Chapter 472: Becoming Evident

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 472: Becoming Evident

The atmosphere was tense for several breaths before Xiao Yi finally burst out laughing and asked, "Xiao Siyuan, have you gone crazy?"

"Yes, I have gone crazy." Xiao Siyuan now yanked Xiao Yi's arm hard. As he spoke, he undid the bandages on his arm. "When Ah Yi and I competed when we were younger, his arm got injured and a scar was left. He said that it would commemorate our friendship, so he refused to let the doctors get rid of the scar. However, you don't even have a scar on your arm!"

Xiao Yi pulled his arm out of Xiao Siyuan's grasp and snorted. "I don't know what the hell you're going on about? Bai gongzi had helped me get rid of the scar while he was treating my arm. By the time I woke up, it was already gone."

Xiao Siyuan withdrew his hand. He didn't keep talking about the scar and instead said, "Ah Yi's patience has never been this good."

"Grandpa has been injured, and I've been injured too, so you've had to deal with everything recently. I've been reflecting on things after seeing how much of a burden things have been for you. In the past, I’ve truly been too thoughtless." Xiao Yi walked towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. From now on, I'll definitely help you and take some of the burden off your shoulders."

They looked at each other for a long moment.

Xiao Yi sighed. "You still doubt me?"

Xiao Siyuan sighed as well. "Where is Ah Yi right now?"

"He's doing very well." Xiao Yi looked at Xiao Siyuan. "However, if you let others know of this, I can't guarantee that he'll still be that well."

"And, I'm not Bai Feiyun," whispered Xiao Yi before turning away with a dark smile and leaving.

Xiao Siyuan was astonished. He wasn't Bai Feiyun?

Then who was he?

Meanwhile, Baili Yu's subordinates had already searched through the entire residence but they didn't find any trace of Bai Feiyun.

Su Yi started becoming impatient. "Why isn't he here?

"Could it be that your subordinates got things wrong?"

"Ye Chuan wouldn't make such mistakes. I asked Lin Shuxuan earlier and Mu Ye had come here earlier to look for Bai Feiyun. However, when he heard that Bai Feiyun wasn't here, he left." After Baili Yu checked the last person in the residence and confirmed that he wasn't someone in disguise, he had the people leave.

Su Yi was stunned. "He's already gone? Then what are you wasting time here for?"

"The only people that still haven't been checked are Xiao Siyuan, Xiao Yi, Lin Shuxuan, and the heads of the four families," said Baili Yu as he flicked his thumb ring.

"You want to check them?' Su Yi leisurely crossed his arms. He felt that Baili Yu was seriously too naive. It was alright to ask to check the servants, but if he wanted to check the four family heads, that was like plucking fur from a tiger's butt!

Although Baili Yu was rich and powerful, the status of the four family heads was no less powerful. How could they possibly agree to a search?

"Bai Feiyun was helping treat their injuries, so it would be an effective plan to disguise himself as one of them," analyzed Baili Yu. His eyes narrowed as he looked towards the side at Stronghold Master Lin who was teaching Lin Shuxuan how to handle matters, then he walked over.

"Stronghold Master Lin."
"Baili gongzi, have you found anything?" When Stronghold Master Lin saw Baili Yu walk over, he hastily ended the lesson and turned around to face Baili Yu.

Baili Yu narrowed his eyes. "I haven't found anything, but…"
"But what?" Stronghold Master Lin smiled. "Baili gongzi, there's no need to hold anything back."

"I wish to check the family heads…"

"This…" Stronghold Master Lin looked behind him at Lin Shuxuan hesitantly. "It's fine with Shuxuan and I, but the other family heads are in seclusion so this will probably be difficult."

"There's no need to search anymore." A voice suddenly interrupted them.

"Xiao Siyuan? What are you saying? Didn't you say that you had an urgent matter? What are you still doing here?" When Lin Shuxuan saw him, he hastily walked over to pull Xiao Siyuan and shot him a meaningful look. Wasn't this guy usually pretty smart? Why did he make such a dumb mistake now?

Xiao Siyuan didn't reply to Lin Shuxuan's words and walked straight towards Baili Yu. "Baili gongzi, Bai gongzi really isn't in the city lord's residence."
Xiao Siyuan wasn't a rash person and he never spoke without evidence. Hence, Baili Yu became interested when he heard this. "Why does Xiao gongzi say that?"

"Baili gongzi, please listen to me. Bai gongzi really isn't in the city lord's residence. If Baili gongzi wishes to find him, you'll have to think of another way."

Baili Yu sank into silence.

Su Yi felt that Xiao Siyuan was on the same wavelength as him and walked leisurely in front of Baili Yu. "Let's think of another way then?"

However, Baili Yu's gaze remained on Xiao Siyuan. He walked past Su Yi to stop in front of Xiao Siyuan. "Since you've said this, then you definitely know something?"

"There is a person in the residence, but that person isn't Bai Feiyun." Xiao Siyuan was silent for a long time, but he ultimately decided to tell the truth to Bai Feiyun so that he would deal with the person that had kidnapped Ah Yi and taken his place!

That person clearly had bad intentions. After all, who would disguise themselves as Ah Yi for no reason in this situation?

Xiao Siyuan's words stunned everyone present aside from Baili Yu. The first to snap out of it was Su Yi. He pulled Xiao Siyuan to a corner. "Kid, tell me the truth. Was everything you just said true?"

"City Lord Su, this junior's every word was true. We should hurry up and capture that person."

"Then what are you still waiting for!?" Su Yi pulled him to the inner courtyard while asking in a low voice. "Hurry up, who exactly is that person?"

Xiao Siyuan glanced at Su Yi, then at Baili Yu who was unreadable as always. "Xiao Yi."

"Your junior brother?" Su Yi was astonished.

"Yes, he's captured Ah Yi to take his place." When he was checking that person's arm earlier, he had poisoned him with a drug called dream's fragrance, so he had probably passed out somewhere by now.

Su Yi rubbed his chin in puzzlement, then glanced towards Baili Yu. "Hey, what do you think about this?"

Just as he asked this, a dazzling ice blue light appeared in the inner courtyard. It was Mu Ye's glacial iron chain!

This time, there was no need for Xiao Siyuan to prompt them. Baili Yu and Su Yi instantly turned into two streaks of light that headed straight towards the inner courtyard.

Xiao Siyuan and the Lin family's father and son shared a glance, then they hurried over as well.

When they got to the courtyard, they saw that four figures were colliding and exchanging blows so fast it made one's vision blur. It was impossible to tell who was who.

"W-what is this?" Lin Shuxuan's jaw dropped as he watched the unbelievably strong figures fight.

"The black figure is Mu Ye, the one in ebony is Su Yi, red is Baili Yu…"

"Who's the last one?"

Xiao Siyuan turned to look at him. "Xiao Yi."

"Huh?" Lin Shuxuan's jaw dropped even more. "X-x-xiao Yi? When did he become so strong?"

"That's not Xiao Yi."

"Oh, I got it. That's the person pretending to be Xiao Yi! But isn't he a little too strong?" Lin Shuxuan was stunned to see that despite being surrounded by three people, 'Xiao Yi' was still fighting them off fine.

Xiao Siyuan's expression was also a little grim. He didn't continue discussing this with Lin Shuxuan and turned towards Stronghold Master Lin who had been deep in thought ever since stepping into this courtyard. "Uncle Lin, do you know who this person is?"

Stronghold Master Lin was also puzzled. "His martial arts doesn't seem to belong to any sect. Few people in this world has such profound inner strength too…"

"There are even fewer that can hold their ground against these three."

"So he's probably…"

"Lan Jia!"

"City Lord Su, Baili gongzi, that person's Lan Jia!" After Lin Shuxuan heard the result of Xiao Siyuan and Stronghold Master Lin's analysis, he immediately shouted this information to the people fighting.

However, no one paid any attention to him.

"If it really is Lan Jia, they would've realized it the moment they started fighting."

As if laughing at Lin Shuxuan's naivety, Lan Jia pulled off his human skin mask and laughed. "That's right, it's me!"

"Lan Jia!" Baili Yu's low voice contained murderous aura as blood red light filled the skies. Blood Satan was slashing through the air, accompanied by blood red flower petals like an embodiment of his rage that wanted to burn the world to ashes.

Su Yi and Mu Ye hastily dropped out of the battle.

"F*ck, this kid's gone crazy!" Su Yi hastily pulled out all the petals that had stabbed into him. Each petal he pulled out was accompanied by a spurt of blood so he kept grimacing.

Next to him, Mu Ye was also pulling the petals out expressionlessly.

"How do you want me to help?"

Su Yi's hand froze for a moment, then he looked towards Mu Ye. "Brat, weren't you trapped in my nine formations array? How did you get out?"

Mu Ye replied coldly, "Charged through."

"Charged?" Su Yi burst out laughing. "You think that array of mine is a fricking pleasure quarters? Something that can be charged through whenever you want?"

Mu Ye remained expressionless. "What should I do?"

"What should you do? What should you do!? How the f*ck would I know what to do?" Su Yi cursed as he pulled open his garments to apply medicine to his injuries. He glanced to the side at Xiao Siyuan and said, "Hey, kid surnamed Xiao, shouldn't you hurry and find that junior brother of yours?"

Xiao Siyuan only snapped out of it when his name was called. He patted Lin Shuxuan. "I'm going to go rescue Xiao Yi. Hurry and let the other clan members know so that they can evacuate this place!"

Lin Shuxuan didn't understand what he meant, but Su Yi looked towards him with a lot of praise. "This kid's not bad! He thinks thing through quite thoroughly!"

When Xiao Siyuan saw that Lin Shuxuan was still confused, he explained, "If my guess isn't off, that mysterious person is Lan Jia. If we don't want to repeat what happened at the manor, we need to hurry and let everyone know."

Lin Shuxuan couldn't help but shudder when what happened at the manor was brought up. He didn't waste any more time and started pulling Stronghold Master Lin towards where the clan members were staying to knock on the doors.

Meanwhile, Mu Ye had thought of an idea and rejoined the battle again.

Su Yi was pacing around anxiously. "How did Lan Jia, that rotten thing, get so powerful?"

Baili Yu was already using his full strength, and Mu Ye was also fighting like his life depended on it, but they still couldn't beat Lan Jia. They even seemed to be falling to a disadvantage. Baili Yu's flower petals that had filled the entire sky earlier were now all scattered and looked extremely miserable.

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