Chapter 473: Soul Suppression Tune

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Chapter 473: Soul Suppression Tune

It wasn't just him, Baili Yu and Mu Ye were currently also very stunned by Lan Jia's current battle strength. The two hastily exchanged a glance and simultaneous sent palm strikes towards Lan Jia.

Lan Jia currently had the advantage, but he still didn't dare to underestimate their combined attack. His hands moved slowly and two different lights moved together to form a yin yang barrier. As he pushed it forward, he flew backwards using the rebound force. After blocking the two's attack, he landed on the ground nearby.

Baili Yu and Mu Ye also landed behind him and harsh blue and red lights flashed through the air to slash towards Lan Jia.

"Can't you guys wait for me?" Su Yi saw that there was a pause and was just about to rejoin the fight when the fight began again without him.

"City Lord Su!" Xiao Siyuan who had gone to save Xiao Yi had returned here again with an panicked expression.

Su Yi glanced at him, then looked back at the battlefield. "Whatever it is, out with it already! Stop wasting time like a girl!"

"Bugs, there's a lot of bugs!" Xiao Siyuan didn't react with awkwardness at Su Yi's impatient attitude and started pulling him worriedly as he said this in a trembling voice.

Su Yi didn't even look back at him. "So what if there's bugs, can they eat you? I even praised you for being so calm earlier, but now you're all flustered. You seriously can't take praise."

"If we don't bring those bugs under control, the entire city would suffer a calamity!" Xiao Siyuan was so anxious he was about to shout at Su Yi since Su Yi still didn't seem to have caught his meaning. However, with his remaining rationality, he kept his intense tone under control as much as possible. The urgency in his suppressed tone finally caught Su Yi's attention.

"It's this severe? What kind of bug is it?" Su Yi turned around. Right after he asked this, a blood-curdling scream broke the quiet night.

"Crap, that's Miss Xu's voice!" The moment Xiao Siyuan heard this, his facial color changed and he moved to run towards where the voice had come from, but this time, Su Yi pulled him to a stop.

"Kid, say things more clearly. What bug is it?"

"I don't know what kind of bug that is. All I know is that anyone that gets bit even once by those bugs would immediately die. It's even more fearsome than the bugs we encountered last time in the manor!" said Xiao Siyuan fearfully.

"City Lord Su, please help save everyone!"

Su Yi had an expression of realization after hearing this explanation, then his face filled with loathing. It was the Seven Great Saint Tribes's disgusting soul-devouring bugs again. As he thought this, he looked towards Lan Jia who was still engaged in battle with Baili Yu and Mu Ye. However, his words were directed towards Xiao Siyuan. "Hurry and get everyone to evacuate as far as possible. Those bugs are scared of fire and heat. If you have people set a fire, the bugs will be driven off temporarily. However, this method won't hold up for long. You guys must take advantage of the time while the bugs are still confused to get as far away as possible!"

When Xiao Siyuan heard this, his usually calm eyes also lit up brightly. However, they soon dimmed again as he asked, "But the entire city is currently filled with these bugs. It's impossible to evacuate the entire city in a short time! City Lord Su, is there any other way?"

Su Yi rolled his eyes at him. "Do you think that it's as easy to get a way to defeat those bugs as it is to buy cabbage? Do you think demonic bugs from antiquity is that easy to deal with?"

Xiao Siyuan's heart chilled. He knew that Su Yi was right so he didn't waste any more time and went to get people to light fires to drive off the bugs for now.

After he left, Su Yi finally allowed his astonishment to show. "The whole city's filled with them? Has Lan Jia gone crazy?"

Then he slapped his own head. Lan Jia had gone crazy ages ago!

Releasing so many soul-devouring bugs was going to cause a catastrophe!

Currently they were just in North Hara City, but soul-devouring bugs tended to attack everything in sight and reproduced rapidly. With such a huge number of them appearing at one time, if they weren't quickly suppressed, they'll soon be running rampant in plague proportions!

When Su Yi's thoughts reached this point, he instantly moved to enter the battle again. However, this time, he hadn't come to help them defeat Lan Jia. "Kid surnamed Mu! Stop wasting time with this psychopath and think of a way to eliminate the soul-devouring bugs!"

"Humph! You want him to eliminate the soul-devouring bugs by himself? Su Yi, aren't you a little too naive!?" Lan Jia forced Mu Ye to retreat, then moved to attack Su Yi. "If you don't want the people of North Hara City to accompany you to your deaths, then behave and scram!"

He was focusing all his attacks on Su Yi, so after a few exchanges, Su Yi could barely hold up anymore. "Psycho! What the frick are you attacking this daddy for? You can't even kill this daddy!"

"Then you can try and see for yourself whether or not I'll be able to kill you!" Lan Jia waved one hand and a hurricane swept up and formed an enormous dragon that roared as it charged towards Su Yi.

The enormous wind dragon swept up the clouds in the horizon as it charged through the air with enough power to destroy the world.

Su Yi was alarmed by the sight of this powerful attack and cursed 'psycho' as he hastily lifted his hand. From inside his sleeve, countless blood red threads jumped out and formed a dense spider web-like net that collided with the wind dragon.

The wind dragon was cut into countless pieces by the threads. Su Yi smiled smugly. "That's all it held up to?"

However, right after he said this, the scraps of the dragon passed through the web and reassembled itself into a smaller dragon to charge toward Su Yi.

It was impossible to react in time when it was this close of a distance. Su Yi was sent flying and the blood he coughed splattered over the entire courtyard.

"Cough, cough, cough…" Su Yi felt like his organs had been crushed. The moment he opened his mouth, blood started pouring out. "If it had been ten years ago, this daddy would've killed you with one strike!"

"Stop talking." Mu Ye had reached his side at one point and handed him a pill for the injury. After seeing that Su Yi had taken it, he stood there silently while rubbing his glacial iron chain contemplatively.

After Su Yi took the pill, he leaned back against the wall as he gasped for breath. "I know that you have a way to make the bugs fall deep asleep, so stop wasting time and go!"

Mu Ye didn't speak.

Su Yi opened his eyes and saw that Mu Ye was still staring at Lan Jia with a murderous look in his eyes. Su Yi snorted, "What would watching him even do? You're not even a match for him right now.

"Hurry and go deal with the bugs. At least you'll have some effect there."

"It has nothing to do with me," said Mu Ye coldly.

Su Yi thought that he was cold-blooded, but Mu Ye was even more cold-blooded than him. When none of his persuasion worked, he got so irritated that his chest hurt. When his chest hurt, his entire body started hurting and he had to keep inhaling sharply, so he couldn't be bothered to keep trying to persuade Mu Ye anymore.

The moment he closed his eyes, Mu Ye took out a jade flute and started blowing it lightly.

The strange tune immediately attracted Lan Jia's attention. When he figured out the tune, his facial color turned unsightly and his normally clear eyes turned red. He wanted to rush over to stop Mu Ye from playing this tune, but Baili Yu stopped him.

"Unfilial child!" Lan Jia looked towards Baili Yu with murderous intent in his eyes.

Baili Yu's expression didn't change in the slightest as he attacked with Blood Satan. The red light streaked past Lan Jia's cheek and drew a line of blood. Lan Jia was enraged. "You're seeking death!"

Right after he said that, his expression changed again and he wasn't able to dodge as Blood Satan cut his arm.

Lan Jia was actually unable to dodge several times and got injured several times. He was astonished. After getting away from Blood Satan, he landed on the ground and looked towards Baili Yu with a frown. "Why is it like this? What did you do to me?"

Baili Yu landed as well next to Mu Ye. When he heard the melody Mu Ye was playing, he smiled. "Soul suppression tune?"

Mu Ye lowered the flute and met his gaze. "Yes."

"Soul suppression tune? This is the legendary soul suppression tune?" Su Yi who originally had his eyes closed abruptly opened them again when he heard these words. He struggled to his feet and walked over. "Kid, how do you know the legendary soul suppression tune? Aren't you the guardian of the Xuanyuan tribe? How could you know the soul suppression tune?"

"He has another identity." Baili Yu answered for Mu Ye.

"So it was like this. But…" Su Yi glanced towards Lan Jia. "What are you going to do with that guy?"

Before Baili Yu could answer, Lan Jia said with a cold laugh, "Do you think you can defeat me just because you have the soul suppression tune? What a joke!"

"Soul suppression, soul suppression…" Su Yi started muttering to himself as he looked at Lan Jia contemplatively. The more he looked, the stranger his expression became.

Baili Yu and Mu Ye didn't notice his abnormality, nor did they pay attention to Lan Jia's buff. They shared a look, then started walking towards Lan Jia with mirrored movements. Following their steps, strange veined patterns started appearing on the ground.

When Lan Jia saw those patterns, he laughed coldly against and clenched his fists. The clothing on his upper body was torn apart by the sudden burst of energy and his well-proportioned and buff physique was revealed. However, there were strange black characters moving under his beautiful jade-like skin. The black and white contrast actually created a strangely captivating aesthetic.

"F*ck! What is that!?" When Su Yi saw the characters on Lan Jia's body, he immediately jumped up and shouted while pointing at Lan Jia.

It was only when Baili Yu glanced back at him that he covered his chest again like he was severely injured. "Owww! My heart, my lungs…"

"Sect Leader Mu?"

Mu Ye's cold gaze turned grim as he put the flute away. "Can't beat him.
"Hahaha! What? You want to leave? It's already too late! Today, I'll kill all of these troublesome bugs that are getting in the way!" Lan Jia's psychotic laughter reverberated through the city lord's residence.

Xiao Siyuan was currently helping the member of the four large clans out of the residence. The family heads were still very weak and Xiao Yi who had been tied up and left under the bed by Lan Jia for several days was still unconscious due to his injuries and hunger. Xiao Siyuan sighed when he saw the state of the four large clans, then turned towards Lin Shuxuan. "The fire won't hold off the bugs for long. We have to leave the city as soon as possible."

"Then what about the citizens in the city?" Lin Shuxuan looked towards Xiao Siyuan with astonishment. Could it be that they were going to abandon those citizens?

Xiao Siyuan was speechless and just turned to cup his fist towards City Lord Xu who was still stunned by all these events. "City Lord Xu, please give the command to have all the citizens leave North Hara City for the time being."

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