Chapter 64: The Flavor’s Not Bad

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Ye Chuan saw that he was about to leave and immediately exhaled in relief. But before he could even finish letting his breath out, he suddenly saw Jun Xin’s brows furrow as Jun Xin walked towards an empty area in front.

What was he doing? Ye Chuan stared dumbly at Jun Xin without a clue of what Jun Xin might be doing.

But very soon, he saw.

Jun Xin had walked to that empty area, bent down and picked a serene blue gem out of the dry grass.

What was that? Ye Chuan was slightly confused but soon recalled what that gemstone was. Wasn’t that the gemstone Li Xueyi dug out of the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin the night he came to the Plum Garden?

Why would it be here? From the look of Jun Xin’s expression, he probably knew that the gem belonged to Li Xueyi!

But that’s also natural. Previously, that incident had sent the entire Plum Garden abuzz. There was no way Jun Xin would not know… Crap, Ye Chuan silently cursed. His expression changed abruptly as he glanced all around, as though seeking an opportunity to flee.

Originally, Jun Xin wasn’t suspicious. However, after seeing Ye Chuan’s reaction, the suspicion in his heart was confirmed immediately. He gave a cold humph and strode with large steps toward the wooden house.

Even though Ye Chuan wanted to flee, if he didn’t stop Young Master Jun, the consequences would be just as severe.

“Young Master Jun, Young Master Jun! You can’t go in!” Ye Chuan hurried over after Jun Xin and reached out to pull Jun Xin’s shoulder.

Jun Xin’s eyes darkened. Without even turning around, he reached back and clamped down on Ye Chuan’s wrist. With a fierce tug forward, he threw Ye Chuan onto the floor.


Seeing the fury emitting from Jun Xin’s entire body, Ye Chuan just smiled bitterly as he said, “Young Master Jun, what need is there for you to be like this!?”

Jun Xin couldn’t be bothered with him and just swept past him as he continued walking forward.

Ye Chuan was helpless and could only get up to continue blocking Jun Xin’s approach. However, the disparity in the two’s martial arts was not just a level or a half. Jun Xin sent Ye Chuan flying with a strike and warned, “If you block me again, I’ll kill you!”

He has always been true to his words. Ye Chuan’s steps immediately stopped. He was still struggling with whether or not to continue blocking Jun Xin when he looked towards the wooden house. His eyes suddenly lit up as he cried with a tone of pleasant surprise, “Master!”

At some unknown time, Baili Yu had already opened the door and walked out. The snow amidst the cold wind had not stopped falling, and the plum blossoms were also fluttering down with it. Baili Yu was only draped in a flimsy outer robe. His hair fell scattered in front and danced in the wind.

Jun Xin also stopped when Baili Yu came out. He had a bad premonition upon seeing Baili Yu’s current appearance.

“Ah Xin, you were looking for me?” Baili Yu’s voice was extremely languid as if he hadn’t had enough of a sweet nap. He slowly walked over as he looked at Jun Xin. “What big matter was it that required you to come over in the middle of the night?”

Jun Xin tightly pressed his lips together without speaking.

Ye Chuan looked at his master, looked at Jun Xin and then glanced at the dark wooden house. Afterwards, he started slowly inching backward and concealed himself in the darkness.

Only Baili Yu and Jun Xin were left in the open area. They stared at each other without speaking.

A while later, Jun Xin finally started to speak. “Are you serious, or is it because of something else?”

Baili Yu laughed first before replying. In the night, the sound of laughter traveled very far. “What does Ah Xin think?”

Jun Xin tightened his clenched fists hidden within his sleeves and gritted his teeth as he said, “I want you to say it with your own mouth.”

“This ah.” Baili Yu spoke softly with a helpless tone, then asked, “What would you do if I said I was serious? And what would you do if I wasn’t serious? Ah Xin, does this have anything to do with you?”

“How can it have nothing to do with me? I, I…” Jun Xin shouted at him. All of a sudden, Jun Xin seemed to have remembered something, his complexion immediately turning deathly white. He appeared as if he had been struck by lightning and stumbled backwards several steps, his expression filled with disbelief.

“You’re saying that she, she’s that person!? How could it be possible!?” Jun Xin rushed over, fixating his gaze on Baili Yu’s eyes desperately. “Tell me, it’s not her!”

“Ah Xin, you’ve never been good at deceiving yourself. You’ve discovered her identity long ago. Even though you don’t’ admit it on the surface, your heart has already acknowledged it. Otherwise, based on your personality, why would you go watch over her every night but never directly tell her your thoughts?” Baili Yu’s expression didn’t change the slightest from start to end, continuing to smile as he looked at Jun Xin. “I’m doing it for your own good!”

“I don’t want this kind of good! I don’t want it! I don’t!” Jun Xin furiously pushed Baili Yu aside, rashly pulling out Bloodthirster as he charged towards the plum sea. Red light filled the surroundings and countless trees toppled, causing the plum blossoms blanketing the sky to ascend violently in the dark night like a wild wave. Combined with Jun Xin’s angry howl, Ye Chuan was so startled he hastily moved out of hiding to appear in front of Baili Yu.

“Master, will Young Master Jun be alright?” He shrank a little as he asked the yawning Baili Yu. From the corner of his eye, he sneakily peeked inside the room. All he could faintly make out was that there was a person sprawled out on his back as he slept on that soft couch.

Baili Yu gave a chuckle and retrieved his gaze from the plum sea. He then turned and walked back into the wooden house. “No need to worry about him, he’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

After he finished speaking, he closed the door firmly with a ‘bang’. The wind generated by the door slammed into Ye Chuan’s face, smarting like knives. He immediately realized, Master had also gotten angry!

But this was only natural. When your happy occasion is interrupted by someone, it would be strange not to get angry!

Ye Chuan shook his head as he turned around. The wealthy circle was too messy, as a subordinate, it’s best if he keeps content with his lot.

Just as he was going to head towards Jun Xin’s side to check on Jun Xin, an attack abruptly approached him. Ye Chuan hastily lifted his hand to block and saw that Jun Xin, whose eyes were bloodshot, was already in front of him, panting heavily as he stared at the door behind him.

The dense killing intent around Jun Xin’s entire body pressured Ye Chuan to the point that he was having trouble breathing. Blood Fiend Jun Xin. As expected, that title was not in vain! Terrified, he looked at Jun Xin, thinking that Jun Xin was going to rush in to fight with Baili Yu.

However, what caused him to be surprised was that Jun Xin suddenly started laughing self-mockingly. The fury around him rescinded like the tide. Jun Xin then slightly stepped back as Bloodthirster emitted a light hum, flying from his hands towards the distance, stabbing into the soil.

“Young…” Ye Chuan couldn’t help but call out when he saw a lifeless dullness emerge in Jun Xin’s eyes. However, before he even finished, Jun Xin violently vomited a mouthful of blood. It dyed the ground that was filled with plum petals and snow, causing spots of blood-red flowers to bloom amid it.

His face was deathly pale like paper. It was clear that he had suffered a severe internal injury.

Ye Chuan hastily walked over. “Young Master Jun, you’re injured!”

Jun Xin lifted his hand, ordering him not to approach, saying calmly, “I’m fine.”

“Tell Baili Yu, I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going!?” For some unknown reason, when Ye Chuan heard that, he felt that Jun Xin’s ‘leave’ was definitely not referring to him returning to Plum Garden.

“He’ll understand.”

Jun Xin seemed to have exhausted the last of his strength. After he waved towards Ye Chuan, he turned and stumbled towards the plum sea.

Ye Chuan watched as his figure gradually vanished in the endless plum sea. He then scratched his head and looked towards the fear-inspiring Bloodthirster. Where exactly was he going?

Why is he leaving Bloodthirster which had never left his side behind?

Because he couldn’t think of any possible explanation, Ye Chuan could only go over and pull Bloodthirster out to scrutinize it. But before he could even take a clear look, a ‘ding’ sound emitted from Bloodthirster and Bloodthirster started to shatter inch by inch from the sword hilt, falling as shards from his palm.

This, this…

Ye Chuan dumbly looked at the shards all over the floor and the empty sword hilt in his hand. He fell to the floor on his butt. Crap, it’s over…

Tang Doudou slept until she woke up naturally. She stretched, then sat up.

Her brain was a little heavy from the hangover so she massaged it hard as she opened her drowsy eyes.


She froze for a moment when she realized the environment she woke up to was different from usual. The memories rushed back in a chaotic jumble.One scene after another appeared in her mind. Made fish? Snowed? Winter Solstice? Drank wine?

And then?

Then she seemed to have gotten drunk and walked somewhere. Following that was a pair of bewitching eyes and lips, familiar and sexy lips! It was really, really close. Whose lips were they?

Baili Yu!

When these three words appeared in her heart, Tang Doudou abruptly sat up on the soft couch, fireworks exploding in her heart. She, she actually forgot her morals after getting drunk and pushed Baili Yu down!

Mah old Lord ah!

When she thought of the things that possibly occurred, Tang Doudou felt her inner heart collapsing as she covered her head. Tang Doudou ah, Tang Doudou. Did you get possessed by the ghost of lust!? How could you have borrowed alcohol to strengthen your guts to dominate that seductive yao!

Da fudge! And the crucial problem was that when she was drunk, the only thing she remembered was moving up to kiss Baili Yu. She didn’t remember anything else!

Frick, doesn’t that mean she suffered a loss?

Pei! It was definitely a loss! That was her lifetime’s innocence ah! How could it have been sent off so carelessly?

When she thought about the scenario inappropriate for children that probably occurred, Tang Doudou wailed and abruptly fell back.

Unexpectedly, when she fell down, a muffled groan came from beneath her, startling her. Tang Doudou hastily looked all around and asked in a loud voice, “Who, who’s here!?”

She pressed down and realized that the feeling on her hand didn’t seem right. She hurriedly retracted her hand and looked down to the side.

Her gaze met directly with that pair of languid eyes. If it wasn’t Baili Yu, that seductive yao, who else could it be?

She immediately moved away, sliding to the ground before standing up as she stared bewilderedly at Baili Yu. He, why was he also sleeping there!?

“Is Xiao Xueyi preparing to kill in order to silence?” Baili Yu opened his drowsy eyes slightly as he rubbed his chest which hurt from being crushed by Tang Doudou.

Hearing this familiar voice, Tang Doudou slightly returned to her senses and stammered, “La-last night, w-we…”

Before she even finished asking, Baili Yu chuckled and said, “Xiao Xueyi’s passion last night was like fire…”

“Stop, stop!” Tang Doudou hurriedly rushed over to cover his mouth as she eyed the surroundings anxiously. “You, don’t make up things! I-I’m a man! How could, how could I have, with you…”

The more she spoke, the less confident her voice became. At the very end, her voice just became as quiet as a fly.

Da fudge! There’s no need to bring up the fact that she wasn’t a real man. Even if it was a real man, to do that, that kind of thing unsuitable for children. It’s not like there were no ways to achieve it!

So in the end, did Baili Yu use her like a woman or a man?

When her thoughts reached this point, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but reach for the back of her butt, her little face turning deathly pale. Why did it feel like that area hurt a little? Could it be… that image was too beautiful, she didn’t dare to continue imagining it.

Even though Baili Yu didn’t completely open his eyes, he saw Tang Doudou’s little movements clearly. What did she mean? Or did she think he had that sort of interest?

When his thoughts got to that point, Baili Yu’s expression darkened. However, he lifted his lips to an incomparably brilliant smile and propped himself half up. The front of his garment opened unrestrainedly and his ink-like long hair spilled deep into the abyss that caused people to have countless wild fantasies. His lips parted and he said, “Xiao Xueyi’s flavor is really not bad.”

After he said so, he even extended his pink tongue and licked his lips, his long and narrow peach blossom eyes filled with an ambiguous expression.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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