Chapter 483: I'll Send You Back

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 483: I'll Send You Back

After this thought emerged, it started spreading uncontrollably.

However, every time she faced Bai Feiyun's gentle eyes that were like warm sunshine, she didn't know how to say things.

After several times, Bai Feiyun also sensed her abnormality. This particular day, once little Jiangfeng fell asleep, Bai Feiyun appeared at the door and indicated for her to come out so that they could talk.

Tang Doudou placed little Jiangfeng down on the bed, then walked out with Bai Feiyun.

It was dusk. The sun had just set below the waters but the remaining red clouds continued to drift above the sea, causing the surface of the sea to also reflect red light. It was beautiful.

As Tang Doudou took in this beautiful scenery, she felt the urge not to leave again.

However, this time, Bai Feiyun took the initiative to speak. "You want to go back?"

Tang Doudou felt very awkward and was silent for quite a while before she nodded.

"You heard what was said that day." Bai Feiyun looked at her as he said this.

Tang Doudou nodded again. Afterwards, her thoughts started wandering off. How was she supposed to put things so that he'd agree?

Suddenly, Bai Feiyun's tone changed. "Then you should know that if you want to go back, you have to wait until I die."

These words startled Tang Doudou. It was only now that she recalled Su Yi hadn't just said that Baili Yu was about to die, he also said that Bai Feiyun didn't have long to live. However, she had been too worried about Baili Yu so she forgot about what he had said about Bai Feiyun.

"Xiao Bai, aren't you perfectly fine?" She looked Bai Feiyun up and down. Based on everything she had seen in the past period, there were no signs that Bai Feiyun was about to die? Furthermore, he was a doctor. If there was something wrong with him, wouldn't he treat himself?

Although she told herself this, she was still very uneasy. She had a bad premonition that there was something wrong with Bai Feiyun.

However, Bai Feiyun smiled and walked over to take her hand.

This sudden movement made Tang Doudou reflexively shrink backwards, but it was only for a moment. She stopped herself, so Bai Feiyun took her hand and started walking on the beach with her.

"You want to know what had happened, right?" As they walked, Bai Feiyun suddenly said this.

Tang Doudou nodded. Right now, since everything was being laid out in the open, she didn't bother to be polite anymore and asked all her questions. "These past months ever since I fell from Ten Kilometers Cliff, you've been keeping in contact with the outside world? Had Su Yi known that we were here for a long time?"

"He had followed me after I went to buy stuff last time. He wanted to take you away from here, but I hadn't agreed. At the same time, you hadn't recovered yet so he didn't dare to take the risk of taking you away." Bai Feiyun didn't hide anything and told her the full truth.

Tang Doudou recalled how it had felt like someone was staring at her these past few days. It was probably Su Yi that had been watching her.

"As for me, the only time I interacted with the outside world was when I went to buy stuff. If you want to know what exactly had happened to Baili Yu, all I can tell you is that his Hoarfrost Poison is flaring up, but he refuses to use the tools to cure his poison. The best time for curing the poison has already passed, so he probably doesn't have long to live."

He had definitely refused to use those methods to cure his poison because he thought that she had died.

Tang Doudou became stirred up. "Xiao Bai, please let me go back!

"I'll just go back to take one look, alright?"

As they spoke, they eventually stopped walking. The sea breeze unhurriedly swept past them, causing their hair to fly and partially concealed their expressions. However, Tang Doudou seemed to see intense heartbreak in Bai Feiyun's eyes, but it was soon blown away by the wind.

"It was that I understood too late."

These words drifted away with the wind as well.

Tang Doudou didn't understand what he meant by this and was just about to ask when she saw Bai Feiyun's facial color abruptly change. He shouted, "Su Yi!"

Then he disappeared in the blink of an eye. By the time Tang Doudou snapped out of it, she saw a figure dash past her with a mischievous smile. Who else would it be except for Su Yi?

There was the sound of loud wailing coming from his arms. Wasn't that her son?

Tang Doudou finally connected the dots. Su Yi was trying to take her son!

Then she saw Bai Feiyun's figure leave the house and rush back here. She already turned around to chase after Su Yi.

However, Su Yi was very fast and he reached the sea in the blink of an eye. He instantly undid the rope typing the small boat down and landed on it. With a fierce palm strike, he made an enormous wave that pushed the boat flying into the air. By the time it landed again, it was already several hundred meters away. He repeated this several times so he soon disappeared into the horizon.

Tang Doudou had already reached the sea and was about to run forward to continue chasing when Bai Feiyun pulled her back. "Doudou!"

"He took little Jiangfeng !" She still wanted to chase after him. Finding Baili Yu and everything else were now thrown to the back of her head. The only thought on her mind right now was to catch up with Su Yi and get her child back.

Bai Feiyun hugged her and shouted, "It's fine! He won't do anything to little Jiangfeng , he just wants to lure you out!"

Tang Doudou finally snapped out of it when he shouted this and she turned around to pull on Bai Feiyun's hand as she beseeched, "Xiao Bai, I'm begging you, please let me go! Jiangfeng is still so little. With how careless Su Yi is, there's no way he'll raise little Jiangfeng properly!"

Bai Feiyun pressed his lips tightly together when he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks. He didn't immediately reply. After being with little Jiangfeng for such a long time, he also cared about little Jiangfeng a lot. He was also worried that Su Yi wouldn't take care of little Jiangfeng well enough and that little Jiangfeng would go hungry and catch cold…

"Xiao Bai!" When he didn't speak, Tang Doudou became anxious and shook off his hand to walk towards the sea. "If you won't let me go back, I'll head back myself! I’ll look for little Jiangfeng myself!"

Bai Feiyun watched as she walked farther away and deeper into the sea until the ocean completely submerged her. He closed his eyes in pain as a guttural shout left his throat. However, soon he rushed towards where Tang Doudou had disappeared and plunged into the water to pull Tang Doudou back out. At this time, Tang Doudou had passed out from choking on water. He abruptly pulled her into his arms, then headed towards the shore to help her get the water out. Once she woke up, he hugged her tightly again and said hoarsely, "Fine! I'll bring you back!"

Tang Doudou cried with heart-wrenching sobs. Her emotions were extremely complicated. She was worried about the child, worried about Baili Yu, felt heartache for Bai Feiyun, and hated herself…

After packing up slightly, the two started heading back.

Tang Doudou had been curious this whole time about where this place was. Now she found that this island was actually not far from Ten Kilometers Cliff, meaning that it wasn't far from North Hara City.

Although that was the case, it was night by the time they reached North Hara City.

Tang Doudou thought that Su Yi was here, but Bai Feiyun said, "Su Yi definitely won't wait for us in North Hara City. Baili Yu had returned to Huai City, so he had probably brought little Jiangfeng to Huai City as well. Let's rest here for a while. Once night falls, we'll start traveling again!"

There were plenty of people walking about in the streets at night. After being away from people for such a long time, Tang Doudou couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. Bai Feiyun sensed her unease and reached out to take her hand as they walked towards an inn.

The moment they entered the inn, they heard a disturbance. It sounded like someone was trying to pull a dine-and-dash and had been caught, so they were currently arguing.

When Bai Feiyun heard the disturbance, he wanted to go find another inn. He preferred a quiet place over someplace noisy.

However, Tang Doudou pulled back to indicate for him to wait. After he stopped, she let go of his hand and walked into the inn towards the disturbance.

The reason she did this was because she heard a familiar voice!

The commotion was still ongoing, but she strode over and pushed her way to the front of the crowd. "He Xiaoqin! What are you doing?"

The moment she said that, the figure caught by the large men froze and the entire inn fell silent for a moment. Then the familiar figure struggled free from the men and staggered backwards before jumping out from the window.

This happened too fast for anyone to react. When Tang Doudou saw that He Xiaoqin was running away like he had seen a ghost, she hastily chased after him. Although she could now move freely, her body didn't respond as well as it did before and she wasn't able to move nimbly. Due to her meridians being damaged, she couldn't use inner strength anymore either. After chasing for a while, she became exhausted and could only watch as He Xiaoqin's figure disappeared into the large empty street.

This stinkin' brat! Did he think that she was a ghost?

Why was he running away so quickly? She just wanted to ask a few questions!

She was so tired that she had to grasp to catch her breath. As she crouched down to recover, she saw Bai Feiyun walk over with someone in tow. It was He Xiaoqin.

Once Bai Feiyun got closer, he threw He Xiaoqin to the ground.

"He Xiaoqin, what were you running for?" Tang Doudou shot Bai Feiyun a grateful look, then grabbed He Xiaoqin by his collar.

He Xiaoqin glanced at her. It was only now that Tang Doudou noticed a long scar on his face. It seemed to be a sword wound, so she asked, "What happened to you? Why did you start stealing again? Where's your grandpa?"

He Xiaoqin didn't react at all to her questions, so she became angry and wanted to drag him to Grandpa He.

However, halfway through, He Xiaoqin slapped aside her hand in annoyance. "He's dead!"

Tang Doudou was stunned.

He then said, "He's already dead. There's no one to tell me what not to do anymore. Let me go, I don't know anything!"

If Tang Doudou really believed that nothing had happened despite hearing this, she'd seriously be too naive.

She glanced towards Bai Feiyun and he nodded towards her. They found a nearby inn and got a room.

After eating a little, Tang Doudou turned to He Xiaoqin again to ask him what had happened. However, no matter what she said and how she asked, He Xiaoqin refused to speak and continued staring out the window in a daze. He didn't show any signs of trying to escape and just stared into space like he was recalling something.

Tang Doudou watched him for a while. After a moment of hesitation, she looked towards Bai Feiyun.

"Su Yi moves extremely fast. We can't waste too much time." As he spoke, a row of needles slid down between his fingers.

"This is?"

"It'll make him tell the truth!" As Bai Feiyun spoke, he flung the needles towards He Xiaoqin.

He Xiaoqin hadn't been paying attention, so after the needles were inserted into him, he fell to the ground with a thud.

Tang Doudou hastily went over to help him up, then looked towards Bai Feiyun, "How did he end up fainting?"

Right after she said this, He Xiaoqin abruptly opened his eyes. Bai Feiyun said, "You can start asking now."

After saying that, he left to do something, Tang Doudou moved He Xiaoqin to a chair and set him down, then started asking, "He Xiaoqin, what happened after I fell off the cliff?"

He Xiaoqin's expression was blank. After a long while, he started saying expressionlessly, "After you fell down the cliff, Su Yi had me bring Nangong Yan back to Treasure Sea Manor…"
"Nangong Yan is still alive?" Tang Doudou was extremely shocked. It never occurred to her that Su Yi would spare Nangong Yan. What exactly was he thinking?

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