Chapter 47: Bai Lianhua’s Past

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 47: Bai Lianhua’s Past

Just as she was deliberating this question, her eyes caught only a swift flash of color before the pink handkerchief flew up without a rustle of the air and landed lightly in her hand.

Baili Yu extended his jade-cool hand to close her palm over the handkerchief. Still under his guidance, the soft handkerchief was pressed against Tang Doudou’s nose, finally putting the non-stop nosebleed under control.

Tang Doudou was very surprised. She never imagined that Baili Yu would help her wipe her nosebleed. However, immediately afterward, she felt that she was too naive. The fact that he helped her stop her nosebleed, wasn’t it just because he didn’t want the nosebleed to continue dripping onto his hand!?

And because of that damned mysophobia, he even insisted on borrowing her hand to pick up that handkerchief! That’s seriously too much ah!

Tang Doudou’s nose was wiped by Baili Yu’s merciless back and forth strokes. He wiped back and forth, wishing he could just wipe off Tang Doudou’s entire face. Tang Doudou’s eyes were brimming with tears from the pain as she continuously cried, “Baili Yu! Don’t, don’t wipe there ah! It hurts, oww! I’ll wipe(Shit)T/N! The skin’s about to peel off ah! Don’t ah…”

But how could Baili Yu possibly care about that much? After grasping her hand, his movements were fast as flying: up, down, left, right. It was very brisk and cheerful. His elegant eyes were narrowed slightly as he watched her eyes fill with tears from the pain. Looking at her pitiful appearance as she continuously cried out from the pain, an indescribable feeling of carefree delight floated up. The earlier anger seemed to have instantaneously disappeared.

Dare her to make spicy strips that were so spicy that he couldn’t get off the bed for days, dare her to have a nosebleed over his entire hand…

Bai Lianhua who was standing in front of them gritted her teeth before relaxing, but after relaxing, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth again. This Li Xueyi was seducing Baili gege like this as if no one was around, his behavior was too bullying!

If it was a woman, it could have been dismissed, but a man actually also wanted to try dipping a finger in Baili gege’s pie? It was seriously too shameless and vulgar!

At the same time, feelings of grievances also flooded her heart. She had known Jun Xin since childhood and due to that, in addition to their families’ relationship, her relationship with Jun Xin was still very good after she grew up. Because Jun Xin was older than her and often left home to make his way in the world outside, Bai Lianhua would often pester Jun Xin to tell her about all the odd people and strange events of the Jianghu. After all, although Bai Lianhua practiced martial arts, she had never left home to wander on the Jianghu before. And in their talks, the person Jun Xin mentioned the most was Baili Yu.

Jun Xin would talk about in how Baili Yu was exceptional in so and so ways. For example, that from a young age he had amassed a fortune that would only grow without end. Even the imperial household revered him so there were even fewer people in the Jianghu that would dare to anger him. What was even more important was that he was even the current most beautiful man under heaven. It’s said that even flowers would voluntarily bloom if he bestowed them a glance and fishes would faint from happiness simply from the opportunity to exchange a word with him.

As the young sproutling that she was, she naturally could not resist the fascination of this rumored man. All day long, she couldn’t think of anything else except daydreaming about seeing Baili Yu once and witnessing for herself if what Jun Xin said was true.

Afterward, with just one look, she was directly toppled by Baili Yu’s unsurpassable magnificence. Ever since then, she was so deeply infatuated she couldn’t pull herself out.

Like a good number of women who admired Baili Yu, she tried to perfect herself as if her life depended on it. She used all her strength to improve herself for a day when she could be good enough to stand at Baili Yu’s side.

But unlike other women, she knew Jun Xin.

Jun Xin and Baili Yu’s relationship was a complicated affair, and it can only be said that it was difficult to explain in a few words. They were like teachers that were friends, but also like friends that were enemies. In any case, their bond was deep. Hence, with Jun Xin’s help, she was finally able to establish a link with Baili Yu.

But sadly, even though they had a link, Baili Yu has never looked straight at her before. Not to even mention the fact that every time she came, he would find an excuse to avoid her. Even if they encountered each other, he would think of ways to get Jun Xin to come over and subtly kick her out.

Every time she went back she would also cry from the deep heartbreak, but after crying she still couldn’t let it go.

As her eyes faced forward blankly, all these memories一一flashed past. Unknowingly, so many years had already passed, and she was now sixteen. If she couldn’t capture Baili Yu’s heart soon, her family would be arranging a different marriage for her.

That’s why she came this time with a surefire preparation, all for the sake of capturing Baili Yu in one move. Yet a Li Xueyi just had to emerge out of nowhere. Putting aside the fact that he was tangling with Jun Xin, he actually even dipped a finger in her Baili gege!

It must be known that the reason she had never given up on Baili Yu was because he had never been touched by female charms. It had been so many years, yet there has never been a single woman at his side before. This was what gave her power to keep hoping.

But at present, the Baili Yu that had been aloof to all female charms before was actually being this intimate with a man. Ignoring the fact that they were hugging in public in front of so many eyes, Baili gege actually openly teased Li Xueyi in response to Li Xueyi’s provocation.

She doesn’t dare to imagine what kind of seductive techniques Li Xueyi would use to muddle Baili gege when there was no one around!

The image of Baili Yu and Li Xueyi on a bed together continuously appeared in Bai Lianhua’s mind and she was infuriated to the point that her nails dug into her flesh. Her gaze, which was constantly aimed at Li Xueyi, was practically about to become knives, bestowing upon Tang Doudou the death of a thousand cuts(old type of capital punishment, used figuratively).

Tang Doudou, however, never felt that gaze because her nose was being rubbed to the point that it almost wasn’t her own anymore. At this moment, she only had one thought: the moment Baili Yu unseals her acupuncture point she must bite him to death! With the type of bite that doesn’t carry any ambiguous meanings!

But Baili Yu noticed Bai Lianhua’s concentrated resentment. His brows knitted slightly as he lifted his eyes to look towards Bai Lianhua.

Bai Lianhua was still in her own world of resentment, but when Baili Yu’s gaze swept over, the numerous years of habit allowed her to immediately notice. She hurriedly repressed that expression of resentment and instead exposed an expression of anxiety. As she watched Tang Doudou cry out painfully, she wrung the hem of her garment, giving off an appearance of wanting to say something but hesitating.

But these pretenses of hers practically didn’t exist in Baili Yu’s eyes as he saw straight through her to the resentment in her heart. Baili Yu slowly hooked up his dark red lips; his motive has been achieved at last.

To give a direct punishment in retaliation was not his style. Baili Yu just loved slowly and painfully tormenting people like this.

Li Xueyi has been marked by Bai Lianhua now. Based on the methods Bai Lianhua had been using these past years to deal with those women, the things that happened today will be enough to make him suffer in the near future. It’s best if Li Xueyi remembers well and properly that he, Baili Yu, was not someone that was this easy to scheme about.

Recalling those spicy strips that Tang Doudou made, Baili Yu’s mood started getting gloomy again. That day, if it weren’t for the fact that his reaction was quick, he wouldn’t have been able to keep that title of the most beautiful man under the heavens anymore.

Never had it been found out that the reason he doesn’t eat hot peppers isn’t because he’s afraid of spicy things but rather because…

His eyes lowered slightly as out of the corners of his eyes, his gaze just happened to sweep across the hourglass that had just finished trickling its last grain of sand. And so, his hand stopped.

Phew! He’s finally tired ah!

Feeling him stop, Tang Doudou exhaled a breath of relief. Her heart was unbearably uncomfortable. Just the fact that he was rubbing her nose was enough, but he would even anticipate the moments when she was about to sneeze and reach over to cover her nose every single time just as it was about to come out. It had been choked back so much that Tang Doudou’s egg(face) was about to crack from the force of that held back sneeze. This was practically abuse ah!

This was too much! Tang Doudou really wanted to reach over to rub her poor nose, but she couldn’t move at all. She could only look at Baili Yu with teary eyes and denounce his inhuman behavior!

Actually, she really wanted to curse at him, but she was also afraid that Baili Yu would come up with some other ways to torment her, so she could only shut her mouth. Instead, she resorted to cursing Baili Yu’s top top, down down, left left, and right right a complete round silently in her mind.

Baili Yu loosened his hand and Tang Doudou’s hand fell simultaneously with that bloodstained handkerchief. Tang Doudou’s nose was exposed, red as a tomato and swollen to the point that it was almost glowing.

He turned the ornamental thumb ring on his hand. It seems he acted a little too heavily ah!

Meeting with Tang Doudou’s tear-filled eyes, Baili Yu uncomfortably shifted his gaze away. Cough, how come he seem to feel some guilt? He should have Ye Chuan send some medicine over for her after all. It’s about time, he should chase them out now!

Reaching out to get a pure white handkerchief from behind the soft fur, Baili Yu gracefully wiped clean the bloodstains on his hand. As his gaze swept across the bits of black inside those bloodstains, a vague trace of sadness flashed past his face. When he lifted his eyes again, Baili Yu disdainfully threw the handkerchief on the ground, giving a pair to that pink handkerchief.

“Ye Chuan.” He called quietly.

Ye Chuan, who was standing at the door still had his soul currently wandering in the skies. He was just thinking about how exactly this event would end today when Baili Yu’s voice arrived at his ears. With a quiver, he quickly responded, “This subordinate is here!”

“Send Alliance Head Li back.”

...It was this simple?

Ye Chuan was very astonished, but nevertheless, his reaction was still very quick. Right after Baili Yu’s words fell, he walked up. Only after walking closer was he able to see Tang Doudou’s swollen red nose clearly. He almost wasn’t able to hold back his laughter. It looked like it wasn’t that simple after all ah, Master sure didn’t go gentle!

Seeing him head over, Baili Yu’s dark red lips parted slightly and a languid and charming voice slowly spilled out, “Alliance Head Li, I’m only lending that item to you. After you finish using it, you must remember to return it oh. Otherwise, if this one has to go to the Residence to ask for it back, this one is afraid it’ll cause Alliance Head Li quite a bit of trouble.”

Hearing that she could finally leave, Tang Doudou’s tears fell with ‘plop plop plop’s. Never will she ever come to find Baili Yu, this big devil, again!

But her acupuncture points still haven’t been unsealed ah! How does he expect her to leave like this?

At this instant, Tang Doudou didn’t have the mind to mull over the meanings within Baili Yu’s words. All she wanted was to leave this place as soon as possible, so she immediately gritted her teeth and said, “I got it. I’ll have to trouble Baili gongzi to help unseal my acupuncture points.”

“And the matter you agreed to earlier, Alliance Head Li shouldn’t forget about that either.” Baili Yu propped his head up with one hand and slightly narrowed his eyes, almost as if he were about to fall asleep.

“What did I agree to earlier? Baili gongzi, you probably remembered wrong? I didn’t promise you anything!” Hell, wasn’t all that stuff earlier things he decided on his own to anger Jun Xin? What did that have to do with her!?

“Oh…” Baili Yu completely closed his eyes with a leisurely expression. “Then Alliance Head doesn’t want to admit it? Since it’s like this, then this one can only take back the item.”

“You can’t!” She finally got back the Alliance Head Command Tablet after so much trouble, if it was taken back again, what was she supposed to bring over to rescue Bai Feiyun?

But then, Tang Doudou soon realized a problem. When she had just arrived, didn’t Baili Yu say that this wasn’t the Alliance Head Command Tablet? Yet he’s giving it to her again now, could it be he was trying to fool her?

As she thought that, she immediately questioned with the bold confidence of having justice on her side, “I don’t even know whether that thing is truly real or not! If it turns out you took out a fake item to swindle me and I can’t rescue Bai Feiyun back, who am I supposed to cry to?”

Baili Yu didn’t open his eyes. His long eyelashes cast a sweeping shadow as his mouth unhurriedly formed the words, “If my memory is correct, Miss Bai and Bai gongzi are cousins?”

She never expected that Baili Yu would voluntarily mention her name. This was something that had never happened before ah!

Bai Lianhua’s heart was extremely excited, but on the surface, she adopted a sincere and easy-mannered expression as she exposed the charming attitude of a little girl, “Baili gege’s memory is truly good. Lianhua’s paternal aunt is White Wind Manor’s Madam Yunchang.”

The capture of Bai Feiyun by the Demonic Sect was a matter that the entire Jianghu knew of. The reason she came this time was also because Auntie Yunchang asked her to find Jun Xin for help.

But her head was filled with thoughts of Baili Yu so she had completely thrown this matter to the back of her mind. Right now, only after the matter was brought up by Tang Doudou and Baili Yu did she recall this matter. It wasn’t that she didn’t care enough about her cousin, but because she felt this matter wasn’t that serious. No matter how arrogant the Demonic Sect was, they would still have to properly think things over before touching Bai Feiyun. It must be known that Bai Feiyun’s relationship with the Lord of Cloud City was quite deep. To make a move against Bai Feiyun was equal to having an acrimonious falling out with Cloud City. Even though the development of the Demonic Sect had been quite strong these recent years, its overall strength was nevertheless still weak. Its strength was absolutely not enough to have a confrontation against a huge monster-like existence like Cloud City.

At most, they were just using Bai Feiyun to purposefully embarrass this recently appointed Alliance Head.

Thinking of the fact that it could embarrass Li Xueyi, Bai Lianhua’s thoughts sprung to life. Perhaps she could use this opportunity to completely weed out Li Xueyi by the roots from Baili Yu’s side!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Q

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