Doudou. Although he had taken Baili Yu’s suggestion and started to look for the world that Jun Yuner had been from, that was a very unrealistic notion. In the end, relative’s blood was much more reliable.

However, this reliable idea was gone too since Tang Doudou had fallen down the cliff.

Not only was relative’s blood gone, Yuner’s blood and flesh was gone. The disciple that he had raised for over twenty years was gone.

Every single time he thought of this, he wanted to just strangle Nangong Yan to death.

“Senior, why are we carrying this corpse back?” He Xiaoqin piggybacked Nangong Yan as he followed after Su Yi. He was the type of person who could never keep his questions down. Although he was a little scared of Su Yi, he still asked his questions directly.

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*Ahem* forgive me for interrupting the climatic atmosphere, but I just really want to remark that… So many of the series I translate have the female leads dying. The MC of Black Bellied Consort died like 70 chapters in jumping off a cliff, the MC of Cry of Phoenix died in the first (used to be) chapter, and Tang Doudou has almost died… over a dozen times lmao. I'm excited to be almost done with this series! The last hundred+ chapters were translated with motivation that surpasses the motivation I had when I first started translating! It was an insane marathon!