Chapter 484: Everything Had Settled

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 484: Everything Had Settled

"She's dead." Unexpected, this was He Xiaoqin's response.

Tang Doudou was confused and wanted to ask more about it, but He Xiaoqin started talking about everything that happened after.

The following events were too unbelievable, so she soon forgot about this question.

Bai Feiyun, who had walked out, hadn't gone very far away. He leaned against the door and listened for a while before slowly leaving.

After about two hours, Tang Doudou finally got to know everything that had happened. However, since there were a lot of things that not even He Xiaoqin was clear about, it brought up a lot of questions.

Bai Feiyun had returned as well. With a lift of his hands, he made the needles come back out. Following that, he said to Tang Doudou, "I found two horses. Should we leave now or wait for a while longer?"

Of course they should leave now. They had already wasted nearly four hours. With how fast Su Yi was, this was enough time for him to get extremely far away. If they didn't chase after him now, they probably wouldn't be able to find him before getting to Huai City.

The scary thought was that if Su Yi hadn't gone to Huai City, then it probably meant that he had gone to Cloud City!

It had always been hard to guess what he was thinking, like the fact that he had clearly killed Nangong Yan, but he had He Xiaoqin carry Nangong Yan back and hand her to Baili Yu.

He Xiaoqin still hadn't woken up. According to Bai Feiyun, this method left some side effects, so it took a good sleep to recover. He paid the inn for half a month's housing and left some banknotes next to He Xiaoqin. When he saw that Tang Doudou finally looked less worried, he brought the horses over and they started rushing towards Huai City.

On the way there, they didn't speak much and just focused on getting there as quickly as possible. After three entire days, they saw a scrap of little Jiangfeng 's clothing by a firepit next to the road. The ashes were still warm, which showed that Su Yi had been here just a while ago. They soon caught him in Limestone Garrison, buying new clothes for little Jiangfeng .

When Su Yi saw them, he was stunned for a moment before he said with a laugh, "Hey, you're finally here!"

Then he turned around and ran!

Bai Feiyun moved in a flash to block Su Yi's way and tried to snatch little Jiangfeng back, but although his martial arts were pretty good, he wasn't a match for Su Yi. Su Yi quickly dodge Bai Feiyun's snatches, then ran off while shouting, "Stinkin' girl, if you want your son, go to Huai City to find Baili Yu!"

These words sealed their course in stone. It seemed they had to go to Huai City!

Tang Doudou was still a little hesitant. She glanced over at Bai Feiyun and saw that he had jumped onto the horse to head out of the garrison.

The meaning was clear. Even if they had to go to Huai City, he would go. He would do whatever it took to get little Jiangfeng back.

It was another ten days of traveling. When Tang Doudou saw the familiar gates of Huai City, her eyes reddened and she couldn't help but cry.

Bai Feiyun jumped off his horse and helped her off her horse.

The two of them walked towards the city. However, when they reached the city gates, they were immediately stopped by the soldiers guarding the city gates.

The soldiers took in their travel-worn appearances, then took out a portrait and compared their looks against it for half the day before finally letting them in.

After getting inside the city, Tang Doudou finally allowed her confusion to show and she asked Bai Feiyun quietly, "Why did the court put out arrest orders for Xi Qiuyue and Bai Lianhua?"

Bai Lianhua was Bai Feiyun's cousin, so she thought that he would know something, but he shook his head. "During that time, the imperial court and the Jianghu was a mess. I don't know what happened."

Tang Doudou nodded, then started looking around. The streets were the same as always, and she was still walking with Bai Feiyun on the familiar streets. It was just that it was no longer the same time as back then, when Bai Feiyun first took her around to help her get familiar with this place. The scenery was the same, the people were the same, but her feelings were now completely different.

She was walking very quickly. Her impatience was obvious. She soon reached the alliance head residence. When passing by, she glanced inside and seemed to see a familiar person addressing his subordinates. Her lips lifted, then she quickly walked on.

Xiao Siyuan, who was currently handing out instructions, seemed to sense something. When he saw that familiar figure pass by the door, his heart leaped and he hastily ran outside, but there was already no one there. He couldn't help but wonder if he had hallucinated that.

"Alliance Head, He gongzi still hasn't been found. Perhaps…" said the subordinate next to Xiao Siyuan carefully.

Xiao Siyuan shook his head. "The situation back then was complicated, but I saw that he had been taken away by someone so he's definitely fine. When I have time, I'll go to North Hara City to take a look. He had lived there for many years, so I'm sure that if he had the chance, he'd go back there…"

After saying that, he gave a melancholic sigh and walked back into the residence.

Tang Doudou watched as he headed back in, then had Bai Feiyun bring her down to the ground again. "It looks like Siyuan suits this position very well."

Bai Feiyun didn't say anything. Tang Doudou knew that he wasn't interested in these things, so she continued heading towards Plum Garden with him.

Even if they walked quickly, it still took an hour to reach the doors of the Plum Garden from the alliance head's residence. This walk felt like three lifetimes. When she finally reached the door, she felt like it was a dream.

The manservant at the door thought that someone was here to pay a visit. However, no one had come to pay a visit since Master had closed his door to visitors. He was planning to tell the visitor that they currently weren't going to entertain any visitors, but when he saw the person standing at the door, his expression immediately became one of surprise and joy. "It's Madame! Madame's back!"

He was shouting so excitedly that he didn't even greet Tang Doudou and started running around Plum Garden shouting.

"Madame is back!"

Tang Doudou felt like she was walking on cotton as her feet reflexively took her inside. Bai Feiyun listened to the shouts as he watched Tang Doudou's unsteady figure. He didn't follow her and turned around to leave. However, as he turned, he coughed a mouthful of blood.

But Tang Doudou didn't even turn to glance back at him.

There were no obstructions on the way. Tang Doudou followed her memories and came to that familiar building. As she pushed open those familiar doors, time seemed to stop.

That softly hummed lullaby drifted lightly around the room, accompanied by little Jiangfeng 's yiyiyaya baby talk. Tang Doudou paused to listen for a moment and her eyes filled with tears. She walked into the room mechanically, past that exquisite screen, and saw that familiar figure. He was currently sitting on the bed, his head lowered slightly, and thick blankets around him. From the side, his long eyelashes were especially visible, along with his tall nose bridge and pale lips. He was currently gently rocking the cradle by the bed and humming the songs she had hummed before to coax little Jiangfeng to sleep.

This gentle scene made all the worries and fear in Tang Doudou's heart disappear. She walked forward.

Baili Yu heard her footsteps. He didn't look up and just said in his usual light smiling tone, "You're back?"

Tang Doudou nodded. Her tears continued to fall. "I'm back."

"It's good that you're back." Baili Yu finally lifted his head. The intense longing in his eyes made Tang Doudou's heart ache and she abruptly threw herself forward and buried her face in his arms to take in that familiar scent greedily. Her tears overflowed even more.

Baili Yu lifted his hand, slightly at a loss. He couldn't quite tell if the person in his arms was real. He thought it was just another hallucination, so his hand trembled as he placed it on Tang Doudou's back. When the real sensation of her presence finally hit him, he smiled. It was her. She had come back.

A teardrop fell from his eye even as he continued to smile. "Doudou, don't cry anymore. Our family is finally together again. It's a happy occasion.

"Do you blame me for not looking for you?

"I really wanted to look for you as well, but I couldn't find you… Doudou."

Tang Doudou lifted her head and shot him a look full of complaints, but her eyes were filled with joy. "That's right, I blame you! I blame you for not looking for me… It had been so long, but you never came. I thought you had forgotten me."

Baili Yu stroked her nose, then pulled her into his arms again with a long sigh. "How could I bear to?

"How could I bear to forget you?"

Tang Doudou looked up at him to say something, but was captivated by his beautiful eyes. The intense feelings in that gaze caused her heart to start beating and her face to flush.

Baili Yu took in her bashful expression. His pale lips moved slightly, then he slowly lowered his eyes to lean towards her.

"Waah! Waaaah!" Just as their lips were about to meet, a clear protesting voice exploded in the room. The two hastily moved apart and Tang Doudou reflexively got up from Baili Yu. She looked apologetically at Baili Yu, then turned to pick up little Jiangfeng . The moment she did, she found that he had gotten a lot heavier and she couldn't help but laugh. "What exactly did that old brat feed little Jiangfeng to make him so much fatter?"
It was probably because Baili Yu's mood was a lot better because his pale lips now had a tint of color. He looked towards her curiously. "Little Jiangfeng ?"

Tang Doudou replied casually, "That's right, Baili Jiangfeng. It was Xiao Bai that came up with it!"

Xiao Bai? Bai Feiyun?

Baili Yu's gaze flickered. "Bai gongzi didn't come with you?"

He was a petty person, especially towards men that liked Tang Doudou. However, he had found out from Su Yi that Bai Feiyun had used his essence blood drop by drop to replace the poisoned blood in Tang Doudou's body and cure her Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. He was extremely grateful to Bai Feiyun. Even when Su Yi brought back that message that Bai Feiyun wanted Tang Doudou to stay by his side until he died, he wasn't very angry about it. Had it been him, he probably would've wanted the same.

However, he was surprised that Bai Feiyun hadn't come back with her.

Everything had already come to an end and the dust had settled. He was also grateful that Bai Feiyun had taken Tang Doudou to that island so that she hadn't had to go through those bloody battles and witness those cruel scenes. When Su Yi brought him news that Bai Feiyun didn't have long to live either, he had asked his master to come back from where Jun Xin was so that his master could help take a look at Bai Feiyun when he came back. However, why hadn't he come back?

Tang Doudou saw that little Jiangfeng was hungry and was about to pull apart her clothes to feed him. However, when she sensed that Baili Yu's gaze was fixed on her, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed. It was only when she heard this that she recalled, hadn't Bai Feiyun been following her? When did he disappear?

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