Chapter 471: Heartless

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 471: Heartless

However, since they haven't exposed his lies, he wouldn't expose the other party's pretense either.

Baili Yu then glanced at the three young men standing behind Stronghold Master Lin before stopping on Xiao Siyuan. "Xiao gongzi."

Xiao Siyuan hadn't expected for Baili Yu to call him out and he couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. It couldn't be that Baili Yu had come today due to the incident at the brothel last time, right?

He glanced towards Su Yi. City Lord Su?

Wasn't he Tang Doudou's Master?

Were they really here to make him pay for that?

As these thoughts raced through his mind, he stepped forward from behind Stronghold Master Lin and saluted towards Baili Yu. "Siyuan greets Resplendent Prince."
Xiao Siyuan's mother was the current General Mu's main wife. Due to the Xiao family laws, daughters of the Xiao family that married out had their second sons use the surname of the maternal family. With this relationship and the current situation, Xiao Siyuan's address of Resplendent Prince was perfectly appropriate.
Baili Yu nodded with a smile. "Xiao gongzi, remember what someone had said to you a couple days ago?"

When he said this, Xiao Siyuan immediately recalled that he had agreed to meet Tang Doudou in three days. It was already two days past that day. Could it be that Baili Yu came because Tang Doudou was impatient from waiting but couldn't come herself?

He had no idea that Tang Doudou had already forgotten about that agreement due to He Xiaoqin's matter and had already fallen off a cliff.

He Xiaoqin's thoughts whirled, then he nodded and said, "I remember. It was Siyuan's negligence for having forgotten. Resplendent Prince, please bring Alliance Head this message that Siyuan will definitely visit tomorrow to apologize."

Baili Yu glanced at him, then abruptly said, "Doudou has already fallen off a cliff. It's unknown whether she's still alive."

Everyone present other than Su Yi were astonished to hear this.

Xiao Siyuan was even more taken aback than the rest. Could the reason that so many unusual figures visited today be due to this?

Mu Ye had also come because Tang Doudou had fallen off the cliff?

But why had Mu Ye come to look for Bai Feiyun?

Could it be…

"If Xiao gongzi wishes to apologize to my wife, I'm afraid it won't be possible." Baili Yu's tone still contained a hint of a smile. He didn't seem in pain from losing his beloved wife at all, so everyone present was confused.

The only person who wasn't confused was Lin Shuxuan.

When he snapped out of the shock, he immediately shouted, "This definitely isn't true! How could Lady Tang suddenly fall off a cliff for no reason? And you guys don't even know whether she's still alive?"

Baili Yu's gaze shot towards him.

Lin Shuxuan said, "Furthermore, it's not like Baili gongzi is someone incapable. How could you possibly allow anything to happen to Lady Tang?"

After saying that, he forced a laugh. "Baili gongzi's messing with us, right?"

"Shuxuan!" No one present expressed support or disagreement with his words. After a few moments of silence, Stronghold Master Lin berated him, then turned towards Baili Yu and asked, "How does Baili gongzi want us to help?"

Baili Yu retrieved his gaze and continued speaking with a smile, but his tone was extremely cold. "Hand over Bai Feiyun."

This made everyone look at each other again. Why was he also asking for Bai Feiyun?

Stronghold Master Lin said, "Bai gongzi? Bai gongzi left two days ago. We don't know where he is now either. I'm afraid we won't be able to help Baili gongzi with this."

Baili Yu knew that this wasn't a lie. Since Bai Feiyun had feigned leaving before coming back to stay in the city lord's residence, he definitely wouldn't show himself or allow anyone to find any trace of him.

Stronghold Master Lin also seemed to realize this as he then said, "As long as City Lord Xu doesn't mind, we're willing to let Baili gongzi search the residence to see if Bai gongzi is here."

It truly saved time to speak with an intelligent person.

Baili Yu smiled with satisfaction. "Then we'll have to trouble you."

"Ha, it's just a small matter," replied Stronghold Master Lin with a smile. Neither of them showed much reaction to Tang Doudou's death. They got up, then headed to the courtyard together to gather their subordinates to start searching the residence.

Lin Shuxuan was very annoyed to see this. He fell to the back and pulled Xiao Siyuan as he said angrily, "Back then when Baili Yu ended up missing, Lady Tang had searched without rest for him and suffered so much. But now that Lady Tang has fallen down a cliff and her current situation is unknown, he didn't even go to the bottom of the cliff to look for Lady Tang and came here instead to cause Bai gongzi trouble. He's seriously heartless!"

Although he said this quietly, everyone present had inner strength had could hear very well, so they heard this clearly.

No one reacted much. Xiao Siyuan shook his head and explained quietly, "Brother Lin, this matter isn't simple. From what Baili gongzi, I'm afraid that Alliance Head falling down the cliff is probably strongly connected to Bai gongzi. Otherwise, Baili gongzi wouldn't go through all this trouble either."

There was one sentence he didn't say, which was that Mu Ye wouldn't have come to look for Bai Feiyun either.

Although Mu Ye said he had no relationship with Tang Doudou, a lot of rumors say that they had a very strong relationship.

Lin Shuxuan was hit with realization after hearing this explanation, but then he immediately became puzzled again. "It's related to Bai gongzi? Could it be that Bai gongzi had pushed Lady Tang down the cliff?"

Xiao Siyuan was speechless with how linearly Lin Shuxuan's brain worked. However, his temper has always been good, so he explained again, "If it had been Bai gongzi that pushed Alliance Head down the cliff, how could he possibly come back to the city lord's residence? In addition, if he had wanted to get rid of Alliance Head, he had plenty of chances. Why would he go through the trouble of waiting until now and pushing her off a cliff?

"In addition, Bai gongzi isn't some malicious character. How could he possibly do something like this?"

Everything Xiao Siyuan said made a lot of sense. Lin Shuxuan stopped muttering and heaved a long sigh. He felt his heart ache with pain. She was such a good person, so why did she keep facing such hardships?

She was even pregnant with a child, so this had taken two lives in one go. Who exactly was it that was so cruel as to do something like this?

Xiao Siyuan then said, "Although it's not very possible that Bai gongzi had done this, but it's probably related to him. Let's go see if Bai gongzi is still in the residence first!"

Xiao Yi who hadn't spoken this entire time now spoke in a convinced tone, "This definitely wasn't something that Bai gongzi did!"

Lin Shuxuan glanced towards Xiao Yi strangely. "You sound so certain. Could it be that you know something?"

It was just a casual question, but Xiao Yi's facial color changed. However, he quickly concealed it with irritation. "What could I possibly know? I just believe that Bai gongzi isn't that sort of person."

After he said that, he said to Xiao Siyuan, "I don't feel well, so I'm heading back first to rest."

Lin Shuxuan had a careless personality so he didn't notice Xiao Yi's abnormality, but Xiao Siyuan noticed it. However, he didn't expose it and reacted normally with a nod. "Alright, then make sure to rest well. I'm still waiting for you to get better to hand over these responsibilities to you."

In the past, Xiao Yi definitely would've sneered and said that there was no way he could do these things, but right now, he just nodded and turned to leave.

Xiao Siyuan was silent for a while, then he turned towards Lin Shuxuan and said, "I just remembered something important that I still need to do, so I won't go with you guys."

"You're leaving too?" Lin Shuxuan was completely confused. What was with them?

Xiao Siyuan was worried he would think too much into things and said with a smile, "You know how busy I've been lately. Once I hand these responsibilities over to Ah Yi, I'll definitely find time to have a nice drink with you to thank you for all your help these past few days."

There were a lot of members in the four large clans and a lot of things to deal with. There was no way for Xiao Siyuan to deal with everything by himself. Xiao Yi was injured, so he couldn't help, hence there was only Lin Shuxuan to help him deal with everything. They had only managed to keep everything under control by working together.

Lin Shuxuan saw that he was determined to go and since he was curious about what Baili Yu wanted and also needed to look after his dad, he said with a smile, "Alright, then you should go! If you need my help, just send someone to call me!"

"Thanks!" Xiao Siyuan patted his shoulder, then turned to leave.

He left in the direction Xiao Yi had left in and came to the courtyard that the Xiao clan was staying in. He walked fast, so he got to the courtyard at almost the same time that Xiao Yi entered. However, he didn't call out to Xiao Yi and stayed in the shadows to observe for a while. He saw that Xiao Yi hadn't walked into the room and was looking around to check that no one was here before walking into a side room.

Xiao Siyuan walked into the courtyard after seeing him walk into the side room.

Just as he was about to enter the side room, she saw Xiao Yi walk out from a different side and look towards him with a complicated expression. In that expression, Xiao Siyuan saw a trace of disappointment.

"Ah Yi," called Xiao Siyuan.

Xiao Yi put away that expression and said calmly, "Are you looking for me about something?"

Xiao Siyuan walked up with a smile. "Before Bai gongzi left, he told me the things about your injury to keep in mind, so I wanted to help you check whether the medicine needed to be changed."

Xiao Yi said mildly, "I feel like it's still alright. The medicine doesn't need to be changed yet."

Xiao Siyuan took a couple steps closer. "It's just in case. Just let me take a look."

"What's with you today?" Xiao Yi took a couple steps backwards warily.

Xiao Siyuan continued smiling. "What could be wrong with me? I'm just worried about you so I want to check your injury."

"I already said that there's no need to check it. Don't you have a lot of things to do?"

"Stronghold Master Lin is here so he can handle those things." Xiao Siyuan took another step forward and cornered Xiao Yi. "Are you refusing to let me check because you're worried that I'll discover that something’s off?"

Xiao Yi's eyes flickered and he extended his hand in an annoyed manner. "Fine, look if you want!"

"Then I'm really going to look." Xiao Siyuan grabbed his hand and slowly lifted the sleeve. "Ah Yi, have you gone to visit Grandpa lately?"

Xiao Yi's eyes were on his own arm as well. "Didn't Grandpa say not to bother him for the next couple of days? Could it be that you visited Grandpa?"

The bandaged wound was revealed, but Xiao Siyuan's gaze wasn't on his injury but on the other side of his wrist. He gave a strange smile. "Bai gongzi, who would've thought that not only is your medical expertise on par of that of celestials, your ability at disguises is also so polished?"

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