Chapter 48: Your Master is Seriously Scum!

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 48: Your Master is Seriously Scum!

As Bai Lianhua was drafting out her plans, Tang Doudou was puzzling over why Baili Yu was suddenly asking this.

The fact that Bai Feiyun and Bai Lianhua were cousins surprised her quite a bit. No wonder she had always felt that this Bai Lianhua was pleasing to the eye; it turned out that it was because she resembled Bai Feiyun.

“En, since you two are cousins, I believe Miss Bai would be willing to go with Alliance Head Li to rescue Bai gongzi?” Baili Yu asked again.

“Cousin is facing a difficulty so Lianhua naturally must go rescue. Not going to lie, the reason Lianhua came this time was for the sake of asking Young Master Jun for help after receiving Madam Yunchang’s request.”

“Then I believe you are also aware of the exchange terms that Mu Ye has put forward?”

When the exchange terms were brought up, Bai Lianhua finally came to a realization and looked towards the jade tablet in Tang Doudou’s hand. Could this be the Alliance Head Command Tablet? Didn’t the Alliance Head Command Tablet belong to Li Xueyi? So why did Baili gege say ‘lend’?

She couldn’t quite understand the situation and hesitated for a while without answering.

But how could Baili Yu possibly have the time to wait for her to think things through? A flash of light darted through his eyes, then he lifted his hand and unsealed Tang Doudou’s acupuncture points.

With a loosening sensation washing over her entire body, Tang Doudou was finally freed. She jumped out from Baili Yu’s embrace like a rabbit and covered her nose as she sucked in cold air through her teeth. When she rubbed her nose, she discovered that some of the skin had been torn. With a touch, hot stinging pain continuously transmitted over, hurting so much that her tears crashed down.

Fury also grew level by level. She fiercely turned around and stomped towards Baili Yu with large steps, shocking Ye Chuan and Bai Lianhua to the point they were both stupefied. What was she going to do?

Soon enough, Tang Doudou gave the answer. Walking to the couch, she gnashed her teeth and shot Baili Yu a glare. Then, as Ye Chuan and Bai Lianhua stared in wide-eyed dumbness, she chomped down on Baili Yu’s slightly exposed chest.

F***! A Beanbeans that harbors hatred yet doesn’t demand revenge is no Beanbeans!

If there’s an injustice demand justice, if there’s hatred demand revenge! To torment her, Tang Doudou, like this, which reaction is he trying to cause!? As the proverbs say, even trees need a skin so humans need a face. Hit the person, don’t hit the face! He’s made her disfigured; made it so that she couldn’t face people anymore. How could she possibly endure this!?

Even if she fights she can’t beat him, yet if she runs she can’t escape, nor can she curse at him if she wants to curse! Only by biting him to death would she be able to resolve this hatred!

But her teeth really hurts ah. (இ﹏இ`。) It’s like biting a frozen steamed bun; cold and hard!

Da fudge, is this Baili Yu Ironman!? Seriously. Come on! Tang Doudou released her bite, grinded her teeth, and then chomped down again.



This time, she bit down with more force. As she chomped down there were two bursts of sound: the sound of her teeth popping and Baili Yu’s low repressed hum.

Hell, this time you finally feel the pain, right!? Tang Doudou covered her mouth and as she lifted her head, she just happened to meet head-on with Baili Yu’s slowly opening eyes. She saw the corners of Baili Yu’s mouth twitch as he forced out a sentence from between gritted teeth, “Was the taste nice? Would you like another bite?”

Ohoho! He got angry again!

To be able to anger this smiling tiger over and over again, Tang Doudou felt that she was quite skilled. As she thought so, she grinded her teeth smugly and glared at Baili Yu. I dare you to try angering this da ye again. Let’s see if I don’t bite you to death!

Seeing her awfully smug attitude, Baili Yu’s eyes gradually narrowed but he wasn’t truly angry. On the contrary, he was rather happy. How many years had it been since a person dared to provoke him this way?

And not only did he provoke him, he even bit him like a little puppy. It was truly not bad, not bad.

Baili Yu let out a low chuckle, causing Tang Doudou to become completely befuddled. What was he laughing at? It couldn’t be that there was poison on her teeth and the poison ruined his brain?

Baili Yu lifted his chin and lightly smiled, “You’re like a little milk pup, not even having the slightest bit of strength. Looks like the servants didn’t feed you enough ah!”

Meow a mii! Who the freak is a milk pup! You’re the milk pup, your entire family are milk pups!

Lowering her head to look at her bite, she saw that Baili Yu’s jade-like chest only had one additional set of faint teeth marks and couldn’t help but feel defeated. The hell! Her teeth are almost about to break yet she only left such a shallow impression.

It’s seriously depressing ah!

From Baili Yu’s condescending remark, it was obvious that his brain was functioning perfectly well and didn’t break down from being poisoned by her. When Tang Doudou realized this she felt even worse! Since he didn’t get poisoned, then what was he laughing for? And he was even laughing so much that all the hairs on her body stood up. When he was like this, it felt even more frightening than when he didn’t smile.

“Humph!” Tang Doudou gave a cold humph and without even glancing at Baili Yu, walked past the still stunned Ye Chuan and Bai Lianhua to the door. “I’ll rescue Bai Feiyun as quickly as possible then return the Alliance Head Command Tablet to you. Humph, stingy little miser!”

Just as she was about to walk out the large doors, Tang Doudou suddenly thought of something and paused. Turning back, she looked at Bai Lianhua. Bai Lianhua was so delicate and petite that just by looking at her, feelings of tenderness were born in people’s hearts.

Smacking her lips, Tang Doudou thought, should she bring this little cousin of Bai Feiyun along?

“Miss Bai is a student of Yun Qinggong and counts as an upper-level expert in the younger generation of the Jianghu. You definitely won’t lose out if you bring her!” Seeing that expression of hers, it was easy to tell what she was thinking. Besides, all the effort that he went through today was precisely for the sake of having Bai Lianhua go and cause trouble for Tang Doudou, so how could he let Tang Doudou decline?

When Tang Doudou heard this, she hesitated even more. For Baili Yu to be this eagerly attentive was too strange!

She thought for a moment before asking with a smile: “Miss Bai, do you want to go?”

Bai Lianhua definitely didn’t want to go. It wasn’t easy for her to finally get to talk with Baili gege, not to mention, Baili gege’s attitude towards her today was also unprecedentedly good. If she left just like this, wouldn’t it be a waste of all her efforts? But if she didn’t go, she wouldn’t be able to scheme a way to make Li Xueyi completely leave Baili Yu’s side.

After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to first get rid of the threat, Li Xueyi. After all, she had already waited for Baili Yu these many years; there was no need to be impatient at this one moment.

“There is no time to lose. Alliance Head Li, let us go right away!” She inwardly gritted her teeth as she turned with vast reluctance towards Tang Doudou, anxiety floating to her face.

Seeing this, Tang Doudou could only nod. “Alright!”

“Then Baili gege, we will take our leave first. Baili gege, wait for Lianhua to come back so we can talk!” Bai Lianhua curtsied towards Baili Yu before lowering her eyes as she turned to face Tang Doudou.

“Let’s go!” Tang Doudou scratched her head. Well, if she wants to come along then just come along. In any case, she didn’t feel Bai Lianhua was that bad. Other than getting the feeling that she was a bit artificial, her other points were not bad.

Besides, she’s Bai Feiyun’s cousin and knows martial arts, so she probably won’t bring her any trouble. Tang Doudou’s line of thought was such.

Gazing at Bai Lianhua, she said: “There’s no time to lose. If it is convenient for Miss Bai, then let us set off right now!”

Bai Lianhua exposed a conflicted expression and quietly said: “I know that this matter cannot be delayed, but Lianhua truly cannot leave immediately at this moment. Could Alliance Head Li wait for me for four hours before heading off?”

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, not wanting to wait this four hours. What kind of joke is that? If she waited that long, the people from the Alliance Head Residence would definitely come here to hurry her. Thinking of how she’d have to tolerate the way they’ll twist her nose, she decided she definitely didn’t want that. So, Tang Doudou said: “If you still have some urgent matter then you should go deal with it first. I have nothing else important so I must hurry there without delay, otherwise it’ll be hard to sit still calmly ah!”

“I-I…” Hearing that Tang Doudou didn’t want her to go, Bai Lianhua’s eyes turned red with grievances, “If Alliance Head Li is worried that Lianhua will cause trouble for you by coming along, then Lianhua just won’t go!”

“Hey hey, you’re misunderstanding. That’s not what I meant!” Bai Lianhua pouted and her eyes turned watery. It was as if she had been greatly bullied and wanted to burst into tears. Seeing this expression made Tang Doudou panic. She scratched her head, then said anxiously, “Then, please hurry. I’ll go and prepare some things before waiting in the large hall for you. Once you’re finished, just head over there to find me.”

After she said that, she headed down the stairs and shouted towards Qing Yin who was waiting downstairs, “Qing Yin, do you have a map?”

There were still four hours remaining, so she had to make proper preparations. The first thing she had to do was to get familiar with the location. Otherwise, the moment she heads out the door she’ll be muddled. If she didn’t even recognize the roads, where was she supposed to go to save Bai Feiyun?

Gripping the Alliance Head Command Tablet, Tang Doudou asked, “How far away is the Alliance Head Residence from here?”

Qing Yin saw her impatient figure rushing down the stairs and gave a long sigh. He didn’t even have a hint of the bearing of an Alliance Head. Qing Yin asked, “Gongzi wants to go to the Alliance Head Residence?”

“En, if I go with no preparations, I’m afraid that before I even reach there the Demonic Sect would have already gotten rid of me. If that happens, don’t even mention me rescuing someone; I wouldn’t even be able to save myself! ” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. She has to save Bai Feiyun, but that doesn’t mean she can just let herself be taken as well ah. There are so many people in the Alliance Head Residence; if she just keeps them around without using them that’d be too much of a waste.

In the past, she didn’t have the confidence to call the people. But now, she had the Alliance Head Command Tablet in her hands ah. There’s plenty of confidence available right now!

Qing Yin considered it for a bit before saying: “The Alliance Head Residence is right next door. I’ll bring gongzi over in a bit.”

“You’re also going?” Tang Doudou looked at Qing Yin with surprise. She was Baili Yu’s maid. To bring her to the Alliance Head Residence like this, that probably wouldn’t be a good idea, right?

A faint trace of a smile appeared on Qing Yin’s face beneath her veil. Roughly guessing what Tang Doudou was thinking, she explained: “Didn’t Master tell gongzi? He has already gifted Qing Yin to Li gongzi.”

“What!?” Tang Doudou was first shocked, then angered. She immediately grabbed Qing Yin’s hand and pulled her towards upstairs, “Let’s go. We’ll go find Baili Yu.”

Qing Yin didn’t budge an inch. Her inner strength was pretty good, it was completely beyond Tang Doudou’s ability to tug her. She asked, a little hurt, “Could it be that gongzi doesn’t like Qing Yin?”

“I like ah!” Tang Doudou blurted out without hesitation. After saying so, she noticed the light that flashed through Qing Yin’s eyes and realized that something wasn’t right. It couldn’t be that this Qing Yin has really fallen for her?!

Heavens ah! When did she, Tang Doudou, end up having this type of charm?

Giving a light cough, Tang Doudou released Qing Yin’s hand and earnestly explained: “What I mean is, a lady as wonderful as you, as long as it’s a man they’ll definitely like you. I’m definitely not an exception.”

So it was like this. The radiance in her eyes dimmed. Then Qing Yin mildly asked: “Then why must Li gongzi go find Master? Gongzi doesn’t want Qing Yin?”

When this was brought up, Tang Doudou became angry again: “Your Master is seriously scum!”

Her voice was clear and resounding, not to mention the pavilion building was also not that high up. Bai Lianhua and Ye Chuan who were walking out of the room froze, not daring to turn their heads to look at Baili Yu inside the house since they knew just from the chill behind their backs that a certain person was enraged again.

Yet that person downstairs was completely unaware and continued to speak loudly: “Qing Yin ah, all that time you used to talk about how Baili Yu was good this way and that way are all in vain. How is he any good? You serve him as if he’s a great master, yet what about him? He treats you like an item, say gift and just gifts you away. Does he even know what human rights are? Seriously angering me to death!”

Qing Yin’s eyes were completely at a loss. She was angry about this?

When she heard Tang Doudou’s indignant speech though, Qing Yin felt a warm feeling grow in her heart. Looking at Tang Doudou’s delicate and handsome face, she asked softly, “Li gongzi, what is ‘human rights’?”

Tang Doudou opened her mouth, a pile of explanations in her brain, but then immediately closed it again. Da fudge, how is this supposed to be explained? Even if she explained for days she probably still wouldn’t be able to clarify it, right?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

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Lol, I’m currently translating this on an airplane. I have been enlightened slightly from this experience. After leaving the airport and spending a few minutes flying over a place without any lights before seeing the bright lights that signify human civilization again, I’ve finally truly come to understand the effects of blackouts during times of war.

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